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10 at home from Kanye West’s conversation with Joe Rogan

Check out a few excerpts from his three-hour symphony with Rogan below.

He prioritizes his relationship with God over the music industry: “When I did the Sunday service, I stopped rapping altogether because I don’t know how to rape for God. All my raps always got nasty. When I went to the hospital in 2016, I wrote, ‘I started a church in Calabasas.’ ‘Since we’ve been going since 2018 in 2019, I said; I will not miss a Sunday without starting this church. To start a ministry, I’m like the little drummer where I say, – That’s all I have to bring, drum. I may not be well acquainted with the Word, but I know how to make music and I know how to put this choir together. And all things can be good for God. He quickly became the best choir of all time, because all the best singers moved to California … I was four months old before I gave my life to God. I wasn̵

7;t saved, I just had a call, saying, “Just go make this church.”

“God knocked me off my horse, literally called me and said, ‘I need you now.’ Not that God needs me, but we need God. He called me to serve him. I’m tired of serving the music industry, tired of serving stadium stuffing. “

“Feeling bad,” listening to his own discography: “There are only a billion people on the Internet. You never think about it. There are 7 to 8 billion people on earth, but then there are only a billion people who are affected by the Internet. The feeling is that the Internet is everything. It’s just like 15 , 16, 18 percent of human beings.But … to survive, we need to create more human beings.We have a family, we need to have food, we need to have shelter.We don’t need to have internet.We don’t need to have music. This is a conversation, I mean it improves the quality of life – it’s better, but look at the music, look at the information we provide [in] then. I feel bad when I hear rap songs. I feel bad, even the things I said recently. “

He considered how to treat bipolar disorder – and said we were all treated: “[It] it blocks my ability to direct what God wanted me to do. But right now we are all on medication. Did you use fluoride toothpaste today? It blocks your penis. And they put children on it. We put our children on it. It is inside the deodorants we use. It’s all about making a connection with God, serving it. Do you serve man or serve the sole master? “

“The main thing he did was ruin my self-esteem. He made me this shell of what I really am. It turned gray over my eyes. It made the Mustang not fail. I was told I was bipolar. I remember going to TMZ and saying, “Slavery is a choice.” They meditated on me to say it, to have that opinion, and to say it out loud. “

He expressed his thoughts on racism in America: “Most black people, we don’t know where we came from. We think we came from slaves. We don’t know our bloodline. We’re given the month of black history and we accept that as if it’s a gift to us. No, it’s programming. racism doesn’t end until we get to the point where we stop having to put the word “black” in front of it, because it’s like putting the edge a little lower for ourselves … We shouldn’t have a special box What they show during Month of Black History is that they redirect us, reminding us that we are slaves. What if we had, remember when I cheated on you? A month that makes you feel? That makes you you feel exhausted and defeated. “

He hints that abortion is a bigger public problem than a pandemic: “People saw this video of me crying. Some people didn’t know what I was crying about. I was crying about the fact that Kim and I are unlikely to start the family we have today. This is my biggest family – a friendly way to say it. The idea of ​​this just tears me apart from the inside, that I was part of a culture that promotes such things.One of the main statistics on the subject of life is that the greatest defenders of the A-word [abortion] are men aged 31-37. I was that old. I felt I was too busy. My father felt too busy for me. We have a culture of this … In our culture, we are touched, mentally inclined and created to kill our children. We need to separate the conversation about Planned Parenthood and Women’s Choice. I am a Christian, so I am pro-life. When I take office, I do not change the laws because I realize that we live in an imperfect world and an imperfect society. What I will present is Plan A. We have already started working on Plan A to change the connotation of orphanages, to change the connotation of foster care. “

“There were 210,000 deaths due to COVID in America. Everywhere you go, you see someone in a mask. With A, The A word, A Culture – I’ll say it once, with an abortion – there are 1,000 Black children aborted a day. Every day. We We are in genocide. More black children since February than people have died from COVID. And everyone is wearing a mask. So it’s a question of where do we close our eyes? “

He said the coronavirus was the reason for the delayed start of his presidential campaign: “Why did I register so late to run for president? COVID. I had the virus and I was quarantined in my house and my cousin sent me a message of readiness to run for president. I just put it off completely because I was like shivering, shakes, hot showers, eating soup I don’t think it was that bad – I think it was an easy case. [But] this rejected everyone’s plans. “

He explained why he was running for president: “It was something God put in my heart in 2015. A few days before the MTV Awards it hit me in the shower. When I first thought of it, I just started laughing at myself and all that joy came over my body, through I felt that energy and spirit Two days later I accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Awards Instead of performing my array of hit songs, I just gave my perspective on the awards I knew I would eventually say to the people that I am running for president in 2020. It was even heart to say in this context and the minds of the people were blown up. “

“I had different friends – some people in the music industry, some technical elites – and they took it as a joke. They told me all these millions of reasons why I couldn’t run for president. I remember coming across Oprah for two days or so. one day later she too [said]”You don’t want to be president.” One of my answers to the dissatisfied was: “At that time, I will definitely become a billionaire.” Not that that’s why someone has to be president … At the time, I had a $ 50 million debt and I knew I had the confidence that I would be able to turn it around. “

He called on critics of his decision to run for president in 2020: “One of the most racist things that liberals, who are proud not to be racists, told me: ‘You will divide the vote for blacks. And it looks like blacks can’t make their own decisions, and that doesn’t. “I don’t know white people. [They’re saying] that only blacks will vote for me. Consider this statement. The nuance of institutionalized racism … No one has really been able to accept the idea that Negroes are not in a bloc and stay in one place. “

He believes that his taste is the answer to many of America’s problems: “I’m pretty sure I’ll figure out how to get America out of debt, that I have the ability after seeing everything. I never make the wrong decision when I’m given all the information. It’s my skill set. Everything I do. – production, rap, homes, clothing, whatever – once I’m given the right information, I apply my taste. And I have the best taste on the planet. Can you imagine Quincy Jones as president? Walt Disney? Steve Jobs “America to be as warm and welcoming as Disney World. It used to be that dream. People still have that dream of coming to America.”

“I know that as president, I would be the best thing that would ever happen to America’s foreign policy. I’ve traveled more than any president and I’m gathering people. I’m gathering rivals in songs to create masterpieces.”

Whatever happens, he will run for president again in 2024: “I definitely win 100% in 2024 … I took the birthday party, but I thought maybe I would be … well, they said it wouldn’t happen. [But] I thought I would eventually be a Democrat. “

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