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10 things can be completely put into the compost bowl – and 3 can not

The New Year's resolution time is, and if you have a "declutter of the house" at the top of the list, you probably remove the garbage bags and get ready to go to work. But hold on! Instead of adding to the landfill, instead, you can compost many objects around the house.

Think of it as profitable: Composting not only reduces the build-up of garbage but is "an inexpensive way to generate nutrients organic matter for your garden," says Amy Enfield, Scotts Miracle-Gro Consumer Gardening Company

Every gardener who is worth salt knows that you can throw away leaves, pieces of grass, and some food leftovers, but it turns out that there may be a lot more compost that too often ends up in the trash

Is it curious what can be overlooked? Here are some surprising elements (1

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  1. Burlap : Whether you have a bunch of leftover, you can throw it on the compost pile, especially when you try to reduce your ownership. from a craft project, or you are no longer a big fan of rural decor, it's made from a fabric that makes it "absolutely compostable," says Paul Bishop, a professional gardener and gardening expert in Fantastic Gardeners. In fact, you may notice that some coffee companies sell their product in bags because everything is natural.
  2. Coffee and Filters : Speaking of coffee, bases and paper filters contribute to what is known as a brown matter standard compost pile. Brown matter is rich in carbon, which blends well with the rich in nitrogen green matter, mixed.
  3. Paper : From paper to paper, most old papers can be thrown into the compost pile, says Enfield. After all, paper comes from trees, which makes it quite natural. The main exception is shiny or colored paper, as strong dyes, heavy inks and other printing chemicals are not biodegradable.
  4. Exfoliated flour, pasta, spices and herbs : Cleaning kitchen cabinets is an easy way to fill a garbage bag. But you do not have to throw the old jar of cumin or the bread flour that is lost in the back of the closet.
  5. Bored Needles : Everyone who once had a living Christmas tree in his home for the holidays knows the scourge of a dry tree that pierces his needles. Take the cup and the broom and collect all these needles to add to the compost pile. "Their pH levels become neutral as the composting process is completed so they're safe to use in your garden," Bishop notes. "You can also throw your real Christmas tree into the compost pile after the season if you do not know how to get rid of it." Just make sure that the branches are not too thick or will not break as fast as you are "I want to I do it. "
  6. Wine Cakes : Keep in mind that it can take longer than some other items, says Enfield, and check if your cork is made of cork. If your wine was clogged with something from foam and plastic, it is not suitable for the compost pile.
  7. Hair : Do you make home hairstyles? Do you have a pet that throws? It is supposed to surprise people that hair is compostable, says the Bishop. She advises people to clean up and brushes!
  8. Wood : Yes, this is another by-product, and this is a great brown matter that can go from the rest of the construction project to the flower food in a compost pile.
  9. – Notes : This is paper, so yes, these small yellow squares covered with your reminders are composting. And yes, even with the glue, says Bishop. "Do not worry about it because it's non-toxic," she says.
  10. Jam and canned : Check the refrigerator for half-eaten jams and jellies from the holidays. Whatever had not gone out, it could go directly to the compost pile. Make sure your hair is scattered when it eventually disappears. “/>

No need to shave your head. Just make sure compost that hair when it eventually falls.

Some things you can not compose

Wonder what can remain, which can not be composted? Experts have a short list of organic substances that do not make the cut:

  1. Animal Products (Except for Animal Coats) : Whether for meat or domestic animals, they are not good for the compost pile.
  2. Diseases Plants : "Disease or insect-infested plant material should not be added because the heat generated from the compost pile is usually not high enough to kill the fungal spores causing the disease, and sometimes enough heat is generated to kill insects and their eggs, explains Enfield.
  3. Everything treated with a pesticide : Again, Enfield warns that pesticides will pollute the whole pile of pits, so you'd better avoid them. you want to add a chemist ally to your compost. "

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