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10 things we learned from the Nebraska press conference

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost and several players met with reporters on Monday for their weekly press conference at Memorial Stadium, again winning the win over Illinois and a home preview this week.

Here are 10 of the most interesting things we learned from the day …

1. Frost perceives over

Many coaches would do anything to diminish the super-image surrounding a game like Nebraska against Ohio State this week. But not Frost.

Although he obviously wants to keep his team focused on the task of preparing for an opponent in five, he also understands what a similar game means not only to his program, but to the athletic department, fan base and state.

Frost wants an atmosphere like Saturday ̵

1; which will draw the attention of college football nationwide as an initial showing of ABC and ESPN's College Game Day broadcast in Lincoln – to become the norm for the Haskers.

How they do over the next few days can go a long way in keeping Nebraska able to play this kind of scene again.

"Our boys need to be and have to learn how to be comfortable situations, ”Frost said. "It's special … No matter how this game goes, it's a special moment for Nebraska. There are some great things coming this week … This is a good opportunity to highlight our program, the direction the program is headed, the improvement we have made, the path we are going.

"It will be great to get national attention here in Lincoln. If we weren't improving and improving and going in a really good direction, which was obvious to many people, we wouldn't have these ESPN people coming to town. This is special. Our boys need to be able to work and thrive in whatever is distracted with it.

2. The Huskies recovering from a physical victory

Nebraska took an important victory for an emotional return to Illinois, but it took a bit of a break in the process.

The cool end Jack Stall said Saturday night was "definitely" the most physical game the Huskers have played this season and players are still experiencing a loss of victory when they return to train at Monday.

On top of that, NU didn't return to Lincoln until close to 2am on Sunday, with most players not sleeping until 3am

As a result, Frost chose his team to train in helmets, T-shirts and shorts instead shells that are usually worn on monday. [19659002] The good news was that Frost said that "everyone is good to go to practice today," including running back Maurice Washington who left the Illinois game with a head injury.

"We all feel well restored. Coach Frost took care of us," Stall said. "So instead of going through shells today, we ended up wearing helmets. I know everyone is feeling fresh and feeling well after today It was a lot more psychic repetitions, making sure we were all set. "

3. The Robinson Interruption Game Wins Big Ten Honors

A Very Good Week by Wan & # 39; Dale Robinson got even better Monday morning, as the Big Ten conference announced it was announced [19659002] Robinson had eight catches for 79 yards and two touchdowns while rushing 19 times for 89 yards and a score at Nebraska 42-38 in Illinois. one yard with eight minutes left – which ultimately proved the game winner.

The former four-star recruit became the fifth Husker to win Big Ten Freshman of the Week honors from Frost and the first to make it after kicker Barret Pickering on November 19, 2018

"You can say we had a special at Wan & # 39; Dale in one time when he came here in the spring, ”Frost said. "We somehow knew it was a matter of time before he became a weapon for us …

" If he continues to play like that, you have to try and create ways to make sure he touches the ball a certain way, No I know how much it can handle, but it will make us better.

4. Nebraska Knows It May Match to Ohio State

The first two times Mohammed Barry plays against Ohio State, the games end with humiliating explosions. Last year, however, was a completely different story.

The Huskies went to Columbus in 2018 and nearly pulled off a stunning upset over the Buckeyes, who fell into several games in a 36-31 defeat.

And what has changed? What Barry remembers was that NU really believed that not only could it compete with Ohio State, but that it could win.

"I would only say that we belong in the same field with them and that we can play them as closely as possible," Barry said. " Believing that we can win if we play our best football. I think in the past, before last year, I didn't think everyone felt we belonged in the same field

"So that was the difference last year. I believe in the scheme, the game with the technique, the game with the basics and things like that. That was the biggest and biggest difference. "

5. Joman Doman wins

Joe Doman arrived for practice on Monday morning and went straight to his laundry cupboard, his red T-shirt ready for him as always.

However, when he reached his actual locker, he expected a surprise. After four straight strong performances to start the season, Doman has a black shirt hanging in his locker.

"If you have a dream and you have the courage to pursue it, anything can happen," Doman said. "I'm just winning my black shirt – I think it's been a work in progress in the last year and a half. This is a dream come true. "

The junior nickel in the back would probably have won the black shirt before the season, like everyone else, if it wasn't for a permanent injury that forced him to miss the first week of fall camp.

But Doman quickly made up for his lost time by playing after playing the first four games, when he took to the field on Monday in his new jersey, none of his teammates were surprised.

"Man, it's high time," said senior nose guard Darion Daniels "I feel like he should have (already) had, honestly said but … It was one of those times where I was just really excited for him because he played great football. He plays some phenomenal football and makes great games for us, and that's the guy who deserves it. "

6 Special teams will be a major focus this week

Nebraska's hitting game has been a problem all season, with Picking missing the first four games of injury.

But the entire Special Teams division took a big step back in Illinois as the Haskers struggled at every phase on Saturday.

Frost stated that poor performance comes as a surprise, given how well the units that led to the game played (apart from the obvious placement issues)

"Until the last game, I thought our special teams did huge improvements, "Frost said. "We didn't kick it at all. We didn't play it very well. We kicked out a few linear drives that were very returnable in the kick game.

"We didn't play very well in this phase, so we'll put a lot of emphasis on this week. The reason the Ohio State is so good is that they are good at insulting, defensive, and actually good at special teams. They keep pressure on you in all three phases, so we have to be at best in all three phases.

7. Fields draws attention to the NA

The implementation of the Ohio State concessions in recent years has been as impressive as any program in the country, and the latest one that will take the mantinella is Justin Fields .

A former five-star star recruit who ranked No. 2 in the nation in 2018, Fields transferred to OSU from Georgia and quickly earned his starting job this offseason.

So far, Fields has survived every high, completing 66-of-95 passes (69%) for 880 yards, 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions while rushing 28 times for 173 yards (6.2 ypc) and six scores.

As one might expect, Fields is Nebraska's attention this week. [19659002] "To play it best, you have to go in there knowing that you have to play your best football, because when I watch a movie, one thing I notice is that it has been running this system for several years "Barry I said. "This is his first year running this system. It is very convenient in this system. I think it was made for him.

8. The Huskies grew up a bit in Illinois

Nebraska benefited from nearly two touchdowns in Illinois and had to collect a 14-point deficit just to win the game.

But in this way, Haskers learned something about himself.

Quarterback Adrian Martinez stepped up with his best performance of the season during his return. Robinson emerges as a breakthrough "do it all" weapon. The defense finally stopped saving the game, which had been missing so many times before.

Haskers grew up during this victory at Champaign and this could serve as a turning point in creating the culture of success that Frost has been trying to establish since his return.

"It was a lot of mistakes, but then a lot of improvements," Barry said. "You see the offense go in the groove. Of course, we don't want to turn the ball over, but 700 yards total is great. You see Adrian doing a lot of great things and you see him playing like himself. You see Wan & # 39; dale to find very good things …

"Bad teams will lose such a game, and good teams will find a way even in a sloppy game. "

9. Spillman's endurance has earned respect for Frost, teammates.

Illinois defense may be at the bottom of most defense stats, but one thing Ilini can do is hit the boy if they hit. Saturday night.

Nebraska was able to move the ball with success in the air, but secondary Illinois forced NU wide receivers to pay with numerous penalties. The wide who took the brunt of those strikes was JD Spielman The junior was knocked down by Ilini's defense, but e every shot, Spillman kept getting up. That hardness certainly didn't go unnoticed by his coaches and teammates during or after the match.

"I don't like seeing JD hit like that, but he has my back," said Martinez. "He went out there and made a very difficult catch and came back. He is a true warrior and I think that speaks to the type of player JD is. He is ready to bounce back and ready to play for his teammates. "

10. Frost expects a special atmosphere on Saturday

Frost wants his team to evaluate the opportunity this week has against Ohio State. He also wants the Nebraska fan base to make the most of it.

With basketball Husker team hosting the preseason Opening Night, featuring a concert by rapper Rick Ross on Friday night and College Game Day starting things off Saturday morning, this weekend will be NU Athletics Day.

That's why Frost and his staff have already made it one of the biggest willow weekends in recent memory with a massive visitor list coming to town.

Frost said he had no doubt that Nebraska fans would be ready to do their part to make sure it turns into one of the best atmospheres

"I think it's a great time with all the official visitors we come in," Frost said. "They will visit the show. They can see what Lincoln Memorial Stadium looks like on a big day game. I think it's a good time. I know the fans will turn out to be.

"The fans here are always great. They are the best in the country and we need them to be the best this Saturday and on Game Day. I expect as many years as it has been since Game Day is here, I would not be surprised to see some record for Game Day attendance. This is exactly what you expect from Nebraska fans. "

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