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11 Spot-On Friendly Quotes by Sophie Turner and Macy Williams

Winter is coming, and with it more screen time for our favorite fictional television sisters, Sansa and Arya Stark in "The Game of Thrones." so it happens to be as close as possible to the nurses outside the screen. They come out of IRL, have tattoos "07.08.09" on their forearms (the date they have released their "GOT" roles), and Williams is even set to be a bridesmaid when Turner wishes Joe Jonas later this year.

Stark girls, they behave together!

In honor of the return of "Game of Thrones" for Season 8 on April 14, we have surrounded 1

1 of the most entertaining, honest quotes of their couple about their friendship and work.

"I have always seen Maisie as this rebellious cool kid while I'm more passive-aggressive or just passive. I hate this for myself, and I love that Maysie is exactly who she is. Over the past five years, we have spent mostly in a hotel room (although everyone had their own), endless sleepers, many rehearsals on the line, and lots of food and chatting, too. " Nylon magazine, May 2016

On What It Was Like Taking The Together on" The Game of Thrones "

" Our first scene was our scene and we have risen so many times. We could not hold our face! Our relationships are so close, but only this fun country is never business. I was nervous. Just terrified me. It's like playing for your mom. When someone watches you do not do that well. But in the long run I think this is useful to us because we can be free with each other in our action. We are not afraid to go there with one another because we feel so comfortable about each other. "- Entertainment Weekly, August 2017

Protecting one another in the age of Me Too

My defender and I am hers. I know if something happened – especially if it was a "Game of Thrones" that would never do it, she would have escaped and protected me. Having a sister there, a woman who can be so humiliating and terrible, and how you are expected to be so submissive in your work, can be very reassuring. Maisie is my strong home. " Glamor UK, March 2019

Actually, as a couple

" People always think that Maisy and I are a couple. I mean, I'm obsessed with her, so you never know. It's my medicine. I have an addiction to Maisie Williams. In fact, I'm pursuing her Instagram's hashta! " – Glamor UK, March 2019

When We Are Completely Synchronized

" We helped each other through many mental health problems, especially around the body image. She was my crutch in this, and I was her, because it seems that everything I'm going through goes through it. Do you know when the girls are together for a long time, their periods are synchronized? It's like our emotions and personalities are synchronizing, too. " Glamor UK, March 2019

On the Ideal Night of Girls in

" We are kind of loneliness of "Playing the Thrones," just because over the last few seasons, Maysie and I had nightdays every night or every night when we both are in town We just sat there eating and watching silly videos and smoking grass I do not know if my publicist will kill me to say that We'll get up and sit together in the bathroom and we will rub our makeup brushes on our faces, it's fun! "- – New York Comic Con 2018 interview

Maisie on Sophie

At the meeting for the first time

"I thought Sophie was the best thing I ever saw, I understand why chemistry reads, because when it's right, that's right, as best friends. they could have seen this all these years, and it must have been a real magic to watch these two girls have the best time together. " Rolling Stone, March 2019

" It's funny because it is not like Sansa in real life. She's a great girl and we both like the same stuff. Then, on the screen, we have small arguments and things, so you can see a different side from each other. In real life, I've never seen Sophie's country where she says, "Oh, you're an idiot." But it was not hard to hate Sophie on the screen – I mean, I love it in pieces – but I do not consider it a challenge, really, as an actress. "- Interview with HBO.com, 2011

" To support the mental health of the other

"I can not tell you how many times. Sophie said, "Go to therapy" before I do it. She really helped me through some messy ruins and some breakdowns of friends. Whenever I like, I need help! That's bigger than anything I can do on my own, "Sophie points out. I think therapy is so important. You have to talk to someone even if you go to your head: "Yes, I knew it!" – Glamor UK, March 2019

] "It's nice that she goes through this industry and someone who just gets it completely. It's very nice if someone holds my hand through all this. She's like my older sister. "- An interview with" This morning, "January 2017

" Having a best friend "

" Ms. Sophie Turner. My best friend, really. It was so nice to have someone of that age – and sex – go through this crazy life together because is really strangely grown up in front of the audience. To have someone in the darkest times you can call who knows exactly what you are experiencing … just keeps you in mind. – Interview with Jimmy Fallon, March 2017

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