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15 best Xbox One games you can play at the moment • Eurogamer.net

Editors Note: Eurogamer renews its "best games" series, and today we watch Xbox One. In the coming weeks, you will continue to see more playlists appearing on the homepage – we've seen the best games for PS4 and the best Switch games so far to update them a few times a year as new releases replace a given edition of the existing system library.

Microsoft may have lost its place to the top of the console market of this generation, but has provided one of the most incredible returning stories over the past few years. After a certain unstable start, Xbox One is transformed into a great ecosystem ̵

1; thanks to philosophical change, and in Xbox One X – incredible hardware. X can boast that it is the most powerful console that makes it a preferred platform for multi-platform gaming, but thanks to initiatives such as Game Pass and original exclusives like the Sea of ​​Thieves, the Xbox One is one of the most the best. currently playing places. Here's our personal choice for 15 of the best at the moment for Microsoft's console. “data-uri =” 2019 / articles / 2019-07-24-13-54 / best_xbox_one_games_x.jpg “/>

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Sunset Overdrive

That the Sunset Overdrive is that even before it arrived, it looked exciting. This hardware generation started a little bit bad. It was all about mega games, games like services, and yet Sunset Overdrive, with its stupid jokes, bright colors, the explosions that spoke the word "BUM" in the fire balls, looked like the best of the PS2 era, an action-packed action game that was not for everyone.

In the hands, Sunset Overdrive is a complete enjoyment, as well as rapid fires accumulate at the top of one of the most beautiful management systems over the years as you cross, bounce and lift the air into an open world, compact enough to can be used

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Forza Horizon 4

What started just a few years ago as a transition to the more conventional Xbox racing flagship, Forza Motorsport, is now probably the best racing game series anywhere – popular. Forza Horizon, with its magnificent open-world maps and optimistic festival trick, marries unrivaled car authenticity with a joyful and adventurous spirit that expands its appeal to off-road motoring fans for anyone who loves fun video games. the developer of the playground brought the series to Britain with its best card so far, making it even more romantic than the season changes – while constant live updates make it impossible to leave.


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Rainbow Six: Siege

A poster child for the most advanced of the phenomenon – the unsuccessful release, followed by an incredible amount of support after the release – Rainbow Six Siege is also much more. moment, this is perhaps the most competitive shooter available on the market and continues to improve.

] Pleasantly tactical, requiring well-organized teamwork and matches that are almost impossible, this is a brand-new online snapshot – Call of Duty counterpart and Battlefield counterpart – that's proven to be extremely popular. He can continue to live.


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Any pirate clip hit in one game? It works because pirate clichés are wonderful things, and because it is seldom this unusual developer who is confident in his own stupidity while he is humble enough to listen to the feedback. Courage – Eve Online at sea and with humor – blossomed in the magnificent, magnificent, open-sea boom filled with creaking boats, scrambled skeletons, and a mystery that settled around sometimes quite rare systems.


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Wild Wild

This is a game in which to watch your watch, a solar system filled with compact treasures and a real sense of wonder. Spread into a messy starter from a woody planet and travel between a group of worlds, all of which are shaped by violent forces.

There is something beautiful in the way the story unfolds, completely casual, completely without fighting. The fact that you can land the comet and wander around is alone enough to provide this special place in the hearts of the players. But the comet is just the beginning, and the sense of mystery goes very deeply. Total gem.


Want to read more? 19659009] To be honest, if the multiplayer is yours, you may find it better to turn to Halo 5: Guardians – a fine, underestimated package that has been thoroughly updated and has a lot active community. His weak campaign pales in the face of this tall, all-encompassing monument of everything that has come before.

It includes two great great ones, which are now as exciting as before – the first Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3 – plus a captivating ODST department while the favorite fan-loved Reach will be added soon and the main collection has problems after release, but after a lot of work it stands as one of the best and most generous compilations for re-publishing anywhere. any Xbox library.


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These lovely, kissed days of arcade summer that once blessed the Xbox 360 can be just a memory, but this Cuphead generation has served as a delightful reminder of the indie heart that has ever begun in the store of Microsoft.

This is also a great game with his own merits, with some interesting inspiration – the unusual bosom-sleeping treasure Alien Soldier is probably the most prominent – and the art that dies for. Oh, and that's also impossible brutal – but that's right, that's right for a hard edge like this.


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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Talking about tough matches … From previous Software titles is not exactly deviating from the presentation of players with seemingly compelling challenges, but Sekiro is something else. "All right, and from here on, it's getting harder.

It's good that the challenge is always fair and that the combat system is brilliant – balancing, ballet, and with a little vibration of brutality, all subordinate to power. the vision and clarity of art that made FromSoft one of the largest studios of modern games. Sekiro is a tricky game, but if you stick it, you need something really special.


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Apex Legends

Respawn, developers of one of the other big surprises of this generation – brilliant Titanfall 2, who also finds his way to this best list – provided that another gentle shocks with the night release of Apex Legends , the battle established in the same universe of Titanfall.

This is perhaps the best example of a fast-moving genre, although the impulse seems to have stopped somewhat since it fails to measure up to the show and stream of updates provided by Fortnite. Forget all this, and just enjoy all the little details that still make this absolute joy to play.


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There is still life in the classic first-person shooter – indeed, this generation has provided them with something like a golden age. They do not get so much more classical than Doom, and ID played the bundle with its reboot the original of 1993

It's almost impossible, fast, exciting and flawlessly stylish – and this style is torn directly from the dog metallic poster from the wall of an angry American teenager, and it's better to have it all through the spirit of the old school, and level design that returns to the labyrinthical originals. Exclusive the game – and even better, there is a continuation of the not too distant horizon.

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Devil May Cry 5

Another game that goes back to another age, Devil May Cry 5 feels like PlayStation 2.

Sometimes this is a comparison that is used as though this time it's not is a lot – here it focuses on the basics that help make Capcom's glamor for action, the hunt of a struggle filled with incredible depth that should be rinsed when you start digging into the more difficult levels of difficulty. or reaching the depths of the Bloody Palace. Dante has never been cooler, in fact his old-fashioned charm helps make this winner.


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Ancient Greece seemed like a little wrong at first, after the majesty and cool mystery of Egypt, were the Greeks too human with their warriors, spoiled gods and coastal stripes? the warmth of the Greek canon makes this game such a joyful, sprawling, very human adventure spread across beautiful islands and glorious azure seas.

Depending on who you choose to play because there is one of the biggest series. And even if Odysseus' eyes for systems see even less of the DNA of the series, a confident RPG with generous heart appears.

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Dirt Rally 2.0

One of the happiest surprises of this generation was the Codemasters are turning away from the high feats of the old to more thoughtful racing simulations.

The F1 series has moved farther and farther to geekery, and has become even better for it – if you are looking for some of the best racing games with one player on any console, you can not go wrong with F1 2019 – and the change of style started with the original Dirt Rally, a nice hardcore game that had a good claim to bring Richard Burns Rally to the best

Dirt Rally 2.0 is somehow even better, offering refined visualizations and an improved governance model that makes it close enough to the need for anyone who has a tendency to pierce several hundred angry horses along a narrow provincial road. ,


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Titanfall 2

If good directing is good writing and good casting then Titanfall 2 offers a good game design is often a package of abilities to master and a bunch of interesting things to do with them. fighter with mech, guns fired in the wall, exquisite during the life of the first game.

But his one player is the surprising star here, an ingenious, restless campaign that always mixes with the foundation of his premise and storyline. Titanfall 2 is one of the biggest single-player FPS games ever made and no one has seen it.


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Xbox 360 was the first console to play Minecraft, and Xbox still feels like a home game from home – even after it acquired Microsoft refused to make it extraordinary and you can play it on just about anything. It remains a unique and complete original, a source of entertainment and creativity for the entire generation of players and deceptively simple sand, which is too easy to completely lose.

It can surprise you by returning to your original mode to find that it also functions as a really uncompromising survival game, as you enrich yourself and your creations against the attack of night terrors. Not just for children.


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