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15 New Features We noticed on Android Q Beta

Android Q is here ̵
1; in an early, beta form – and if you have a handheld some kind of Pixel phone, you can check it out. We're playing with the beta and these are the most significant changes we've noticed along with the new features that Google lags behind.

If you want to install Android Q for yourself, you'll need the Pixel Phone – even the first generation of phones are included in the beta. Go to the official Android page for the Pixel beta, click Review the eligible devices and see your Pixel list: Click Turn on to install the beta version. the beta version is here – expect many bugs, lots of crashes, and very strange behaviors from your apps. We would not recommend installing it on the phone you rely on everyday, in other words. You also need to check the Dark Mode setting before installing it because you can not change it to Android Q yet (see the first part below).

Photo: Gizmodo

Signing and installing the Android Q beta will not delete the phone or get rid of apps or data, and if you do nothing, you will continue to receive beta updates on the air and then the final, version of Android Q when it's ready. [19659003] If you want to go back to Android 9 Pie before it happens, it only takes a few clicks on the same Android Beta for the Pixel website, but in that case your phone, apps and data will be completely deleted so you will have to start with a new phone again.

We took the diving and that's what we have seen so far, thanks to the wonderful people at Android Police, 9to5Google and XDA Developers who helped us find some of them new features and options.

Android 9 Pie makes half-hearted experience in dark mode – it's in Display Advanced [19659010] Advanced [19659010] ] and Device theme in Settings – This is much more extensive and complete in Android Q. So far, however, there is no actual dark mode switch, so make sure you set the theme the way you like before dropping out of Android 9 Pie. There is little but potentially significant: Android Q lets you just reject the notifications with a push to the right. Earlier an inaccurate stroke to the left or to the right would have dismissed them, but now an improper stroke on the left displays the notification options. Oh, and there's a new ringing icon that lets you identify the latest signal when you have a whole bunch of them on the screen.

3) More notification options

Photo: Gizmodo

Here's another change to notifications in Android Q beta. If you long press on a notification, you will get three options: Block Show quietly and Continue to alert . This silent mode (where notifications appear without accompanying noise or vibration) is also available on Android 9 Pie, but you can not get it from the notifications themselves.

4) Android added theming

Screenshot: Gizmodo

Android Q brings with it the first signs of native setup for the operating system. in For phone in Settings), then from "Settings" select System Advanced [19659021] Developer Options – You will see options for thematic colors, system fonts, and icon formats at the bottom of the list. [19650023] Screen shot: Gizmodo

Potential significant change if you take a lot of screenshots of your Android devices (as we do) – screen shots now include slots and rounded corners like black cuts closer to the actual screen appearance. It is possible to turn on and off this feature in future versions of Android Q beta

6) Easier access to system settings

Photo: Google

Ask to change something in Settings – such as switching to a special wifi network when creating a smart home set – and in Android Q do not have to jump to Settings and vice versa. Apps can now ask for certain settings to appear in a floating window, which means you can go back to what you do more easily. If you read a wifi password to someone sounds too much, use this new feature in Android Q: In Settings, touch Network

and Internet then Wi-Fi ] then name your network and Share to reveal a QR code. Someone else can scan it with the camera on your phone by touching the icon to the right of Add Network to the Wi-Fi menu .

Image: Gizmodo

As you would expect, many small touches are scattered through Android Q. If you are listening to music, the song you are listening to is displayed on the "always on" screen of Pixel, and if you try to wake up the phone, you'll see that the backscreen background accepts a blurred version of the work of whatever you are currently playing.

9) Android Q Adds Desktop Mode

Photo: Gizmodo

It seems Google is preparing a desktop operating mode for Samsung Dex for Android – although without a secondary display, we could not test it . If you sign in to System Advanced Developer Options from "Settings," you'll see the "Enforced Desktop Mode" option when another screen is attached. You can read more about the new mode here. The more privacy controls come with Android Q: App location access now can be resolved all the time only when the application is in use or never (like iOS). Access to photos, videos, and sound is set on its own, and applications can no longer jump to the foreground and focus (they can only show a notification). [19650043]] You may have noticed that one or two folding phones are coming up lately, and Android Q is up to date with support for "innovative experience and use cases "(in Google's words). We do not have a folding phone, we are not yet able to test these innovative experiences, but if you buy Huawei Mate X, it's good to know. The share of Android Share can be very flexible and very disappointing, so Google has made some un-applause on Android Q (as promised before). You'll be able to see what you are sharing at home at the top of the Sharing sheet, and application developers can pre-load predefined shortcuts to share so they can load faster.

13) Deeper Access to PhotoEffects

Many modern smartphones capture depth data through their cameras to create focus and boke effects and Android Q applications can request more than this data to create more specialized effects. This will depend on the smartphone you are using and the applications you use, but in the future look for more sophisticated 3D features and added reality.

14) Self-recording screen with Android Q

Photo: Gizmodo

It seems that Google is making an Android screen. Go to Settings in Android Q, select System Advanced and Developer Options and find option Function Activate setting settings_screenrecord_long_press ] then long press the power button and long press the Screenshot and hey stop … touch

Photo: Gizmodo

There are still many things to come in as the beta continues develop this year, so watch for updates. You can now cancel an action to remove an element from the Home screen, for example, and change the default application used to display emergency contact information (via Apps and Notifications Advanced , Default Apps and Roles under "Settings."

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