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2019 Free NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant, Kauchi Leonard Discuss the Couple; Kirby Irving, Kemba Walker engage with teams

One of the most exciting moments of the NBA season has finally arrived, as the free agency will start on Sunday at 18 o'clock. ET, which is just a few steps away. Players will not be able to officially sign contracts with teams until July 6 – when the moratorium is over, – but can still agree to deal with teams.

This year, the free agency is shaping up as one of the biggest and the deepest for a while. Several agents can withdraw from their current teams, including the MVP's in the finals and the NBA champion Kauchi Leonard and the two-time MVP in the finals Kevin Durant. Let's not mention that there will be a second level of star-free agents that will be intensively pursued, including well-known veterans like Clay Thompson and Jimmy Butler. Saturday. Here are the latest rumors and updates you need to know while waiting for a free agency.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski Jonas Valanciunas Center is expected to commit to a three-year, $ 45 million contract to stay in Memphis. Valanceynas was traded by Toronto Raptors to Memphis – along with KJ. Miles, Delon Wright and a second-round pilot from 2024 – in return for Mark Gassol in February.

It is expected that the Sacramento Kings is expected to make a "massive" offer to veteran advanced Al-Hordford when the free agency officially begins on Sunday, according to Jason Anderson from Sacramento B . It is reported that Horford is interested in signing him with Sacramento, although there will probably be no shortage of other suitors. In fact, Sam Amik from Athletic reports that the kings expect him to sign elsewhere .

The kings in the center market

Kings are interested in several centers other than the Orford. The Athletic They are also interested in Dewayne Dedmon, and could also be a potential landing location for Rocket Center Clint Capela if it is moved to a potential three team deal for Jimmy Butler.

Ruby of the Pacers "Virtual Deal"

Ricky Rubio may have found a new home in the NBA . According to Tony Jones of The Athletic Rubio is "very likely" to sign with Indiana Pacers in a free agency. Mark Stein from The New York Times took another step, calling it " a virtual deal ." Rubio is an unrestricted free agent after playing the last two seasons in Utah. After acquiring Mike Conley through the trade with Memphis Grizzlies, Jazz has made it clear that they are ready to continue from Rubio.

DeMarcus Cousins ​​is looking for a new home from the NBA this summer, and the big veteran is open to return to Sacramento Kings, according to a report from The Athletic .

Cousins ​​are open to return to Sacramento However, interest in unification may be one-sided, as the kings have not expressed an interest in returning cousins.

Bucks extends the qualification offer to Brodon

Milwaukee Bucks are not ready to let Malcolm Brodden just leave. According to Chris Hayes of Yahoo Sports, Bucks have extended Brodon's offer to qualify which makes him a limited free agent, which means that Bucks will be able to combine all external offers.

Vucevic will agree to enter into a four-year deal with $ 100 million when the free agency starts on Sunday according to report by Shams Charania. All-Star comes out of his best season when he helped Magic to return to the playoffs and was expected to be highly sought after this summer.

Kings, Dedmon have mutual interest

Another team and player may have a deal, despite the fact that the free agency does not officially start almost all day. According to a 19659019 report by Carmichael Dave, Sacramento Kings and the big devil veteran Devine Dedon have confidence that they will agree to the deal on Sunday.

Lakers are still hunting for a third star to join LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but whether they are able to find someone else, they have a lot of places to go to Beverly, to fill up. In this sense, they are interested in two options in the back – Patrick Beverly and Seth Curry. According to of Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers reached repetitions for both players.

Kevin Durant and Cowhy Leonard are the two largest free agents on the market this summer, and reportedly are interested in joining their efforts . According to a report by Adrian Vojnarovski from ESPN, the two teams they would both think of signing are Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks.

Shumen to meet with Rockets, Warriors

Kevin Lonne made a real name for this season and in the playoffs, and his game, along with his stamina, should earn him a nice profit this summer. Along with with Warriors, he is expected to be interested in at least one other team. According to Mark Stein Lonnie has a meeting organized with Houston Rockets.

Butler is expected to meet with Heat, missiles

Jimmy Butler is expected to meet Miami Heath and Houston Rockets after a free agency kicks off, in addition to meeting with Philadelphia 76ers. These teams do not have the space to sign it, and they will need to design and trade with Sixers. In addition, Butler has an interest in the Lakers and Nets according to to Shams Charania.

Celtics will give up on Rosie

Celtics are expected to sign Kemba Walker after a free agency starts, which means they will move away from Terry Rosier. According to Chris Haynes, Celtics will give up of his rights to Rozier. The young guard fought last season after his 2018 playoff break, but is still expected to attract many teams.

According to an ESPN report by Adrian Vojnarovsky, Detroit Pistons will meet with Derrick Rose after the launch of a free agency, both parties have a common interest in two – an annual deal. Rose spent last season plus with Minnesota Timbervilves and received votes for the most improved player last season.

Irving Expected to Sign With Nets for Four Years, $ 141 Million

While nothing will be official until the end of the league's moratorium, Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN.com reports that Kyrie Irving will meet with Brooklyn Nets in New York on Sunday both sides are motivated to quickly move by agreement to a four-year contract for $ 141 million. With Irving on the rollout, Nets can now turn their attention to finding another star player to pair with.

Walker plans to sign with Celtics for four years, $ 141 million. It seems that Boston Celtics has a substitute for Kirby Irving. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic Kemba Walker plans to sign a four-year $ 141 million contract with Boston after a free agency opens. Walker has played his entire career with Charlotte Hornets and has been named a starter in the 2019 All-Star Game.

Mirotic moves away from the free NBA agency chooses to sign with Barcelona

Nicolas Mirotic delivered the first surprise to the free NBA agency on Saturday, choosing to transfer potential free deals that could reach the $ 50 million to sign with club Euroleague Barcelona according to Shams Charrania of Athletic. The Spaniard spent part of the 2018-19 season with Milwaukee Bucks after the team acquired it during the New Orleans pelican deal. Mirotic collects an average of 11.6 points and 5.4 rebounds while shooting 35.6% beyond the rainbow.

According to CBS Sports's Bill Reiter, the Lakers are extremely confident to Kawhi Leonard's landing when a freelance agency starts on Sunday.In addition, Mark Stein of the New York Times reports that the Lakers are perceived as the "real threat" to raptors about Leonard's signing, and the star is expected to meet both the Lakers and Clippers along with the Raptors

Warriors, Clay plan a deal quickly for $ 190 million

Golden State Wars will not waste time with the free agency shooting guards Clay Thompson According to Adrian Vojnarovsky of ESPN, warriors plan to offer a Thompson contract for five years, $ 190 million, when a free agency opens. "Voninovsky also notes that Thompson is likely to accept the offer quite quickly In addition, both parties are reportedly planning to agree for the deal, and the Warfront Front Office is planning to meet Thompson in Los Angeles in the next 24 hours.

Wolves to meet Russell at the launch of a free agency

Minnesota Timberwolves may be trying to make a lot of noise when a free agency opens on Sunday. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Timberwolves are set to meet security guards Angelo Russell when a free agency starts. Russell is leaving his career in which he scored 21.1 points, 7.0 assists, 3.9 rebounds and 1.2 thirties, while firing 36.9 percent of his career beyond the rainbow. The former second full player also made his first All-Star game as a member of the Nets and helped lead the franchise to their first playoffs in the 2014-15 season.

Nuggets take Millsap's $ 30 million player option

Denver nods hang on to one of their veteran players before they start free agencies. According to Adrian Vojnarovski of ESPN, the Nuggets are exercising a $ 30 million player option to Forward Paul Millsap. He would have the right to enter a free agency if Nuggets refused to take his option. The veteran advances a season with an average of 12.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 2.0 assists while shooting at 36.5% beyond the rainbow.

Houston missiles are looking to sell some of their best assets in an attempt to acquire Jimmy Butler as a sign of trade and marketing from Philadelphia 76ers. According to Mark Stein of the New York Times Rockets has a merchant buyer involving a big man Clint Capella but will not deal with it until they are sure that

Duran plans to He Spoked With Four Teams

Although he has suffered a torn achilles tendon in Match 6 of the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant is still one of the best. players in a free agency. According to Adrian Vojnarovsky of ESPN, Durant will talk about Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks when a free agency opens. All these teams have the space to sign a Durant for maximum deal

Collison Withdraw NBA

Veteran security guard Darren Collison is expected to be one of the best options in the free agency this summer. However, Collison sent a blow to the league on Friday when he announced his retirement from the NBA. ESPN Adrian Wojnarowski also noted that Collins is in the queue to receive $ 10M – $ 12M per team season.

Harrison Barnes has denied his $ 25.1 million player option with the Sacramento Kings earlier this month. It turns out, however, that unification with the kings may be on the table. According to Mark Stein of The New York Times, Sacramento is to offer Barnes with a four-year contract, nearly $ 90 million, when a free agency opens.

Davis refuses to trade with a kicker to give a slot to the Lakers Max

The Los Angeles Lakers did what could be the biggest splash of the off-season when they traded for Anthony Davis. After the deal was not officially announced by July 6, the Lakers' latest acquisition agreed to give up its $ 4 million deal after the Lakers sent Mo Wagner, Isaac Bonga and Jeremie Jones to Wizards add-on to Davis's trade – creates $ 32 million in cap and an extra max slot for Los Angeles.

Kawhi plans to meet Clippers, Lakers

Kawhi Leonard is probably the most wanted player in the free agency this summer. With that in mind, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Leonard was meeting with Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers after the free agency started. In addition, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Jimmy Butler and Leonard were considering the idea of ​​playing together with Clippers.

Celtics emerges as a lead for Walker

to be on the brink of losing star watchkeeper Kiriyah Irving when the free agency kicks off Sunday. However, it seems that there will be no problem finding a suitable replacement. According to Adrian Vojnarovski of ESPN, the Celtics became the lead to sign Kemba Walker by Charlotte Hornets.

Beverly attracts interest from several teams

a lot of goods in the free agents market. According to MacMahon from ESPN, Beverly is who attracts from the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls in addition to Los Angeles Clippers. Beverly, who reportedly seeks a bid in the $ 40 + million three-year range, may be a veteran asset many teams would like to add to their list.

Rozier may be an option for Knicks

Boston Celtic Guard Terry Rosieer has spent the last two seasons playing in the shadow of Kirby Irving, but may not have to do so for long. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, New York Knicks are interested in signing Rozier for a one or two-year deal, especially if the team misses some of their maximum goals.

Gasol chooses to stay with Raptors

Mark Gasol had a $ 25.6 million player option next season and on Wednesday afternoon he announced that he had decided to exercise it, that he will stay with the defenders for at least another season. That was all the time, since Gazol is already 34 years old and would not find a contract in a free agency to pay him so much money.

Carmello's Lakers favorites

If Carmelo Anthony decides to return to the NBA next season, he has a great chance to be with the Los Angeles Lakers. According to a report by Ian Begley, Lakers is expected to be the favorite to land Anthony this summer. The veteran has apparently fallen into the yard, but is a close friend of LeBron James.

Russell at the Top of the Lakers Wish List

It seems that the Los Angeles Lakers have a familiar name on the top of their list of agency wishes. According to Adrian Vojnarovski of ESPN, the Lakers have a keen interest in returning the former candidate, Angelo Russell. He will come out of his first All-Star campaign after leading the Brooklyn Nets to a playoff bet last season. However, with information that Brooklyn is interested in acquiring Kyrie Irving as a free agency, Russell is likely to be left to test the waters this summer.

"The Lakers have some options here, but D'Angelo Russell is at the top of that," said Vojnarovski.

Durant refuses the player option to become UFA

Kevin Durant will officially become unlimited free agent on June 30. According to ESPN Adrian Vojanowski, Durant has dropped his deal for 2019-20 with Golden State Warri to become a free agent, with the option of $ 31.5 million for the upcoming season. NBA champion suffered an achilles injury during Match 5 of the NBA Finals, which will likely eliminate him for the whole

Durant could still sign with the Wars for a maximum of five years and $ 221

Lakers expect to be a "factor" in the Kawhi race

Although they are considered long shots – especially after acquiring Anthony Davis and as at least $ 23.7 million remaining in cap space for the 2019 free period agency – Lakers believe they are in the MVP race at the finals, according to Mark Stein of the 19459012 New York Times ]. Leonard will have no suitors. It was expected, however, that there would be two teams as leading players in his services – no one but no one else but "Rotters" and "Los Angeles Clippers".

Jimmy Butler will become an unrestricted free agent for a few weeks, and while Philadelphia 76 is able to offer Butler the most bargaining deal, announced Houston missiles. as another opportunity for his services. According to Adrian Vojnarovski of ESPN, the rockets will try to hire Butler to be able to impose a deal with the sign and trade with Sixers. The report also mentions that Sixers will be "aggressive" in an attempt to sign Butler again. Philadelphia could have offered Butler a five-year $ 190 million deal to remain in the team, or a four-year deal, worth $ 146.5 million if they choose it. If Butler would have landed in Houston, he would sign a four-year contract, $ 140 million. According to reports, Clint Capella and Guards Erik Gordon will have to move from Houston to work in Butler.

The New York Times reports that Boston Celtics together with Dallas Mavericks are now in the "front of the line" by teams that are trying to sign Walker from Hornets. Boston's future is much in the air with him looking more and more like star guard Kyrie Irving does not plan to sign with the team. In addition, veteran Al-Horford has recently given up his deal for the next season and is set to become an unrestricted free agent. Walker has blossomed into one of the most dangerous guards NBA has to offer. In eight seasons with Charlotte Hornets, Walker has gathered an average of 19.8 points, 5.5 assists, 3.8 rebounds and 1.3 thefts while shooting 35.7% out of 3.

Booker Suns wants to add a close friend Russell

interest in signing Kyrie Irving in the free agency this summer, it probably means they will not return their own All-Star guards, D'Angelo Russell. If Nets allowed Russell to walk, Sun's star Devin Booker said he would like to see his friend sign with Phoenix Suns, according to a report by Zac Low of ESPN. Phoenix, however, may not be able to get paid because of his salary.

Lakers are interested in Jordan, Vucevic

In Los Angeles, the Lakers have many rows to handle this summer and appear to be targeting two proven veterans to fill the list. According to Brian Winthorst of ESPN (H / T RealGM), Lakers contacted DeAnder Jordan on the belief that he might have a cheaper deal and because Jordan wants to return to Los Angeles. Jordan spent the first 10 seasons of his career with Los Angeles Clippers before joining Dallas Mavericks before the start of last season. after their first All-Star season, after bringing the Magic to their first close in the 2011-12 season play-offs.

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