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2019 NBA Draft Grades: Selection ratings for each first and second selection

There were two big stories about the 2019 NBA Draft. The first one was Zion Williamson, the most important selection of the first, which could change the course of the Pelican franchise in New Orleans. The second was the huge number of deals, with many teams moving up and moving down all night. Some teams come with clean runways and others seem to take much greater risks

Check out our tracker here to view all the photos. One note: The listed elections are based on which team officially holds the selection and will be responsible for it, so the trade ( checks everyone here ), such as moving the number 4 from the Lakers to the Hawks' pelicans will be explained after the selection.

First Circle and Classes (by Gary Parish)


. Pelicans in New Orleans: F Sion Williamson, Duke

He is the Incredible Hulk of Basketball. We have never seen a player like Williamson. He's a special talent, but he forgets: It's worth the supernatural, and it's going to cost millions of dollars for the Pelicans in New Orleans. They lose Anthony Davis and immediately get a new face of the franchise. The only choice that could be made here. Class: A

2. Memphis Grizzlies: PG Morant, Murray

This is the right choice. Grizzlies are in the recovery phase, and the second recruitment and the receipt of the Yarrant is very, very good. He has the potential to be a star and replace Mike Conley, who did not want to recover. A:

3. New York Knicks: SG RJ Barrett, Duke

I will keep this simple: When choosing to make, the best option I will give A. I think Barrett is quite clear at least the third perspective in this project. Let's not forget: it was the first prospect of this project at that time a year ago. Class: A

4. Los Angeles Lakers: SF Deer Hunter, Virginia

This selection is aimed at Atlanta Hawks, thanks to the New Orleans pelicans thanks to transactions that are not yet official. What you expect from him is a player who can enter and be a threat of 3 and defend the perimeter. Here's one who dominated the national championship game. He is the fourth best player in this project, and it's nice to see that the NBA is getting along with that. Class: A

5. Cleveland Cavaliers: PG Darius Garland, Vanderbilt Garland is a rare player whose stock has actually improved when he was sitting with injury as a freshman. There were many stalks of the cavalry – who would pair Garland with Collin Sexton if they kept both – could go. But Garland is really the best perspective available. 6. Phoenix Suns: S. Jarrett Culver, Texas Technik

The Timberlords were those who chose Calver after an unofficial trading with the Sun.

They probably could go after Coby White's high-speed playmaker, but Culver is probably the surest choice you can make at this stage. Its ceiling may not coincide with white or with others but will be solid. Class: B

7. Chicago Bulls: PG Coby White, North Carolina

This is a man who no one intended to be a single player the idea that he goes to the top half of the lottery is quite remarkable. Roy Williams put the ball in his hands and the referee lets it as # 3 of the opponent, who needs to stand the ball and clear it wide. That's what bulls need more than anything else. Great choice. Class: A

8. Atlanta Hawks: C Jaxson Hayes, Texas

Pelicans made this choice after trading Hawks. I have nothing against this choice, but his lack of shooting is a problem building around Sion Williamson. Hayes has a lot of stuff – playing up, defender on the edge, dunker – but he's not a shooter. 9. Washington Wizards: PF Rui Hachimura, Gonzaga

This is not an obvious choice in number 9, but Hachimura is a great choice. He has a large span of wings and a good jump, and he is a quarter. The fact that he plays only basketball for several years and continues to improve is a really good sign, even if he has a better talent here. Class: B

10. Atlanta Hawks (from Dallas): Cam Cameron Reddish, Duke

I leave Cam Reddish the All-Star. But there is no way to take him to the top 10. He was not effective inside or outside the arc in insult, and he often disappeared into the games. There are many red flags. To get to the ceiling, he will have to do something he has never done before. Minnesota Timberwolves: FF Cameron Johnson, North Carolina

This selection is made by Suns, who trade 6 for 11 and Dario Saric. The suns did this because they had all this youth. Johnson is a man who is ready to play. But what a stunning move. Nobody expected him to be so tall. Johnson was not even one of the 24 players invited to the official green room. It's wild for me. 12. Charlotte Hornets: PF PJ Washington, Kentucky

He could enter the NBA in 2018 and be a border first round. But he came back and improved his stocks. Most players do not do it the way he did: he has understood his shot and has become space to create space. Class: B

13. Miami Heat: SG Tyler Hero, Kentucky He is a person who can dribble, . His free-kick shooting indicates he can really turn into a NBA as a 3-point shooter, though it was not wonderful beyond the rainbow. But he's not just a shooter. It was worth a lottery. 14. Boston Celtics (from Sacramento through Philadelphia): SG Romeo Langford, Indiana

This is a little surprise, but I think it's good. He's a good player, and there were only a few guys I was on top of him. His first season in Indiana was disappointing, but he was hurt. This is a long-term game. It will not be very impressive in the first year, especially with all the talent of the Celtics perimeter. Class: C

15. Detroit Pistons: PF Sekou Doumbouya, France

The Pistons probably do not think he will be available here, top-10 skill set, and he's 18 with such great potential He's great talent but also grows like an offensive player. This is a game for the season 2021-22. Class: A

16. Orlando Magic: PF Chuma Okeke, Auburn

If you tell me four minutes before he tears the ACL, Okeke will be drawn so high , I would have believed you. He showed the ton of grip and shooting ability and played very well in the NCAA tournament. But he will probably miss all or most of his season rookie. 17. Brooklyn Nets: SG Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Virginia Tech

The Pelicans made this selection as part of the Hawking trade that owned it. When I covered Maui Invitational with many great players last fall, Alexander-Walker's name came out more than any other. He checks one ton of boxes and does a lot of good things, and he meets the needs of the pelicans next to Zion Williamson. Great choice. Indiana Pacers: C Goga Bithadze, Georgia Class: A [ButIthinkthisisthemostappropriatechoiceforPacerseveninmymodelHewillsupportMilesTurnerand/orDomantasSabonisandwillhavemanychancestogrow Class: A

19. San Antonio Spurs: PF Luka Samanic, Croatia

A year ago he looked like a lottery talent. But this happens as a surprise – he seemed more likely to be the Spurs at 10 or a second round. But Spurs, they have gained the benefit of doubt. Boston Celtics (from LA Clippers through Memphis): SF Matisse Thybulle, Washington [19645910] to make this choice. I'll be honest. I do not understand. The 76s had to add firing, and they traded here to add a non-shooter to Thybulle. He can be a great defender, but he plays in a campus area. I'm not sure why you are trading this person on this list. Class: D

21. Oklahoma City Thunder: PF Brandon Clark, Gonzaga

Grizzlies traded on this spot specifically to take Clark. This selection makes a lot of sense. He will join Jamison Jackson Jr. to make a great duet blocking the shot, and Jackson can compensate for Clark's lack of ideal height and length for the position. With Ja Morant and Clarke, the Grizzlies are already stacked. 22. Boston Celtics: PF Grant Williams, Tennessee

What's Exclusive? He is extraordinary when playing basketball. He is not that tall or athletic but has played in the most athletic league in the country and has had the place where he wanted. Look back at the latest projects – in a different position: The same things people say about Grant Williams said about Fred Vanley, Jalan Brunson. NBA GMs learn: Just pick up guys who are great in basketball. Class: B

23. Utah Jazz: С. Darius Bazli, High School

This selection was made by Grizzlies and I do not mind. I will say that I will swing Nasser Little over one of Baslie. But this is the result of great training and how taking one year does not harm prospects. Bazley spends the year "interning" with New Balance instead of playing basketball college. He bet on himself and is the first. 24. Philadelphia 76th: PG Taylor Jerome, Virginia

The Sun traded in this place and did so to take the point that they missed earlier when they went to Kobe White to trade. Jerome is the best guard. He has a big head on his shoulders on the court and won a national title. We are talking about a 6-5 guard who can either play in the back corner, play, pass, shoot and defend well. Class: A

25. Portland Trail Blazers: SF Nasser Little, North Carolina

Lit position is over / under 12.5. He went deeper than anyone expected. At this stage of the project, I do not even care about how to handle it or whatever, just grab the dice of the man who was the MVP of McDonald's All-American and Jordan's Macedonian games. A year ago, it was intended to be the biggest choice. It is very valuable here, although it did not affect the UNC. Class: A

26. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Houston): Jiland Windell, Belmont

I do not know how much John Bailey had in the project for the first time as a head coach of the NBA, but Winder and Darius Garland make a lot of sense with what Bailey did at college. He is a great sized shooter who can play in both places, though he probably has not as much potential as the others. Brooklyn Nets (from Denver): PF Mfiondu Kabengele, Florida

This selection is made by Clippers. I'm surprised that KABENGELLE got out of the top 20. He showed he had no reason to deal with his knees and was said to be excellent in the training. It has the potential to be an elite defense presence and theft in this class. Class: A

28. Golden State Warriors: SG Jordan Poole, Michigan

That makes no sense to me. With so many hanging boys on board, if you are a Golden State, I would like to get someone with more support or someone who can help me next season. I'm not sure that Pool is one of those things. 29. San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto): SSG Keldon Johnson, Kentucky

This is a great place for a talented player. It may be the best perspective, and Spurs are perhaps the best place for a person with development potential. Class: A

30. Milwaukee Bucks: SG Kevin Porter Jr., USC

The Cavalliers made this choice by trading in the slot. That's exactly what I would do with the 30th choice, especially if I had two other pictures: take a plane to a person with great potential. Porter has the potential for top-10. The questions are mostly out of court – it's not his fault because this young man has lived a lot in his life. I hope Cleveland can help him find the structure he needs to increase his talent. Class: A

Round 2 Photos and Classes (by Kyle Boone)

31. Brooklyn Nets (from New York through Philadelphia): PF Nicholas Claxton, Georgia [19650010]

Claxton is a great IQ who has improved his shares dramatically as one of the best performers in the NBA Combine. He is a multi-faceted defender whose game is perfect to be a productive modern NBA. Class: B

32. Phoenix Suns: SF Kp Okpala, Stanford

Okpala will go to Miami courtesy of the Night Bench Trade. It will bring defense flexibility with long, tough hands and a wingspan of 7 feet-1. Class: B

33. Philadelphia 76ers (from Cleveland through Orlando and New York): PG Carsen Edwards, Purdue

uses a microwave secretary. And Edwards carries it in Boston. He is a microwave top scorer who can fill him with a dribble, escape and escape the screens. 34. Philadelphia 76ers (from Chicago through the Los Angeles Lakers): With Bruno Fernando, Maryland

He will join the Hawks, who moved to this place when they saw it available. I love this for Fernando. He is one of the most physical defenses in this class, and in Atlanta he will not be charged to be a high-performance crime producer. Class: A

35. Atlanta Hawks: CSF Markos Luzada Silva, Brazil

Luzada Silva heads to New Orleans after this pickup is marketed Atlanta on the day of the project. It is a productive 3-point shooter, with the potential to be a productive wing with some development. Class: B

36. Charlotte Hornets (from Washington through Orlando, Denver and Atlanta): SF Codi Martin, Nevada

With excellent frame and positional flexibility, (19659002) 37. Dallas Mavericks: CSF Devizes Syradis, Lithuania

Detroit acquires this pilot – he has the skills of a Hornets combo guy who needs to raise his talents, and Siridis – from Dallas of the Night. 19-year-old from Lithuania, he is ahead with security skills, able to create his own shot and illuminate him from the range of 3 points. Class: B

38. Chicago Bulls (from Memphis): C Daniel Gafford, Arkansas

Chicago had to add depth to the center and in Gafford the bulls a great edge that can complete lobbies and protect the edge. His harmful attack is limited, but he will be a second-level player. 39. Pelicanes in New Orleans: C Alen Smailagic, Serbia

After Smailagic in their list of G League, Warriors acquired this selection from New Orleans to make sure he was not picked up before they could find him. It is an intriguing development with great potential, but there are still ways to become a productive NBA player. 40. Sacramento Kings (from Minnesota through Portland and Cleveland) Justin James, Wyoming

Sacramento gets a productive four-year college in James who has managed to gain 22.1 points for a match last season in the West Mountain, while his efficiency is a concern, his rating instincts are not. Class: B

41. Golden State Warriors (from Los Angeles Atlantis Lakers, Cleveland and Indiana): PF Eric Paschall, Villanova

This is a dream. Paschall is a great 3-point shooter and player who can be a playable role that can be productive for an inexpensive deal for Warriors who enter the off-season in need of players suited to his accurate shaping. Class: A

42. Philadelphia 76ers (from Sacramento through Brooklyn and Milwaukee): SS Admiral Shofield, Tennessee

Thanks to trade, Sheffield was selected the six, but will start his career at the Washington Councilor. He plays four years at college and has a framework ready for the NBA. 43. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Miami through Charlotte): SG Janeen Novel, Washington

Josh Okogi was a hit last year for Minnesota at the end of the first, and Novel had to be a similar blow in the middle of the second. He is an aggressive goal-maker who can prove his value as a player with winning attacks. 44. Miami Heath (from Atlanta, through Charlotte): Bol Bol, Oregon

He heads to Denver as part of the night trade with "The Hot "which has been picked up by another trade. This gives Nogets a high perspective, with a high risk of investing. At this stage of the project, this is a good value, even if it is a collapse. Class: A

45. Detroit Pistons: С. Isaiah Robbie, Nebraska

Robby was one of the great NBA racemakers because of his ability to put the ball on the floor and shoot him from the perimeter. Той трябва да изпълни нуждата от Далас и да им даде някой с главна заплаха във времето. Клас: B

46. Orlando Magic (от Бруклин през Мемфис и Шарлът): SG Talen Horton-Tucker, щата Айова

Лейкърс не е имал избор в проекта, но успя да придобие талант от първия кръг в средата на втория в Хортън-Тъкър чрез търговия с Магията. Хортън-Тъкър все още е суров, но дългосрочният му потенциал и необичайно дългият размах на крилата го правят струва инвестицията. Клас: A

47. Сакраменто Кингс (от Орландо през Ню Йорк): С.Ф. Игнас Браздейкис, Мичиган

Сакраменто направи този избор и се съгласи да го продаде в Ню Йорк, като даде на Никс втория им играч в този проект. Brazdeikis е твърд нос, състезател, който е интригуващ нагоре като подложка след като е стрелял с 39.2% от 3 миналия сезон. Клас: B

48. Лос Анджелис Клипърс: SF Terance Mann, Флорида членка

Клипърс събра плейофите отбор, изграден от пясъчен играчи, които се конкурират трудно на двата края на пода, което прави Mann приличен годни в LA Ако той продължава неговото подобрение като 3-точков стрелец той може да бъде добър играч на ротация. Ако не, той вероятно няма да направи съкращението. Клас: C

49. Сан Антонио Спърс: SG Quinndary Weatherspoon, щат Мисисипи

Оставете на шпорите да получат една от най-добрите крадци на втория кръг. Той се класира на второ място в класирането и десети в стрелба с 3 точки в SEC миналия сезон. Клас: A

50. Индиана Пейърс: PF Jarrell Brantley, College of Charleston

Пейсърс търгуваха №50 с Юта, така че Брантли се отправя към Солт Лейк Сити. Четиригодишният играч от College of Charleston е комбо напред, който донася плодотворна оценка на НБА. Клас: C

51. Бостън Селтикс: PG Tremont Waters, LSU

С толкова много несигурност около Бостън – особено в позицията на охранителите – Waters носи голяма стойност като стабилен ръководител на топка, способен да прави всичко, което е NBA изходна точка охрана може да направи. Най-малкото, страхотна застрахователна част на важна позиция. Клас: A

52. Шарлот Хорнетс (от Оклахома Сити): PF Jalen McDaniels, щат Сан Диего

Изборът на Шарлот на Jalen McDaniels продължава темата за целта на фронт офиса да се обърне към дълбочината на предния съд. Той трябва да се усъвършенства като шутър-блокер и стрелецът, за да достигне своя потенциал, но той има най-малко интригуващи умения за периметъра на играча по неговия размер. Клас: C

53. Юта Джаз: П. Р. Джъстин Райт-Форман, Хофстра

Юта се грижи за блестящ родословие в Райт-Форман, който завърши топ 5 в NCAA дивизия I, отбелязвайки всеки от последните два сезона. Ако нещо може да се преведе, това може да е неговият звезден удар от линията с 3 точки. Клас: B

54. Philadelphia 76ers: SF Marial Shayok, щата Айова

След преместването си от щата Вирджиния в щата Айова, Шайок показа, че е един от най-добрите играчи в Големия 12 като изпълнител и физически възстановител от него позиция. Той не е елитен спортист и е склонен да се търгува с оборот, но има някакво влияние като оръжие. Клас: C

55. Ню Йорк Никс (от Хюстън): SG Кайл Гай, Вирджиния

Никс и Кингс се съгласиха на нощта да изпратят Гай в Сакраменто. Кралете получават доказан победител, който е довел Вирджиния до национално заглавие, докато води отбора в точкуване. Клас: B

56. Лос Анджелис Клипърс (от Портланд през Детройт и Орландо): PG Jaylen Hands, UCLA

Този подбор е придобит от Nets. Тъй като позицията на Бруклин в охраната в поток, влизащ в извън сезона, Nets получават двугодишен стартер в Hands, който в UCLA, изстрелва 37.3% от 3 и се подобрява значително като фасилитатор във втория си сезон. Клас: B

57. Пеликани от Ню Орлиънс (от Денвър през Милуоки): PG Jordan Bone, Tennessee

В една нощна търговия, Pistons вдигнаха черновите на Bone от пеликаните, за да им дадат опитен генерал, който все още се развива. Костът е ускорител, който може да избута темпото и да го застреля добре от 3. Клас: B

58. Golden State Warriors: SG Miye Oni, Yale

Войните продадоха този подбор на джаза на нощ за проектите, по доклади. Oni дава на Юта друг голмайстор от крилото, който може да го запали от 3 и може да създаде свой собствен удар от дрибъл – нещо, което той често прави на Йейл. Клас: A

59. Торонто Raptors: PF Dewan Ернандес, Маями

С предната част на Торонто ситуация все още течност, Raptors прихванат високо енергиен голям в Ернандес, който носи физическа и усилие. Той седна миналия сезон в Маями, но все още има много потенциал. Клас: B

60. Сакраменто Кингс (от Милуоки): SG Ваня Маринкович, Сърбия

Дали Маринкович е добър избор? Времето ще покаже. Но той е повече от същия за кралете, които по-рано съставиха две крила в черновата на същото място и почти същия размер. Клас: C

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