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2019 Spring Review: 10 Ohio Faces Opposing Game Opportunities to Earn Time to Play

While everyone is going to compete for a game when Ohio starts the spring practice on March 4, there are several players who need to have big springs to improve their chances of winning Buckeyes.

This is especially true for the chiefs who, for one reason or another, have not yet seen much time for Buckeyes. Some of them are already surpassed by younger players, as long as they all have younger players who are losing on their heels, but if they make a significant impact on their Ohio career, they run out of time.

Of all the players on the Ohio list, the following 10 Buckeyes are among those with the most in line this spring. They are all either adolescents or retirees eligible to participate and if they do not move on the depth chart this spring, they may not get another chance.

Some of these players could be candidates to explore their possibilities and to seek a transfer if they did not climb to the depth chart this spring ̵

1; like Joe Barrow, Antonio Williams and Matthew Bourl, after having made last year's list. – But they will hope to follow the footsteps of Luc Farrell, who made a strong spring of the brand list to become a box last autumn.

McCall has been shaken as a potential threat to the Ohio crime in the past two years, but has yet to be realized as there were only eight. and nine accepted last season. He moves back and forth between the rotating positions of the back and H-back positions, offering the opportunity to be the creator of the differences both as a runner and as a successor but he has not yet earned regular play time.

Now, when he goes into his red t-shirt season, McCall must find his way to the field if he ever does.

With Mike Weber and Paris Campbell leaving for NFL, the door is open to McCall, which could potentially be either number 2 going back or number two X-back in the Bocais offense. He spent most of his time going backwards last season, so he became J.K. The best back-up of Dobbins – or turning into a back-to-back situation – seems to be the most likely road to the field, but it is still unclear how coaches can choose to use it.

C.J. Saunders, WR

While Ohio State's younger broader receivers will get one more stroke to win a place in Buckeyes's rotation next year – with K.J. Hill, Austin Mac, and Binzimen Viktor, who are entering their senior seasons – Saunders, as Senior, is the only successor to compete this spring for his only chance of winning rotation.

While Saunders was never expected to see regular play time in Ohio when he joined the team as the cornerball in 2016, he insisted on playing time in a broad host for each of the last two seasons, winning the Scholarship in 2018 Now, when Campbell, Terry McLaren and Johnny Dixon have disappeared from the program, Saunders will get his shot to win a place in the rotation of six people.

Turn into slot No. 2 of the depth slot behind K.J. Hill, he will have to repulse his freshman Jaelen Gill (and possibly McCall, depending on the position he is playing). Gil is an explosive athlete who has arrived in Columbus as a highly acclaimed recruiting, so it would not be a surprise to see how he uses a rotating place. Saunders has the edge of experience, although he has a total of 281 pictures in the last two seasons. This could give Saunders the first shot to win this rotation place, but he will have to perform well this spring to prove he has to keep it.

With Farrell, Rashod Berry and Jeremy Ruckert, all in front of him at depth, the possibility of Hausmann – who was already on the make-or-break list last year – to win a significant role in the crime of the state Ohio may have already gone from him. As Farrell and Rückert will remain around for the next two years, Hausmann seems to face a difficult climb to gain significant clicks.
He is still in Ohio and is actually more surprised by Farrell or Berry when he arrives in Columbus in 2016. The four-star Cincinnati recruit has only played 20 career. Buckeyes, but this spring may give him another chance to prove he belongs to the pitch.

If he can not move up the depth chart this spring, however, a red junior shirt may need to explore if he wants to see a significant amount of time before his college career starts.

Joshua Alabi, OT

Another player who re-appears on the make-or-break list, Alabi will compete for an open start to the second spring off-but this time is really his last chance , as the converted security conspiracy enters its fifth senior season.

Last spring, Alabi was defeated for the start of the left fight by Thayer Monfords. Eventually he still plays 254 photos of the position, although – including every moment on the Rose Bowl – as Munford fights for injuries during the year.

Now, this experience can make Alaby become the champion to win the opening job open against Monfords. He will have to compete for the chance to start again this spring, although high-ranking freshman Nicholas Petit-Frere and senior fifth-grade Branden Bowen are also potential candidates to take up this position.

Bowen has had the most experience of starting each player on this list by starting six games on the right-hand guard for Buckeyes in 2017. He has not played in a game since then, however after having undergone three operations to repair the broken leg that ended his 2017 season prematurely.

Now that he finally feels healthy again, Bowen is trying to get back into the starting lineup for his season. To put himself on this path, he will have to prove that he returns to his old form this spring.

Having spent time in the security and in the fight with him during his career, Bowen enters this spring as a potential candidate to either start the guards or the right path. The left-guard position seems to be where Bowen could have helped Buckeyes at the moment, but how he and other assailants perform this spring will probably determine what position he plays in 2019 and whether he is in the starting lineup.
Brand Bowen seeks to complete a strong career in Ohio after overcoming the physical, mental challenges of recovering from a broken leg

Gavin Cupp, OG

With the initial defensive place against Wyatt Davis wide open and no other clear candidates for the position outside Bowen at the moment, Cupp is another striker who may have the best chance to insist on playing this spring.

Cupp has only played 47 pictures of the Ohio offensive line in its first three years as Buckeye, so it does not look exactly like it's intended to be a future starter in Columbus but the door is open to him. currently in the composition.

Ohio State still pursues a transfer that can enter and compete for the immediate launch of an internal offensive line, but even if Buckeyes eventually land a veteran like Rutgers' Jonah Jackson or R.J. Proctor, this player will not arrive at the university until the summer. This allows Cupp and other Buckeyes internal strikers to put their claims to work this spring.

Cornell has seen more time playing than most other players on this list, winning a rotation in Ohio's defensive line in the last two seasons as a second-line defense strike in 2017 and as a second defensive end in 2018. In his fifth-year season, however, he has not yet begun a game for Buckeyes.

While he was an adequate rotation player for Buckeyes, playing the role that Larry Johnson needed in his rotation, Cornell certainly expected to make more impact when he arrived in Ohio as top 100 recruits in 2015 But he only has one year with the buckets to do this.

Starting defensive targets, Chase Young and Jonathon Cooper are coming back from last season, so Cornell is unlikely to get an initial job at this place. It is possible, however, that Cornell can go back to a defensive attack now that Dre Mont-Jones has disappeared – or at least to push a larger part of the defenses to a defensive end, since Johnson has always been ready to rotate Strongly in position how many players there are, ready to play.

Irrespective of where he might be involved in the equation, Cornell will have to have a strong spring to gain a significant role in Ohio's defense line in 2019 because Buckeyes have many innovative talents that will also insist on to gain considerable time to play, including Tyreke Smith, Tyler Friday and Zack Harrison at the defensive end, and Haskel Garrett and Taron Vincent in a defensive struggle.

  Jashon Cornell "src =" https://www.elevenwarriors.com/sites/default/files/c/2019/02/44385148535_666307f32c_o.jpg "title =" Jashon Cornell "/> 

Jashon Cornell has already seen time playing in the rotation of the Ohio defense line, but it's time for him to become a hit player.
	  Given that Jackson was only in Ohio for a year, it may seem early for him to go into the spring, but he is already at the end of his college transfer . After spending a season in Connor and one junior college season (Blinn College), Jackson will be the fourth year junior for Buckeyes in 2019 – increasing his pressure to win a role in the defensive line now.
	  Jackson actually came to Ohio with an expectation of an immediate blow last year, but eventually appeared in only four games, playing only 24 pictures in total. Buried in the depth classification as a fourth-line defensive attack along with Jerron Cage (who also has to make a boost in the spring to win the time to play in 2019 but still has three remaining seasons of eligibility), Jackson is insignificant factor in Rotating the Buckeyes Security Line.
</p><div><script async src=

Garrett and Vincent are the two best candidates to play a defensive attack with 3 techniques, while Robert Landers, Daven Hamilton and Tommy Toghia return to the nose, so he is still facing a steep climb in the depths. But after the clock has begun to run in college football, Jackson has to take steps this spring and at least break his way into the back end of the rotation of the defensive attack to create his career for a strong finish.

Justin Hilliard, LB

Just like Hausman, Hilliard may have missed his best chance of winning a lot of time in the straight line. He competed for a starting position last spring, winning a real blow to win the midfield position after Tuf Borgland suffered a trauma in the spring practice of Achilles. With the exception of an outsider's start, instead of an early Malik Harrison against Minnesota, Hilliard saw only Ohio defense times last season.
He can get another shot to win his way to the starting team this spring, though when the new Al-Washington basketball coach takes over the division – which means he has to be open to competition even with the three startups from the past season. (Harrison, Borland and Pete Werner).

In a linear players room with many potential beginners – including Baron Browning, Teradzha Mitchell and Dallas Gantt, among others – Hilary will have to fight only to win two deep positions. But while all these players can have future chances to win starting places after this season, Hilliard – who arrived in Ohio as a five-star rookie but suffered from injuries that removed him for most of his first two years like Buckeye – will have to show this spring to prove he belongs to the field as a fifth-class senior.

Amir Riep, S / CB

There are a number of junior backgums that could fit into the account for the last place on this list, including Isaiah Pearer and Jasen Wintt and cornerball Marcus Williamson. None of them have a good chance of winning this spring – Jordan Fuller and Brendan White have returned safely and Damon Arneth, Jeffrey Okuda and Shaun Wade have returned to the corner, but they certainly would like to win time. defense while moving in the back half of their career in Ohio.

Pryor and Wint had the opportunity to start for Buckeyes last season (and they were fighting hard), while Williamson's best shot, which plays a big role, is likely to come in 2020, and Arnette has entered his senior season, and Okudah as a candidate to leave early for the NFL project for 2020. Riep, however, entered his teenage season as a mystery after playing only 59 defensive moments in his first two years in Ohio.
After starting his career in the corner in 2017, Riep moved to safety in 2018. It is unclear where he can join as Jeff Hafley and Matt Barnes take over the role of Buckeyes' new coaches in 2019 Yet they decided to sort it out, but his performance this spring could go a long way in determining whether he would be able to earn a regular playing time in high school before his career in Ohio.

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