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2019 WWE Extreme Rules Results, Recapitulations, Ratings: Brock Lesnar Draws, Four Title Changes

WWE more than was held in a week of professional combat, putting the best special card on any promotion on Sunday night in Philadelphia. Extreme rules have demonstrated the highest level of action along with many of the company's typical entertainment features for entertainment, providing four changes to the title and cash experience by bank owner Brock Lesnar.

With two extra matches, added hours before the show and surprise Lesnar in cash, there were 13 official meetings held during the event – as much as a typical SummerSlam card rather than B-level pay-per-view as Extreme Rules. Given that SummerSlam, the second-largest WWE of the Year's PPV, is only four weeks old, and new CEOs take over the company's TV programs this week, we've left much in the air for what's going to go ahead,

As far as what happened on Sunday evening, CBS Sports was with you the whole way to update this story with results, ratings and highlights. Do not forget to subscribe to Brian Campbell's state of the art fight for a full storm of extreme rules and look at WWE's weekly TV product on Wednesday's show

9 WWE Extreme Rules results

Intercontinental Championship – Shinsuke Nakamura def. Finn Balor (c) through pinfall to win the title (Kickoff Show): Like Nakamura in his victory over Balor, the champion uses the ring barriers to fight the contender. The collision began slowly but rose as Nakamura struck Balor sitting on the second rope with a sliding force. Balogh jumped back in a double step and pulled Nakamura into the corner. However, when Belorus went to the Cup of Grace, Nakamura stepped back from his path and blew Balor with the kinshasa to the back of his head and then another in front of his face.

This marks consecutive losses for Balor to Nakamura and what feels like a quick change to the title, given that this game was not even booked until a few hours before the extreme rules and suddenly appeared on the show. (It could have been on the SummerSlam main card!) Maybe we'll get revenge if WWE decides to set off on the way to the Balor-Lashley feud, taking the title from the popular Balor just to win it back to one of the biggest the company for the year (even Demon). This was not as special as it could be due to the reservation and layout of the cards. Nakamura is the third person to hold the WWE and NJPW medalist titles (MVP, Chris Jericho). Class: C +

Heavyweight Championship – Drew Gulack (c) Def. Nesse did not do it well, but hit an interesting lunatic on Gulak, hung between the middle ropes of the ring apron. The opponent followed with an extremely impressive 450-knees in Gulak's chest for two censuses. After recovering, Gulak hit Nese with a power and a cyclone collision for 1-2-3. It would not be fair to expect a lot from Gulak after his war on Matt Riddle on Saturday night, but that did not fit the quality of the previous showcase matches. Class: C

Roman also reigns the giver of the grave. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre by pinfall (No Holds Barred): The crowd broke out for Taker every time they had a chance, especially when they hit the old school earlier. A meeting with McIntyre later provided a potential preview of SummerSlam. Later, Taker made his decision against McMahon and prepared to turn it into a press conference … until Elias emerged from nothing and awakened Taker back to his guitar. McIntyre hit Raines with Claire outside the ring and followed with another to the Undertaker, who was distracted as Elias suffocated. Then the tacer was placed on the table and passed through it by McMahon, who hit his patented elbow from the top fork. McIntyre and Elias returned the Doctor back into the ring, leaning him in the far corner with a trash can in front of him, so that McMahon could hit the coast. Reigns woke up and hit Elias with a shot of Superman just to be pulled out of McIntyre. The tycoon was dragged into the middle of the ring, but immediately sat down and hit the scales of McMahon and Elias. With the back of Taker McIntyre, he prepared for Claire, but Rains met him with a spear. Then reigned McMahon in the Tacer for Tombstone and Victory.

After the game, the pursuer looked at each other, nodded to one another, and Taker struck him on his chest as a sign of respect and approval. Taker held his head high and gave him a seat in the center of the ring to receive a bow of fans. "We do not know how many times we will be able to enjoy what we have witnessed tonight," said Michael Cole. The presumed booking can be a good booking, and the retention of the Reigns is certainly predictable (as it was at the Taker table, given the noticeable extra pad). Still, the crowd was hot for the whole game, the action was constant and Taker looked the best for years. Great start of the main show. Class: B

Raw Test Championship – Revival (c) def. The Usos was delayed to keep the titles: These teams had a tremendous pace, but the game significantly slowed down with The Revival, who was trying to wear Jey Uso. Jimmy Usow's hot marker was alive again, but Dash Wilder countered his storm with a strong 2.5-point bomb. The breakthrough at the top and Samoa's help drop got a similar number for UCS, but Scott Dawson's bumping, followed by an overcomplete combination of "Revival," would bring the autumn if Jay had not broken it by spraying his own. Dawson caught Jay's leg while Ussus tried to double-dive outside the ring, distracting Jimmy and allowing Revival to hit him with a Breaking Machine for victory. A classic, qualitative wrestling team that suffers from the point of view of the crowd's reaction to the fact that he was following the Undertaker. Aleister Black vs. Cesaro: Trying on the black mass of the first ring, Black was instead struck by Cesaro, who mocked the sitting down pose. This angered Black, who immediately threw Cesaro out of the ring, struck him with a moon, and sat down. Black probed Cesaro with the meteor early, but when he tried it for the second time, Cesaro caught him and hit him with a raised European top for nearly three, which was only avoided because Black grabbed the lower rope. Cesaro's jump was knocked in his chin, which gave Black to open to focus on Cesar's injured left knee with kicks and knee. Men then traded with the top in a tangle, which Cesaro won, but after the Black Away Neutralizer Goth, he took Cesaro with the Black Table for the 1-2-3. Pitch-perfect PPV singles debut for Black, and Cesaro turns out to be the right opponent to help him shine. With R-Truth and Carmella, a search engine for Drake Maverick, Bliss was shown to give a cross to one of her T-shirts as a gift, Street winnings were displayed against a mockery that was touched by the moment and then asked the ladies "Where's the party?" after Bliss becomes champion. Bliss fixed them that she and Cross would be co-champions, which led to the hysterical laugh of profits to the idea. A cross screamed before they struck the ring.

Women's Championship SmackDown Bayley (c) def. Nicki Cross (via pinfall) and Alexa Bliss to keep their title (2-on-1 handicap): Holding between the ringing suit and the ring, Bayley fought against Cross, who dominated the start of the match. Bliss rushed into a baseball slide to pierce Bailey in the back before requesting a cross label. After Bliss struck Bily with double knees, Bily turned aggressively; she dived through the ropes to pull out a Cross, then clicked Bliss on the same rope. Cross switched on, but Bailey locked it in Hayne Noble's old trailer ("Death") before fleeing the flying Bliss who tried to intervene. Bily locked Bliss in the cross room at the same time in a cool place, but Bliss caressed Bailey's hand. Bliss stepped in again to interrupt Cross and continued to jump into the ring, giving Kros an opening to hit the DDT tornado for 2.5. Bliss was pushed, but Bailey blocked her knees with Twisted Bliss; A cross is marked and Bailie kisses her with a knee before hitting the elbow for victory.

This match was better than what the crowd gave to be, especially the end, though Bailey had to return to Bailey-to-Correum (Kiriyen Cain made her elbow better) and probably would have won. with double feed. However, there was no return from Sasha Banks, nor was there a turn between Bliss and the Cross … so it felt flat as if the fans were waiting for something to happen. Grade: C +

Braun Strowman Def. Bobby Lashley with 10 pieces (Last Man): Lashley is attacking Strumen before the match and gets the first long number after the bell after a ring copy. The two crashed into the crowd, climbing the stars into the goods area before returning to the stairs. Lashley took Strowman up and drove him through the barrier ring area (on the contrary, as usual). Then Lashley inserted Struman into the speaker's table, which fell due to its size; Strowman returned to him, catching Lashley, flying over the barricade, and using his impulse to throw Lashley into the international dictation area. Eventually the two of them climbed the stairs again and sat down on a seating platform. Stumman opened a small door and picked up Lashli for immersion in darkness (upholstered box at the entrance of the arena.) Lovers chanted "EKV" as Strumman pierced the box and Lashley was counted, two with an end that had some sort of appearance for the TV viewer, because the mass pad is so visible. Definitely delivers nice tracking from the raw shock a few weeks ago, although one wonders whether to put Lashley on a better idea. Team Leaderboard SmackDown – New Definitive Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) [via pinfall] and Heavy Machinery to win titles: After Caterpillar from Otis and helicopter sneak from Byan's Heavy Machinery, Big E tagged himself, crossed body suplex by the team Big E recovered and counted Bryan out of the ring apron, causing Otis to pretend to suicide diving just to get through the ring and spit on the other competitors below; Tucker followed with spraying. Back in the ring, Heavy Machinery hit Big E with Compactor, but Xavier Woods crashed at the last minute. A few seconds later, Brian blinded Rowan and got the Big E jump, hit it with a flying head, and then put it in LeBlock Lock, which he only escaped by firing close enough to the ropes. The quick kicks in Big E's chest made him annoyed when he got up and dared Brian to hit him; The big E caught the last slap and returned with the laurel. He then caught Brian flying and tagged Woods with Brian, who was pulling in his hands when New Day landed "Midnight" to become a six-time champion. This was a huge game with a great finish and fantastic admission for the new champions. Paul Heyman makes a statement: While the New Day celebrates in the position of Gorilla, Heyman seized a microphone and hit the stage. – I'm Philadelphia. I am the whole concept of "extreme". So I'm going to be damned – and I'm probably going to be cursed anyway – but I'd be damned if I left Philadelphia tonight on an extreme show without being a part of history, "he said, then Heyman promised that Brock Lesnar would he put his money in the bank briefcase but said he would probably make him stupid to do it. "" I tell you the truth … or am Paul Heyman? "

US Championship – AJ Styles def. Before calling, Karl Anderson and Luc Gallus attacked Ricochet while he was staring at the ring, Styles pulled out of his champion but the club but laughed as he managed to dominate the early part of the game against the already knocked Ricochet, it took some time, but Rikoshet finally had some kind of crime by tipping over Styl's chest and hitting clubs, then knocking out "Club" and hit the springboard with a springboard, followed by a September lightning strike in the cork, and Rikoshett avoided the phenomenal anticipation and style of the collision but eventually caught him from Pele. Then Ricochet hit the contender with a brain shuffle, but when he went to another, the styles resisted the same move for almost falling. Once the styles of the top of the rope hung, Ricochet hit the press from the top star (not the chain) and would win if Anderson did not indicate that Steels' foot was clearly below the bottom rope. In an attempt to kill Ricochet at the top of the rope, Anderson managed to distract the champion and the referee. This allowed Gallooz to hit Ricochet from the top of the rope. As the champion hung on top the first time in the ring, Styles locked him in the Clash style and hit him back from the ropes to take the title. That's exactly what Ballor-Nakamura's match had to have been earlier on the card – to get a good TV match on another level with a phenomenal (playable) PPV game. It was Ricochet's best game on the main list so far and one of the best styles ever since his WWE. He presented himself in every possible way, with the only downside being the continued hot shot of the US title. That's it, that was a huge combination and exactly what WWE has to present to its PPV. Class: A

Kevin Owens def. Dolph Siegler by pinfall: As soon as the bell rang, Owens and Sigler began to push each other. Ziegler hit Owens in the face, so he replied with the stunning win for 1-2-3 and 16 seconds. Owens immediately grasped the microphone and said he would not be muffled. Call McMahon for his loss in Taker, saying that McMahon took the tombstone, he could "kiss my butt and go straight to hell." Obviously this is a match in SummerSlam between the two. Sigler is too high a performer to get down so easily, but the crowd appears. Class: C

WWE Championship – Coffey Kingston (c) def. Sama Joe through pinfall to keep the title: Playing off Kingston by giving him the bird on SmackDown, Joe works on the middle finger of the champion at the start of the game and even places it between the steel steps before jumping on them. Joe mocked the injured Kingston, who gave him one more finger and pulled out the cross-body momentum. Kingston escaped from Joe and pulled out the attacker with S.O. for 2.5 pieces. Joe locked the cocktail, but when Kingston tried to break him, Joe pushed him back to the uranage canvas and hit a seed for his own 2.5. Since the fans duel "we want Lesnar" and "no, no," Kingston caught Joe with Problems in Heaven. Although the game was fun with Joe again seems like a legitimate main rival event, he is another case of him losing a world title match (1-5 with a lone victory disqualification). The final also came a little from nothing and felt somewhat strong. It's a shame because the change in the title was probably the way to go here – or at least a final one that would give Joe a reason to request SummerSlam's rematch. Class: B-

Championship of Women and Women – Seth Rollins (c) & Becky Lynch (c) Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans by Holding the Titles (Winners Take All – Extreme Rules): Evans felt Rolls's chest at the start of the match, causing the angry Lynch to break it ten times; Rolls took one and did the same with Corbin. Then chairs with Lynch were presented, which hit Evans with the Beck-sploder suplex in two, and a foot on another. Then Lynch hit Van Dhminor in Corbin after he caught a chair thrown by Rolls. Evans responded with Lynch's good moon, though the champion slipped from the woman's right. The champions placed some tables, but did not use them as soon as Corbin picked up new kendo batons; he and Evans came out on Rollson's back and then hit the champions with stereo two-point throttle. After a double out of the ring, the champions placed the contenders at the tables; Lynch landed Evans on the second rope as Rollins sprayed Corbin out of the top rope.

Corbin captured Rolls-Royce's next attempt and quenched it, following with Deep Six to close to Lynch's fall. Lynch threw Evans out of the ring, so Corbin shook up Lynch and hit her with "End of the Days," infuriating Rolls, who grabbed a kendo stick and unloaded Corbin. Rollins did the same with a chair, fell back into the corner and hit Stomp, but did not go for a foul. With a tension building, he struck twice more for 1-2-3 to send the crowd home happy … or so we thought … Class: B

[19659008] Universal Championship – Brock Lesnar def. Seth Rollins (c) via pinfall to win the title: Just when Rollins' theme started to play, Lesnar's music sounded through Wells Fargo Center speakers. Lester hit Rollins with a pair of German sucks, and Heyman officially won the contract with the referee. While ringing, Lesnar hit Rollins with the F5 to take the title with a little noise. The Philadelphia crowd congratulated the surprise, but called for the title to be changed. After holding the title for 659 days from April 2017, Lesnar is again champion after Rollins' 99-day run. It seemed unnecessary for WWE to pull the card at the end of the four-hour PPV, which was already delivered very well. We are now back in the first position with Rolls and Lesnar, who are likely to climb again to SummerSlam. [196590038] Class: C

2019 WWE Extreme Highlights Rules

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