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2019 WWE Stomping Reasons results: live updates, recapitulation, scores, matches, map, start time, highlights

The threat of Brock Lesnar's money in the Bank's contract continues to outpace much of WWE's plotting, introducing yesterday's inaugural payment in Tahoma, Washington. Seth Rollins will defend his universal championship against Baron Corbin in what must be the main event on the map, which Corbin has not yet announced a special guest judge Rollins has not attacked and eliminated. The constant threat of Lesnar in cash should be part of the corner before the end of the show.

A total of seven title games will fill the nine-game card, including WWE champion Kofi Kingston and Dolph Sieger, but this time inside a steel cage. On the women's side, Rookie Champion Becky Lynch recalculates Lacey Evans while SmackDown Bailie's champion resurrects his hostile actions with Alexa Bliss.

CBS Sports will be with you all Sunday, updating this life story with accents summarizing and evaluating at the bottom of the post . Listen to our full preview of WWE Stomping Grounds in the latest episode of Brian Campbell's podcast fight (timestamp 1

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2019 WWE Stomping Grounds, highlights

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2019 WWE Stopping Grounds Recap, Classes

First Heavyweight – Drew Gulak def. Akira Tozawa (through pinfall) and Tony Nese (c) to win the title : Hot fire. The chemistry between the three performers was out of the charts, as the high and hard style of Neze and Tozza were perfectly matched by Gulac's energy game to create an exciting spotted fest featuring a handful of timely save. The tempo was out of the charts, and the high places were remarkable, including sent by the top of the Tozava rope, which violated Guulak's attempt to make a request for Nese. The final came after Nesse was sent out of the ring and Gulak crashed Tozava goalkeeper for 1-2-3. Let the dawn of the Power Point era begin. Class: A-

Championship for Women – Becky Lynch (c) against Lacey Evans by submitting to keep the title: Evans seems to have finished after the second defeat of the title. While the songs from the crowd "you can not fight" were certainly too harsh, Evans proved that there are still many things to grow inside the ring to match the sensational work of the microphone. Lynch did well with the duo in this game, working underneath. Evans wiped his arms with a handkerchief and tossed it to Lynch in a spot that turned into a turning point when Lynch pushed her into Evans's throat to begin her mandibular return. After two close falls from Evans were late, Lynch applied her obedience to Dis-Arm-Her to take it out immediately. Paul Heyman meets with Baron Corbin: Caught behind the scenes coming out of Corbin's dressing room, Heyman refused to admit why he spoke to Corbin. Instead, he departed and noted that Brock Lesnar may or may not be present and may or may not win tonight against the Universal or WWE Champion. This made Corbin go out and give up sexual innuendo before saying that he has already chosen his own judge who will be competent and will not benefit him. "If you keep hanging in my dressing room, you can make me think you're here for more than an interview," he said.

Kevin Owens and Sammy Zine def. The New Day By Pinfall: For any match missing in terms of building an appropriate storyline, it was more than offset in terms of intensity and electricity. The fives told the whole story about the match that began in the first few seconds with an immediate attack on Xavier Woods who saw him eat four super kicks from the Zin Bloom Thunder and the Owens Frog Ball with Woods. three quick attempts. Gradual weakening of Woods was paid off late when Big E had pierced Zaine through the ropes but got out of the game in the process. Then Owens stumbled Woods from the top of the rope and contacted a miracle to get an emotional bolt that he and Zine were celebrating. Class: B

US Championship – Ricochet def. Samoa Joe (c) via pinfall to win the title: The first Ricochet championship in the WWE has been a tough road hit by hard blows and acrobatic sales. It was as natural as the main WWE match usually gets when Joe wins Ricochet from a post to a post to the late rally by the contender who has had dramatic close falls and reversals. As expected, Ricochet was sensational in delivering high-quality moves to compensate for Joe's perfect game. Ricky's got out of Kokina's late experience, escaping through the top rope. He continued to stand after being transferred from his underwear before delivering his finisher to win the pain.

After victory, Ricochet received oaths from his colleagues in Gorilla Position and even received a hug from the NXT Patriarch Triple H. Two games later, Ricochet was shown behind the scenes, taking pictures taken with the title when The Club approached AJ Styles, promising to see him on Monday night on Raw. This is the way you put on the purely baby face that fought in extreme misery in the plot to ensure a late win. Class: B +

Team Leaderboot SmackDown – Daniel Bryan & Rowan (c) def. Heavy Machinery through the danger of keeping the headlines: This game has no business that is so good. Not only has Brian received a reaction from his native state, he is combined with Rowan to make a phenomenal job of putting Otis and Tucker as legitimate contenders for the title (if not stars). All four athletes were fully sold to load. Even Tucker was trying to get moons and throw himself out. Brian, who interrupted the Promotion of the Year at the show for a return to respect and prestige in the label division, was enormous in terms of his manners and visual disgust at his opponents. Brian, even though he hit the Tucker hit, did the job in his own way by putting Tucker's secret pack to steal the victory. Class: B

Women's Championship SmackDown – Bayley (c) def. Alexa Bliss via pinfall to keep the title: Earlier in the night, Bliss and Nikki Cross (who accompanied the ringee contender) were showing that they were talking about Bayley behind the scenes. The dislike of the storyline between the two athletes came in a heavy game that saw Bailey send Bliss's head back to the second console of the solar bomb and Bliss later returned the service to the floor. Bily went to the suicide diving late, but Bliss pulled a cross in front of her to take the shot. Cross made her presence once more, but her attempt to save Bliss was interrupted by the judge. Bliss continued to eat Bailey's knees in an attempt at twisted bliss from the top of the rope. Bailie followed her with the finishing "Bayley to Belly" for 1-2-3. After the game, Bailey clicked Cross and spit on the way up the ramp when the two heels were in the ring. Class: C +

Роман царува деф. Drew McIntyre via pinfall: Against all odds, including extensive intervention by Shane McMahon, Reigns found a way to continue. Does it sound familiar? Despite the impressive efforts of the two fighters in this physical match, the "Super Price" reservation, which initially saw fans enjoy the superstar of babyface Reigns, unfortunately continued to deliver a flat final. The game became hot when Reigns hit McIntyre's crazy hypothesis before hunting McMahon through the crowd. There were large spots, including McIntyre, who hit a supercomputer before sending Rains firmly to the announced Alabama helmet table. McMahon blocked their late pin after a spear, pulling the judge out of the ring with his legs, though McIntyre still kicked. From there, McMahon stepped on Ravens and handed a coastline to the shore before Raven fought cautiously. A late stroke of Superman and a copy of McIntyre was enough to record the needle when Raines threw McMahon through the top rope between them. After the next match, McIntyre was upset and shattered the backpack before McMahon placed a handicap match. Class: C

WWE Championship – Coffey Kingston (c) def. Dolph Siegler in the Door to Keep the Steel Cage Match: A creative finale did everything to compensate for somewhat grim match when Kingston dived through the ropes and Zigler's creeping body to climb on the shoulder first before the door on the floor. The fact that WWE was one month removed from promoting a cell match in Money in the bank between Miz and Shane McMahon has not helped make this game fresh. Kingston seems to win the game by accident when Ziegler hit him in the open door, which caused Zigler diving to prevent Kingston from coming out. Interviewed after the play by Charlie Caruso while dancing with his New Day brothers, Kingston said he respected Sigler, but he followed his promise to get out of Stamping as WWE Champion. Class: C +

Universal Championship – Set Rolls (c) vs. Baron Corbin: Live now. A special guest-referee for the match is Lacey Evans.

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