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21 of the best Gmail features you may not have found

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Almost everyone is using Gmail these days, but how many of these users know all the tricks and features fallen in your electronic platform over the past 15 years? How many clean Internet and mobile options remain undetected by the Gmail tables? Let's get you to the best Gmail features you have not yet found.

1) Write emails

Let's start with the latest addition: Now you can schedule emails to be sent tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon or whenever you want, something Google says is meant to " interruptions to all "is not yet available for every user, but if you have an update, you will see a drop-down menu next to the" Send "button.

2) Do more with the right mouse button

An update released in February allows you to do more with the right mouse button on a conversation (or Ctrl + click on Mac). .. like in, much more. Move emails through tabs, postpone emails, mute conversations, open emails in a new window, find messages from a particular sender, and do just about anything you'd like to do from the Gmail main view across the web.

3) Drop emails between tabs

If you have Gmail on the web created with separate tabs or categories on screen (such as Primary, Social, and Updates), do you know that you can drag tabs between them to categorize messages you are? Even better, Gmail will ask if you want to treat all emails from the same sender in the same way in the future, saving you time.

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4) Get Google AI to compose your emails

Gmail released Smart Compose in 2018 and recently updated it to appear on more devices and to adapt more to the way you write. If you want to turn it on, go to Settings General and mark Writing suggestions in the box on the web or selecting Settings Smart Compose on Android (iOS support coming soon).

5) Send and Claim Money

You can send and want money in your Gmail messages on the web: Click the dollar sign that appears at the bottom of the message creation window, then enter the amount that you want to receive or want to send. If you are sending money and you have not yet set up a payment method using Google Pay, you will be prompted to do so to use it as a source.

6) Set expiration date

A user-confidential mode has been issued last year, allowing you to restrict copying and downloading of messages and add extra expiration time: find it through the menu button (three points) mobile phone or the lock pad on the web when composing an email. It works seamlessly in Gmail, and other customers will connect to your original email on the web.

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7) Get notifications for certain emails

You do not have to be buried under a mountain by notifications from Gmail mobile apps: On iOS or Android, sign in to the Gmail app settings, select your email address, and then select Message . You can set alerts to appear only for high priority emails and this works separately from the notification settings configured at the Android or iOS level.

8) Using Offline Gmail

The way offline Gmail works has changed for years, but you can now type "mail.google.com" in the Chrome tab to get a cached version of your mail box even when there is no connection. You must first activate the feature under the Offline tab in the Gmail settings on the web, and you can choose how many emails to sync locally.

9) Mix your emails

You do not have to settle for standard yellow stars when it comes to marking emails because there are many more colors and symbols. Go to General and Stars in the Gmail Network Settings window to see what's on offer: On the web, you can find stars with searches like "there's a green star." all kinds of stars are united together in mobile applications. “/>

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10) Activating the Preview Window

By default, Gmail on the Internet has a long list of conversations, but if you prefer a more basic client type in your inbox, you can activate the preview window. Click the arrow next to the icon Switch panel splitting mode (top right) and make your choice – you can view individual emails to the right or below the list of conversations in your browser.

Add an email account to accounts and import into the online settings and during the setup process choose "Gmailify" – it gives you the same protection against spam and automatic sorting for your other accounts as well as for your Google. It is also available when linking Android and iOS accounts.

12) Save to Google Drive

Any attachment that appears in your inbox can be saved in Google Drive with one touch or click – perfect if you spend a lot on your digital life inside Drive and you do not want to overwhelm your local computer with files. The Drive icon appears above the attachments when viewed on the web or in the Android app and when you open attachments in the iOS app.

13) Open the side panel

Did you find the new side panel Google pushed to live with Gmail on the web? If you can not look They icons Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Tasks right, click the down arrow in the lower right corner. This is the perfect way to use two Google applications together, especially on a widescreen monitor.

14) Search By Date

This is one of Gmail's oldest and most useful tricks but many people are forgotten about it (at least on the basis of our friends and family). You can enter "before: 2019/1/1" in the Gmail search box to see all messages before 2019 or "after: 2019/1/1" to see the messages from this year, or mix and combine both (change dates as required).

15) Translate your emails

Google Translate is embedded in Gmail if you have not realized: Open a web message and if you do not see the translation bar, click the menu button (three points, top right) – then you will be able to select the source language (if not automatically detected) and then the language you want the message to

16) Automatically navigate through your inbox

An excellent fu ktsiya called automatically advance display shows the following message on your list automatically when you archive or delete the current one. You can enable automatic advance from the Advanced tab in the Gmail settings on the web or from the automatic pre-entry on general settings in the Gmail settings for Android. The feature has not yet been released on iOS.

17) Organize emails with sub-labels

Many of us use labels to keep your well-organized mail in Gmail, but do you know you can create sub-labels? You must be on the net to create them but can then be accessed from anywhere: click the three points next to each label in the navigation pane on the left side of Gmail inbox, then select Add sub-tag to do just that.

18) Synchronize your emails

Gmail apps will synchronize 30 days of emails with your phone by default, but if you want to save space or get more messages on your local device, you can change this. In iOS (select Sync settings from e-mail settings), the available range is 1-30 days; on Android (select Sync emaily days from e-mail settings), the range is from 1 to 99 days.

19) Remember your emails

If you use Gmail on the web a lot, you might want to consider tagging some of the most useful URLs and to quickly move to your inbox: you can connect directly to your projects, sent emails, and all of your messages, and when you do searches in your inbox and tag specific labels, you can tag these URLs in your browser for easier access.

20) Give yourself more time to return the sent emails

send emails to Gmail, you can give yourself more time to fix the errors … even though it's half a minute. In the Settings window for Gmail on the network, you can set the postponement delay to between 5 and 30 seconds on the General tab and then the change is applied across the network and mobile applications. [19659004] 21) Changing Gmail

Gmail has a theme option that lets you dramatically change the appearance of the email client in your browser – it's like using the whole new app (almost). Click the setting in the upper right corner, then select Themes to choose something new. If you are not taken with any of the options that Google gives you, click the My Photos link to create something yourself.

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