Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and James Cameron return for the sixth film of the Terminator: A Dark Destiny franchise.
Robert Hanashiro, USA Today

LOS ANGELES – For a Hollywood superstar who has spent decades in the public eye, including two terms as California Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger obviously loves to surprise.

Just ask him about his passion for the curtains revealed by his Terminator killing machine during "Terminator: Dark Fate" (Friday's opening), Schwarzenegger's fifth appearance in the 35-year-old action franchise. Mr. 6-foot-2 former bodybuilder The Universe gleefully insists that the evolving Terminator's love for interior design is taken from his own life.

"My horoscope is Leo. But my rising sign is Cancer," Schwarzenegger explains. with the right person, before admitting that laughter bursts into a Four Seasons hotel suite, how strange it sounds coming from him. "Sounds funny, huh? But they knew of my passion for decoration, beauty and artificial things. "

Initially, this love came as a surprise to" Dark Destiny "director Tim Miller, who allowed Schwarzenegger to improvise on his Terminator-style riff.

"Arnold is an enigma wrapped in mystery," Miller says. "And yet, he is yet to come."

Here are five life lessons from Schwarzenegger taken from his Terminator.

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Well design, or Arnold will destroy you with one-line lifeblocks

so strong that it will unload the people of their faces into their ugly houses.

"I went into someone's house and said, 'Have you ever thought to decorate?'" Says Schwarzenegger, eyes wide open and grinning. "Or I'd go into someone's house and say, 'You hate to throw things away, right?'

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals so much more of himself, returning to "Terminator: Dark Fate." (Photo: Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY) [19659016] He and franchise creator James Cameron have had long discourses on the subject for over 35. The design of Schwarzenegger's philosophy?

"If the walls are very colorful, the paintings should be simple," says Schwarzenegger, who runs a business called Carl's Draperies to merge with the people in Dark Destiny. "Or if the walls are simple, the pictures should be very colorful. This is one or the other. We kind of debate about these things. "

Just listen 196590 The Carl Terminator has a long-standing human partner and an adopted child in Dark Destiny, and turns out to be a remarkably good listener. Schwarzenegger, who meets Heather Milligan, 43, after marrying Maria Shriver, says listening is a hard lesson to learn. who comes with seven decades of life.

"Women vol spell when you listen. I know this because of my age, "says Schwarzenegger." When you are 30, you don't (explicitly) give what someone says you are so wrapped up in yourself. But as you get older, you realize it is important to listen. And listen to what someone is really saying. "

Stop complaining, especially about changing diapers

In the movie, Carl discusses another positive attribute of married life: his ability to change diapers without groaning. This is also taken from Schwarzenegger's own life.

"This line comes from me because there is something to complain about when changing diapers?" Schwarzenegger says. "Are you going to complain to the baby? "They can't even speak or understand you."

other aspects of life, no matter what form it was conveyed: "Just don't be the complainant."

Be Good to Linda Hamilton, Even When She Trys to Kill You

Schwarzenegger was especially a game of jumping into the Terminator again when Cameron had the idea of ​​returning 63- annual Hamilton for the first time since 1991. Terminator: Judgment Day. The addition of Connor as a vicious survivor who initially wanted to kill the Terminator brought the juice to the franchise. Schwarzenegger knew that it was in everyone's interest to share the spotlight.

It was even funny to him that Connor was saying to say his famous "I'll be back" line.

"I know how important it is for a movie to shine and be special, and she knows how important it is for me to shine," says Schwarzenegger.

The same was true of his on-screen rival, the Rev-9 Terminator model of Gabriel Luna. Luna says that in the roughest onscreen battles, Schwarzenegger would register: "He will hit me with his huge hand and suddenly he goes, 'Are you okay?' "

Schwarzenegger picks his fights for Trump

Schwarzenegger often splits with President Donald Trump, a Republican citizen. However, he insists he selectively enters his fights.

"I don't position myself as a critic of Trump only when it's obvious," Schwarzenegger says. "That's why you don't hear from me for months, even if I don't like what's happening." of coal.

"The next thing he will bring back is Blockbuster. It just doesn't work, "says Schwarzenegger. "Let's not pretend that we can save coal. But let's help those coal workers who are losing jobs and building a solar industry for them. That's my vision."

Schwarzenegger says there is no political message "whatever" in his mind in "The Dark Destiny," even as the main character Danny Ramos (Natalia Reyes) was born in Mexico, uses a coyote to cross the US border illegally, is captured and held in cells in detention centers. He wants Trump to see the movie, even if it leads to more tweets to it.

"I hope the whole White House goes and sees the movie," he says. "Because this way we will sell more tickets."


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