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4 more reasons we bought a Tesla Model 3


Posted on August 27, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

August 27, 2019 by Zachary Shahan

Yesterday I wrote about the 4 main reasons we just bought a Tesla Model 3 and decided to say goodbye to a 2015 BMW i3 The REx we loved. The following are 3 reasons – not as big as the 4 core, but still remarkable. Was any of these critical in deciding on a Model 3 homecoming? No, but they were big improvements over the i3, which constantly came to mind and helped build the case for the switch. On their first day with the car, each was already spotted and appreciated.


This factor seems much more important to other people and until recently I didn't consider it a real factor for me. However, with some changes in life, it became clear that more range than the i3 2015 offered would be very useful.

We drove a 2015 BMW i3 REx for 10 months (9 months from July 2018 to March 2019, and thereafter for several weeks during the past month). During those first 9 months, coverage was generally a problem for us. If I remember correctly, the gas range extender (REx) kicked only once. Last month, however, we lived elsewhere and our 5-year-old daughter started kindergarten. As a result, we have been pushing the boundaries of the i3's electric range much more, often requiring us, in fact, to go somewhere to charge (not only charge when we go to places with chargers for other, normal reasons) – to shop, play in the park, enjoy the beach, etc.). We even had the range extender plugged in a couple of times before getting to the charger, which is a nice safety feature but not fun. Provided we weren't super uncomfortable the short distance, but this month there was much different than the other 9, so the thought of a longer Tesla range – with easy Supercharging if ever really we need a boost – she was attractive.

Also, even with REx, I was a little nervous to make the drive to another city (ie, the Disney world) with the whole family. Driving on Interstate eats the reach. Florida's climate is eating up. And the weight of the whole family and the food for the trip is eaten in range. On the other hand, planning such a trip with Model 3 is practically careless. I drove the Model S from Poland to Paris and it is criminally easy to put your destination in the navigation system and just follow the directions. Plus, the range is 240 miles is plentiful!

Yes, we have Standard Range Plus, which is Tesla with the lowest range. I know people routinely recommend getting more range, but as I noted above, even 60 miles of electric range generally works for us, so I imagine 240 miles would be more than enough to be comfortable and to go back to charging only when I'm somewhere Anyway I'll be.

After a day with the car, I can already see that it is a nice, relaxing convenience to have such a large range. Looks like I won't even have to think about the range. There are a lot of places we go that have ChargePoint loading stations. We just turn on when we reach one of these destinations ( is fun ), do what we would otherwise do, and turn off the plug when we leave. With the i3, recharging the battery still meant we would have to recharge the next day in many cases, so this was something we had to pay attention to and plan for, but with Model 3 it seems clear that we will stop paying attention how much range is left in the battery and just living our life the way we would if it was a solar powered car with endless range.

Infotainment and navigation

I was used to driving a Tesla Model S in Europe before moving to Florida, as several other guys and I bought one to launch a Tesla Shuttle service outside of Poland. When my family and I moved to Florida and got an i3, I definitely loved the car – and still do – but there is absolutely no debate that some of the Tesla benefits are missing. One of the biggest ones I thought of every day with BMW was the navigation + information system.

The BMW navigation system is what professionals and librarians in the United Kingdom call … totally shine . Well it may work, but the address system is ridiculous and the screen is small and looks like another generation of society. I almost never used it as a result of these shortcomings. Sometimes I used the screen to look at the streets around me and see where I was going, but it was so much worse than Tesla's navigation screen that it was always at least half annoyed. Tesla's navigation system, on the other hand, is brilliant. Seriously. He is smart as hell. This is incredible. I very much wanted to bring it back. It wasn't a good enough reason to buy a Model 3, but it certainly pushed me in the direction of the Order Order button.

Aside from the moderate longing for Tesla's navigation system, entertainment tech is the other shoe in this part of car ownership. BMW's entertainment options are worse than its navigation system. We listened to a lot of radio and that's it. The fun thing little girls do when they sit in the front seats? Change channels. Tesla Model 3 has much better capabilities. It has a giant touch screen that actually makes you feel like in 2019, plus all those fun Easter eggs that make Tesla possess such joy. They may seem insane, but they bring so much laughter and are great fun for both children and adults. The girls love the drawing pad, the fart app, the navigation map and more. Also, the sound system is way better than in the BMW.

Tesla: the ultimate fun machine.

As I said before, these factors were not the most important to me and they would not make me switch, but they were a pretty strong push to push the order button, especially since probably every time I thought of them drove i3. (Professional tip: Tesla will spoil you.)

I could say this one more time, but I'll just put it here: the Tesla app is much better than the BMW app. They can do similar things, but the Tesla app works much better and doesn't take forever to implement a command. I generally stopped using the i3 application while using and expecting to use the Tesla application every day.


i3 REx was the perfect size for us last year. Somehow one year makes a world different with young children. The legs became too long, which resulted in a lot of kicking in the seat and / or a narrow leg room for me while I was driving or parked in the student pick-up line. More annoyingly, they began a routine battle with siblings. All he had to do was bend too much into the other's space, and the tornado of screams and rocking began. (Side note: children….)

We'll see how things go in Model 3, but there is clearly a lot more room for passengers. It looks good so far, but the girls are still pretty close in the back seat – more than I expected after getting used to the Model S. (I knew the Model 3 was a bit narrower, but I also knew it was still relatively relatively broad car.) We'll see what another year does in this regard.

Apart from the passenger compartment, one of the obvious disadvantages of the i3 is the cargo space. The trunk is small, really small, and the funk is basically useless. I know some people complain that the Model 3 is not a hatchback. I also prefer the hatchback. But it's not really a big deal and it's a common problem in the 21st century in the first world. The Model 3's trunk is huge pretty big for everything we will ever need to put in there and more. The large cargo area below the main floor of the trunk is ideal for groceries so that they do not fly around as I "step up" outside the line in red light. And the funk is probably as useful as the i3's trunk. It is good to have a place for groceries again.

Come on

There's no doubt about it – Model 3 is beautiful. In fact, I don't think many people consider Tesla because it looks so durable . Supposed to be in the price range of Porsche, Ferrari or Aston Martin or something. I love the look of the Model 3, so I'm sure I'll be glad to see our white + black + white on the walk to the car.

And Tesla is just cool. I don't need to be cool. I liked the i3 and many people find it completely cool (although on the street and in the parking lots people seem to appreciate its interesting and sometimes attractive aesthetics). However, like other people, I like "cool". The Fonz, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Denzel Washington, Don Don Cheadle – I like cool dudes and I wouldn't mind being a cool dude.

Did beauty and the "cool factor" sell the car? I guess I'm more rational than that, but there's no way to gauge what part of the role they played. What they definitely did was that they made it much easier to make the purchase I wanted to make for other reasons. And they certainly contribute to the huge popularity of the Model 3 and the expected high resale value – a critical issue at the top of my list. We people love beautiful flowers, beautiful sunsets, beautiful ocean views and majestic mountains. We also like beautiful instruments that double as works of art. Franz von Holzhausen, Jerome Guillen and Elon Musk certainly nailed the beauty goal with Model 3. Besides, come on, how can I be the director of CleanTechnica and not drive Tesla? Tesla's short sellers and critics say we're on the payroll for Tesla. It would be super rude – maybe even ungodly – not to own a Tesla. Also, the point of CleanTechnica is to persistently cover and inspire the Cleantech revolution. As for the everyday driver, there is no better way to do it than the Model 3. After a day's driving, it has already paid off (some of its price at least) in that regard. But these are the stories of another night.

If you want to buy Tesla and get 1000 miles (1500 km) of free Supercharging, feel free to use my reference code: https://ts.la/zachary63404. The girls would appreciate it and I will definitely share photos of them Supercharging. 😀


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Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG and ABB – after years of solar and electricity coverage, he just has a lot of faith in these particular companies and feels like they are good cleantech companies to invest in. But it does not offer professional investment advice and is rather not responsible for losing money, so do not rush to conclusions.

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