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44 Smart products for every day that are a genius at the Einstein level

It is extremely easy to move through your daily life without taking into account the small inconveniences you collect. But these small-scale annoyances can quickly snow the snowball, making life harder than it should be. Now put on your thinking cap for a moment, because I will tell you about some products that are a genius at the Einstein level that will immediately solve these tiny problems. For example, that messy linen drawer that never stays organized, despite your best efforts? You can arrange it once and for all with this folding organizer, which has many compartments for separating and storing your underwear, bras and socks. Just like that.

How about all those times when you tried to make pizza at home and couldn̵

7;t master it completely? The edges always end crispy, but the inside tastes like straight raw dough. This pizza maker will ensure that the dough is always evenly prepared, thanks to a rotating plate that allows proper heat distribution. (And I would be rejected if I didn’t mention that this pizza maker is also a toast to the perfect question mark. What can I say? Multitasking is my weakness.)

I found a bunch of these ingenious everyday objects that will change your life for the better. And you won’t even have to solve any fantastic equations to get them, because they’re all on Amazon.

We only recommend products that we love and that we think you do too. We can get some of the sales from products purchased from this article written by our sales team.

1. Dish drying rack that you can roll up after use

If saving space in your home is always the most important thing, you’ll love this stainless steel tumble dryer that curls up when you’re not using it. It is compact and can be placed on top of your sink to dry dishes, rinsing products and more. You can even use it as a cooling station for hot pots and pans.

2. This easy way to prepare perfectly boiled eggs

Making eggs is so much easier with this brilliant cooker, which saves time and provides consistently excellent results, whether you are poached, boiled or making omelets. The smart device allows you to cook up to six eggs at a time to your desired firmness – and leaves you with shells that peel easily. Just press the power button and you will have breakfast in a few short minutes.

3. Mandolin cutter, which will reduce the time for preparing your meal by half

Knicks headache from cooking with this six in one mandolin vegetable cutter. It comes with five interchangeable stainless steel blades that shred, spiral, julienne and cut your favorite vegetables. The cutter is dishwasher safe and comes with a protective glove to protect your hand from the blades. Use this with carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and more.

4. Meat thermometer that has an easy to read display

No need to guess when the meat is ready with this instant reading thermometer, which gives you a reading in just three seconds. The digital display has a blue-black light that is easy to read, even when barbecuing late at night in the backyard. Plus, there’s a handy guide on the back that tells you what temperature chicken, pork and beef should reach for a safe diet.

5. Dough spreader, which makes frying pancakes much more messy

This dough dispenser is a game to play for me. With a capacity of 4 cups and a wide mouth for easy filling, the dispenser has a squeezing handle that gives you complete control over the amount of dough released. Welcome the perfect pancakes and muffins without porridge.

6. Scissors for cutting with 5 blades that cut herbs quickly

These herb scissors go beyond the standard: They are designed with five stainless steel blades that cut herbs much faster and more efficiently than your standard kitchen scissors. Ergonomically designed scissors come with a cleaning comb that goes deep into the grooves, as well as a lid for safe storage.

7. Door organizer for your baking trays and cutting boards

Owning this organizer means you will finally have the perfect storage space for your baking trays, cutting boards and even plastic wrap and aluminum foil. It can be mounted on a wall or hung just above each door of the kitchen cabinet by padded hooks that will not scratch or damage your cabinets.

8. Oven ovens, which are characterized by sliding grips

Protect yourself from hot ovens and grills with these extremely long oven gloves that cover your hands, wrists, and elbows. Heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, the gloves have a soft terracotta lining and silicone straps that provide you with a firm grip as you remove hot pans and pots from the oven. Choose from three colors: black, red and turquoise.

9. Microwave popcorn for popcorn that shrinks for storage

Skip the slow process of the stove and toss your nuts in this microwave popcorn popcorn for a delicious treat. Popper gives 15 cups of popcorn in just four minutes, so you won’t have to wait too long before digging. It comes in nine color options and when you’re done eating, you can shrink the bowl and store it in your office. Ready and done.

10. These silicone funnels that will not create difficulties

If you can’t anymore, say I’m a big fan of saving kitchen utensils, so naturally I love these silicone funnels that collapse flat so you can put them in a drawer. They are great for pouring liquids without making a mess, and are dishwasher safe and BPA free. Each set comes with two funnels. What not to love?

11. A container that keeps your avocado fresh

This avocado preserver is the perfect way to keep your avocado fresher. Just put the unused half face down in the container, then put the lid on top and you can eat the other half tomorrow instead of having to suffocate on the whole thing in one sitting. Here are some small victories.

12. The milk that will save you countless trips to the cafe

This milk foam will make you wave coffee-style drinks like a chef barista. The battery, which works with a battery, complements the drinks with a foamy layer, which is an equally tasty and beautiful work of art. You can also use it to make matcha tea, protein shakes or even scrambled eggs.

13. Bamboo trivet, which expands for additional protection from heat

This bamboo grandstand boasts an elegant design and can be expanded from 8.75 inches wide to 11.75 inches wide – ideal for when you need a little extra space to protect your table from a hot tray. It is made of durable, environmentally friendly bamboo, which will look great in any kitchen and can be easily wiped clean with a towel.

14. These hangers that will save you a ton of closet

Say goodbye to a jam-packed wardrobe with these hangers that are a great way to keep your wardrobe organized: hang them straight to store clothes without cluttering, or let them hang next to cascading clothes and save valuable space. The package of ten hangers can hold up to 50 clothes.

15. Facial steam, which prepares the skin for extractions and masks

Moonlight as your own esthete with this three-in-one face steamer that opens your pores to remove blackheads more effectively or prepare your skin for a mask or serum. You can also use it as a towel warmer (there is a compartment for this) or to humidify the room. Bonus: the steamer comes with an extraction kit for clogged pores.

16. Hair dryer that protects your hair from heat damage

While blows can leave you with lavish locks, they can also burn your edges and cause a lot of heat damage. But this ceramic Remington hair dryer provides protection, thanks to advanced coating technology and a tourmaline grill that dries hair faster to minimize heat exposure, so you can have bouncy, shiny hair without split ends. The dryer works with two speeds and three heat settings and comes with a diffuser and a concentrator.

17. The multifunctional beauty sponge that will be your new BFF

I haven’t gone back to regular makeup sponges since I started using these beauty blenders, it’s the perfect applicator tool for powders, creams and liquid makeup. The rounded end can be used all over the face, while the pointed end is good for small areas, such as under the eyes and next to the nose. Made of non-latex foam, it can be used wet or dry to give the photo perfect results.

18. Wet brush that works for you

Detailing the hair is much less hassle with this wet brush, which has special bristles that can be mixed and bent to gently remove knots and hairpins without causing unnecessary damage to the brittle locks. And it is universal: the brush works equally well on straight, curly and wavy hair.

19. The body brush that will make the skin feel silky smooth

Treat your whole body to a deep exfoliation with this body brush. Designed with natural bristles and real wood, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, so you can lightly brush it on any rough areas, such as knees or elbows. You can use it either wet or dry, and the results will be the same: silky, smooth and shiny skin.

20. Vibrating pink quartz face roller that comes with an eye press

This pink quartz face roll works with a battery vibrates as you roll, helping to promote circulation and stimulate collagen production, for a lighter and smoother complexion. As if that’s not enough, it also comes with an “eye press” attachment – keep it in the fridge, then use it under the eyes when needed to remove puffiness or swelling.

21. Eyebrow trimmer that seamlessly shapes your eyebrows

This eyebrow hair remover is the haircut tool you never knew you needed in life. Unlike the thread and wax mask, this is a perfect way to trim and shape eyebrows without having to go to the gym. It has a sleek design and can be quickly recharged via USB, so you don’t have to deal with batteries.

22. The scalp massager that is so relaxing in the shower

Give yourself a small piece of heaven with this waterproof scalp massager. It has an ergonomic handle that fits snugly in your hand, as the soft, flexible brushes help you deal with any strain on your scalp. Use it while shampooing to help you de-stress while you’re late.

23. A hot tool that dries and styles your hair at the same time

With nearly 32,000 five-star customer reviews, this iconic favorite single-stage hair dryer is on the best way to dry and style your hair at the same time. The ceramic dryer brush works with three heat settings and features a uniquely designed barrel that adds volume and shape. One reviewer wrote: “Overall, this revolutionized my hair game. Instead of just blowing at home when I have time (like 45-60 minutes), I can now use it every time I wash my hair. Unbelievable. “

24. This fitness tracker that will help you achieve your wellness goals

Take your health into your own hands with this fitness watch that tracks steps, calories burned, sleep quality, heart rate and more for a period of 24 hours. It is programmed with tracking for eight workouts, including spinning, yoga and climbing, and because it is waterproof, you can even wear the watch while swimming. Available in six colors and styles, the watch alerts you to incoming text and can even be used to control music when syncing with a Bluetooth device.

25. Soothing body balm that helps prevent desecration

This body balm is the solution you were looking for. It is suitable for sweat, gives the skin a place to breathe on hot days or during exercise, and can be applied to any part of your body where you may experience friction. He is vegan, without common allergens and gentle on the skin.

26. This compact water filter, which is a must for your camping kit

Before you go on your next camping trip, be sure to put this personal water filter in your appliances. Small but strong, it can filter up to 1,000 gallons of water, eliminating 99.9% of aquatic bacteria and parasites, allowing you to quench your thirst from a river or stream with complete peace of mind.

27. A bottle of water that reminds you to stay hydrated

This water bottle makes it easy to track your daily water intake. The appearance is written with time tracking and motivational reminders to drink, eliminating the possibility of dehydration. This will be especially helpful if you are on a wellness trip and need inspiration and clarity along the way.

28. Jump rope that will improve the endurance of your cardio

This jump rope is an easy way to build cardio endurance without having to invest in a motorcycle or treadmill. It comes with ergonomic handles, 9-foot memory foam handles that can be adjusted to your height, and the rope is designed to prevent tangling so you won’t stretch upward when jumping.

29. Resistance bands that you can use for a complete body workout

Align your next workout with these resistance bands that can be used to add a challenge to arm, chest, chest and leg workouts. The set is available in five groups with different intensities, which makes it ideal for both beginners and seasonal users. I also love that they take up little space and are easy to store after use.

30. A deep fryer that prepares crispy food with less oil

With an air fryer you can make all your favorite fried foods without oil and take this: You won’t have to compromise on flavor or texture. The double-row fryer is easy to store and has a modern aesthetic, which is available in colors such as aqua, gray and red. Perfect for french fries, wings, vegetables, egg rolls and more.

31. The steam that will keep your clothes wrinkle-free

Unlock a new level of maturity by investing in this clothes steamer. It is powerful enough to fix wrinkles on healthier fabrics, but gentle enough for delicacies – you won’t even have to pull the ironing board. The handheld heats up in seconds and can evaporate continuously for 10 minutes, turning off automatically when the water runs out.

32. Elegant charging dock that removes clutter

This charging dock is handy when you have multiple chargers but can’t stand the sight of tangled cables. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, the dock has four charging ports and each of them turns off automatically once your device is completely juicy. The dock comes with two flash cables, two micro-USB cables and one type C cable.

33. The light that will illuminate your trips to the bathroom late at night

Clean your bathroom with this night light toilet. Motion-activated light emits a warm glow from inside toilet so you can find your way without turning on the light switch. You can switch between seven LED colors or select the carousel mode, which emphasizes a different color every four seconds.

34. The maker of the pizza on the countertop, which turns into a better crust

This pizza maker will hit the spot when you’re in the mood for a homemade treat. It has a rotating plate that allows crispy and even cooking throughout the pie, so the dough turns out just like that. You can also use this to make questions, nachos, cinnamon rolls and more. The non-stick baking stone can be removed and easily cleaned when you have finished the feast.

35. Easy to install wireless door handle that has 52 sounds

Разполагащ с обхват от 1000 фута, този безжичен звънец се монтира супер лесно и се предлага с две звънци, така че можете да го чуете в множество стаи на вашия дом. Той е водоустойчив и разполага с 52 звукови сигнала и четири нива на силата на звука, което ви дава възможност да го персонализирате по ваш вкус. Изберете от шест цвята

36. Бръсначът за тъкани, който ще подмлади любимите ви дрехи

Самобръсначката с тъкани е само нещото, от което се нуждаете, за да поддържате любимите си дрехи в отлично състояние. Той много внимателно премахва пилинг и облизва с острите на бръснача остриета, но разполага с покритие от фолио за пчелна пита, което действа като защитна бариера, за да предотврати забиването. Можете също да използвате самобръсначката за подмладяване на одеяла, чаршафи и тапицерия.

37. Тези светлинни датчици за движение, които изискват нулева инсталация

Направете тъмните шкафове, шкафове и коридори нещо от миналото с тези светлини на сензорите за движение. Те излъчват светещ блясък, когато засекат движение в рамките на 10 фута и автоматично ще се изключат след 15 секунди бездействие. Светлините имат силни лепилни подложки и вградени магнити, което превръща инсталацията в процес без пот. Изберете от четири опции за бяло и топло осветление.

38. Мини интелигентният асистент, който се включва директно в изхода

Направете скока към умен дом с Echo flex – мини версията на Alexa, която се включва директно във всеки изход на вашия дом, така че можете да слушате музика, да проверявате времето и гласово управление, съвместими светлини и уреди. Той разполага с вграден USB порт за зареждане и тъй като можете да ги поставите навсякъде около дома си, можете да „пуснете“ в други стаи, за да обявите, че вечерята е готова.

39. Слушалките за сън, които блокират светлината за качествен отдих

Ако имате проблеми с правилната почивка през нощта, тези слушалки за сън може да са точно това, от което се нуждаете. Меката маска за лице блокира светлината и разполага с вградени USB зареждащи се слушалки, които са удобни, дори когато спите на ваша страна. Това е чудесен начин да слушате любимите си мелодии или околни звуци, които ще ви приспиват спокойно да спите.

40. Домашна камера, която ви позволява да предавате поточни кадри отвсякъде

Вашият дом винаги ще бъде под подходящо наблюдение с тази HD камера за домашна сигурност. Можете да предавате кадри отвсякъде и дори има двупосочно аудио за проверка на неочаквани посетители (или просто за поздрав с вашето куче). Камерата автоматично записва 12-секунден клип, когато открие звук или движение и го записва в облака за до две седмици.

41. Организатор, който е идеален за чекмеджето ви за бельо

След като поставите тези сгъваеми органайзери на работа, вашето чекмедже за бельо вече няма да е най-забързаното във вашия скрин. Четирите меки, но здрави кошчета разполагат с множество отделения с различни размери, така че можете да приберете акуратно бельо, сутиени, чорапи, вратовръзки и шалове.

42. Чекмеджето за организатор, което ще изчисти пространството в килера ви

Това чекмедже с две нива на органайзера е идеалното място да съхранявате всичките си подправки и подправки. Оразмерени, за да се поберат във вашия шкаф, чекмеджетата се плъзгат навън за лесен достъп, така че можете да стигнете до риган или червен винен оцет докрай отзад. Можете също така да пренесете органайзера извън кухнята и да го използвате за съхраняване на козметика и други различни предмети около дома ви.

43. Кошчетата за съхранение, които могат да бъдат сгънати, когато не се използват

Тези кошчета за съхранение са лесен начин за съхранение на спално бельо и дрехи извън сезона. Изработени от мека нетъкан текстил, те се отличават с прозрачни прозорци, така че можете да видите точно какво има вътре, вместо да се налага да ровите, за да намерите това, от което се нуждаете. Те са затворени с цип отгоре и имат дръжки отстрани, което ги прави лесни за хващане от гардероба ви.

44. Органайзерът за грим с изобилие от съхранение за козметика

Този многостепенен органайзер за грим ще ви помогне да получите своя ред в банята. Проектиран с шест чекмеджета и 16 слота, той предлага много място за съхранение на вашата основа, консилер, червила и други. Изработен от устойчив акрил, който е лесен за изтриване, органайзерът се предлага в девет опции за преглед на цветове, така че винаги можете да намерите точно това, което търсите.

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