The Associates of Trump's Lawyer are Faced with the Dispute

After assisting President Trump's lawyer, Rudy Juliani Giuliani in Ukraine over Joe Biden's son, businessmen Leo 46-year-old Parnassus and 53-year-old Igor Frouman are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in federal court in New York on campaign finance charges. The deal follows a delay in the release of $ 1

million worth of securities for their bonds, which will allow them to remain free as the case goes on. A criminal indictment printed on Oct. 10 alleges that Parnassus, an American-born citizen in Ukraine, and Fruman, an American-born in Belarus, planned to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal banned campaigns from foreign donors to U.S. employees, including Supporters candidates and political action committees. Parnassus and Fruman's indictment drew attention to investigations into the Chamber's presidential impeachment, which summoned both men hours after their arrests at Dulles International Airport in Virginia earlier this month.


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2nd round of GHG and E power outages probably

Less than two weeks after major utility service in California cuts off power to 2 million residents due to concerns about wildfires, Pacific Gas & Electric say it could again leave up to 500,000 people in the dark early Wednesday night. PG&E on Monday issued a warning to suspend approximately 209,000 customers in 15 counties, most in the Sierra Mountains and the San Francisco Bay Area. The outages have provoked outrage from many residents and political leaders, but the company says they are needed for safety. The company has already declared bankruptcy after being held liable for billions of damages as a result of deadly fires accused of downed power lines.

Documentary on Prince Harry and Duchess Megan's Trip on Africa on Wednesday night (ABC, 10 EDT / PDT.) In the couple's first royal visit as new parents, they traveled to five countries to meet community members dealing with global warming, poverty, gender-based violence , and access to education. "We just came from Cape Town, this would be an amazing place for us to be based," Prince Harry said in an interview clip for ITV. However, Sussex is planning to make Africa a huge part of its future. "The rest of our lives, especially the work of our lives, will focus primarily on Africa, on conservation," he said. "There are a lot of things to do here and a lot of problems, but there is also huge potential."

It is good to be wrong: New mothers and women thank Duchess Megan


Prince Harry and Duchess Megan visit South Africa to try their culture and help the needy.

Zuckerberg to testify on Facebook's cryptocurrency plan

Mark Zuckerberg, the chairman and CEO of Facebook, has to testify to the Financial Services Committee on the financial services committee of the company's Libra project, as well as accusations that Facebook's advertising practices violate the Fair Housing Act. Facebook plans Libra as a digital currency that can open online purchases for people who do not have access to bank accounts and also reduce the cost of sending money across borders. But after lawmakers and regulators raised concerns, major partners such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal have stepped down. Committee Chairman Maxine Waters, D-California, said, "Facebook is continuing its continuous expansion and expansion into the lives of its users," according to a news release from Reuters.

Chicago Teachers strike ongoing, "meaningful" steps taken to deal

More than 32,000 Chicago teachers and staff still picket, children still out of class, and negotiators from unions and Chicago mayor's office are still on the negotiating table. Teachers and staff at Chicago Public Schools went on strike last Thursday after their unions failed to reach an agreement with the mayoralty. While the city offers union members an increase of 16 percent over five years, among other new benefits, unions still insist on smaller class sizes, higher pay for the lowest paid employees and more support staff such as school sisters, librarians and social workers. Authorities said the talks were productive and they are getting closer to an agreement, but they are not there yet.

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