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5G Apple iPhone 12 mini has a small screen with a big problem

We only told you this a few days ago Apple iPhone 12 series users had a problem that prevented them from reading all messages sent to group chat in the Messages app. Now there is a more serious problem with the iPhone 12 mini. Users in the Apple Support Forum complain about an inappropriate touch screen that prevents them from unlocking their device properly. Those affected by the problem call it intermittent.

Apple iPhone 12 mini may have a small screen, but there is a big problem

For example, see the abridged version of a post written by the owner of an iPhone 1
2 mini with the Rastajafarian username: “My phone screen stops registering random touch input only when it’s in the case, and also with the screen protector on. the case is on, the screen is fine and only with the screen protector the screen works well. Only when combined are my screen uncomfortable. “Even exchanging the screen protector for one from another manufacturer doesn’t help.

Reddit users also had the same complaints, indicating that the problem was more widespread than previously thought. A solution published by a Reddit subscriber proposes to enter Accessibility and activate Backtap. This is a feature that allows iOS users to navigate their iPhone by touching the back cover of the device. You can arrange the opening of one function with a double touch and another with a triple touch. If you set Backtap to start Home, you can bypass the lock screen. There are approximately 300 comments on the problem on the Reddit site, including one of the owners of the iPhone 12 mini, who visited the Apple Genius Bar in the Apple Store. Various cases have been tested, diagnostics have been investigated and the problem has been found to be related to the software. On the phone, an Apple support officer said the same thing, shifting the blame onto the software. The good news is that Apple is aware of the problem, and if it’s all just a system problem that determines whether a touch screen is intentional or an accident, a software update can solve the problem. But if this has to do with whether the iPhone 12 mini is properly grounded with the case included, that could be a whole other question. “
Some had an interesting point. This year, Apple introduced the Ceramic Shield along with Corning. The ceramic shield, Apple says, makes the screen four times harder to crack and scratch. Apple calls it “an elegant new design with a flat edge with an aerospace-grade aluminum body and combined with a Ceramic Shield front cover that goes beyond glass, adding a new high-temperature crystallization step that grows nanoceramic crystals in the glass matrix, increasing drop efficiency with 4 times. “With the added protection provided by Ceramic Shield, some are wondering if there is still a need to add a screen protector to the iPhone 12 mini. And as we said, without the screen protector the bug seems to disappear, even if a case is used. So you’ll decide, while we wait for Apple’s own diagnosis, whether you’re comfortable enough with the ceramic shield to run out of screen protector on your iPhone 12 mini; otherwise, you may put a case and fuse on the display screen and find that the phone is not responding to your touch inputs.
The iPhone 12 mini was just released last Friday along with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The first has a 5.4-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 and has 4 GB of memory. A 2227mAh battery keeps the lights on and there is a dual camera setting on the back. Both weigh 12MP with a main camera and an ultra-wide camera. There is also a 12MP FaceTime front camera.

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