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7-Eleven lizard: In Thailand, a six-foot water monitor detects scalable shelves

Screaming passers-by recorded part of the action.

Once. Twice. Three times almost crashed to the floor. But the lizard was muscular. He seemed determined. It cannot be hindered by nine shelves with snacks, footage revealed.

The tongue protruded, he kept going to his obvious goal: the ice dispenser.

According to casual observers, the reptile, about six feet long, remained on top of the shelves for at least an hour.

Experts say monitor lizards can reach a length of about nine feet, with men usually getting bigger than women.

A staff member said that while the animal was taken out of the store, rescuers did not catch it. “He just escaped into the bushes,” the official told a British tabloid. “I’ve never seen such a large lizard on a monitor in my life.”

Narumpa Tangxin, who was shopping for food when the giant monitor began its own grocery business, said she kept her distance just in case she had a bad day.

“They are dangerous animals, especially when they are angry,” she said, according to media accounts. “I stayed behind and recorded it on my phone. I guess there is everything in the shops, even for lizards. “

On social media, the huge reptile was quickly nicknamed Godzilla as users shared footage swinging from the shelves. Many less familiar with the science of lizard identification suggest that the images come from Florida, while others are concerned about the animal’s welfare – which staff say may have come from a nearby forest.

Monitor lizards usually live in swamps and forests and are excellent swimmers, although they are also known to roam urban areas. They are usually not aggressive unless provoked.

“They are fearsome animals with powerful tails, sharp claws and teeth,” said Rob Ward of Britain’s amphibian and reptile conservation team, adding that they have the ability to cause serious injury when threatened. “When it comes to interacting with people, protective behaviors, including tail wagging, inflating and hissing, are most likely if they are threatened,” he said.

Although it remains unclear exactly how the creature ended up in the store, locals say it may have tried to escape the wet weather, and Ward pointed to the lizard’s powerful sense of smell, noting that carnivorous life may be attracted by the smell of food. .

According to Ward, the monitors are most active during the day, which may explain why the Thai lizard 7-Eleven appeared around noon.

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