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7 signs you have burnout – and how to fix it

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Work responsibilities are a heavy burden on your shoulders.

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We all heard it (and maybe we said it before): "I feel burned." With people who work more hours than ever, the feeling of stress, exhausted and overworked is a very common phenomenon. Your stress can make a diagnosis: The World Health Organization has recently considered that burning is classified as a "workplace phenomenon". This is a state of chronic stress that can lead to fatigue, inability to work, and even anxiety and depression. Here's how to find out if you suffer from burnout and how to relieve your condition.

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1. You are afraid to work and can not wait to leave

Your job brings you joy, but now the minutes bleed like molasses. Everyone has a few boring things in his list of tasks, but it gets deeper. Even the fun and exciting parts of the day are unattractive and disappointing to finish.

2. You feel unproductive and you have difficulty concentrating

Your job not only feels unmanageable, but simple tasks take much more time and distracted interruptions are becoming more and more common. You may just have no energy to be productive, work may not look more interesting, or you can not concentrate, no matter how hard you try.

3. You lack patience with colleagues and clients

Irritability is in all times, and even your friends in your office get nervous. Impatience is a symptom of underlying stress and anxiety associated with burnout.

4. You suffer from unexplained headaches, stomach pain or nausea.

Chronic stress causes physical symptoms that make you feel bad. These may also be signs of another mental health problem or other major medical condition, so check them out by a doctor if they interfere with your everyday life.

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5. It looks like you can not overcome this cold

Burning compromises your immune system. Your snorts and sore throats will not disappear no matter how many home treatments you will try.

6. You are exhausted all day, but you can not sleep at night

Not only is fatigue a symptom of burnout but also insomnia ranks high on the list. Your workload feels so overwhelming that you can not fall asleep or sleep all night.

7. Stop enjoying activities outside your work

Even when you wait, spending time with family and friends is not as enjoyable as it used to be. As burnout progresses, work dissatisfaction spreads to the end of your life. The good news is that there are concrete steps you can take to ease the condition. Now that you know what you are suffering from, here are eight ways to overcome your burning. the hydrate really helps. If you're having trouble motivating yourself to increase your water intake, these water bottles will help.


Body shifting has been shown to be a natural remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. Do not worry if fitness is not your thing. Building your own workout area or fitness videos in your living room are easier than ever. Or, use Alexa to remind you to practice.

Get more sleep

Try to register the recommended seven to eight hours. If sleeplessness interferes with your night break, improve your basic sleep hygiene like leaving the bedroom screens. It has also been shown that weighted blankets help to end the sleepless nights. Wait until you renew your passion for your work until you answer yes to additional tasks.

Rest, then pick up

No, a vacation will not solve the problem of burning. But regular weekend or staying trips can help reduce burnout. Oh, and leave the laptop at home, so you will not be tempted to work.

Spend time with positive people and restrict contact with those who take you down

Make an effort to connect with people who promote and support you. Reduce the time spent with negative people that lower your self-esteem or drive off your creative energy.


Getty Images This seems boring but yoga

Exercise yoga or try mediation

If stress makes you feel helpless, meditation and yoga can be the last things you want to do. But, forcing yourself to slow down and make some deep breaths, it can help you calm down. You can even meditate on the move .

Time Playing Schedule

Restoring with the playful side of your personality can also be the key to relaxation. Every person has different passions, so find what activities you consider to be "entertaining" and take the time to run them. If your off-road ATVing is your idea of ​​good time, find a way to touch the track after a busy day.

Burning is not a problem that will be solved in just a few days. It takes time, but if you try to include some of these steps in your everyday life, you will be better prepared to cope with stress and exhaustion in the workplace.

and information purposes and is not intended for health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor or other qualified health care provider about any questions you might have about your medical condition or health goals.

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