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A drunken dancer tries an epic “Dirty Dancing” move, clicks a door

Someone has to put this “Baby” in the corner.

An intoxicated dance teacher redefines breakdance after landing terribly on her head as she tries to recreate Baby and Johnny’s iconic Dirty Dancing lift with her boyfriend.

“It all went so fast,” said 25-year-old Millie Slennett at the time of the bone fragmentation, which has since gone viral.

“I had no professional limit,” the Sydney-born Australian told Kennedy News. “We had a few drinks – but I think having a little in my system might have helped me fall because I was a little calmer.”

The messy boogie began after Millie challenged her 19-year-old sister Rosie to a dance in their family̵

7;s garden. They wanted to see who could better replicate the 1987 flying film Dirty Dancing, in which Patrick Swayze’s Johnny lifts Jennifer Gray’s baby over his head as he plays the ’80s hit I Have Time. your life ”.

Millie was convinced that she and her boyfriend, Connor Justin, had it in their bag because she was a dance teacher and her sister was just a fashion designer. Besides, her brother’s or sister’s experience was “terrible,” according to Millie.

In the 23-second video shot by her sister, things started promisingly, with the dancing professional jumping into Justin’s arms, then he lifts her above his head so that she is parallel to the ground.

“I thought we nailed it,” recalls Millie, who also hosts the podcast “The Dance Pod,” about her not-so-triumphant moment in the spotlight.

Millie landed on her neck as she tried to recreate the iconic elevator from
Millie Slennett landed on her neck when her attempt to recreate the epic “Dirty Dancing” lift with boyfriend Connor Justin went terribly wrong. Her sister captured the moment on video.
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However, their reproduction is confused after she rolls over the beauty’s shoulders and lands on her head, causing her neck and body to bend strongly like a folding chair.

“I kept trying to lift my legs higher and then they rose above my head,” said the choreographer, who practices various dance sequences at home with Justin. “It went from fine to fine in about 0.3 seconds.”

“I am just so lucky. It could have been a lot worse … I could have died. ”

Miley Slanet, 25

At that moment, Rosie stopped filming, and her family rushed to see if Millie could still move her limbs.

The makeshift stuntwoman later reported to the hospital, where CT scans revealed that she had miraculously avoided any damage other than bruises. After reviewing footage of the incident, doctors were surprised that she could walk at all.

“I know I’m lucky. It could have been a lot worse, Millie said. “I could have snapped my neck or damaged my spine. I could have died.

Miley Slanet miraculously managed to avoid a serious injury
Millie miraculously escaped serious injury when Connor dropped her.
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Instagram viewers were worried about how she managed to get out of the cascade unscathed.

“EHA !!!!!! I’m so glad you’re fine, it’s so extreme,” exclaimed a relieved commentator on the “Unbreakable” saga.

Another wrote: “Omg Millie, my toes shrank, my stomach turned. I close my eyes. Terrifying! “

However, the shocking video upset Millie’s father so much that he vowed to delete it from his phone.

As for the dance routine, Millie said she “wouldn’t recommend trying it after a few drinks.”

“Definitely try a swimming pool or something first.”

Millie and Connor have recovered from
Millie and Connor have recovered from the “terrifying” moment – and are now going viral.
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