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A huge rocket from the launch of a space station in China could fall back to Earth completely uncontrolled

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer governor of California. Right?

LOS ANGELES – Arnold Schwarzenegger sits in a large leather rocker armchair in the backyard of his mansion. His tiny rescue dog, Cherry, swung at his feet, carrying a butterfly bow. In his lawn, his tiny donkey, Lulu, rested on hedges. His miniature horse, Whiskey, hung near a marble bust of Abraham Lincoln. In his bar was a replica of a doll the size of a doll, driven during his stay in the Austrian army. A biofuel hammer was in the driveway. A 9-foot model of the Statue of Liberty stood in the lobby. Things were either very big or very small. This is where Schwarzenegger has held the court in person since he went to Dodger Stadium to get vaccinated, an event that has been viewed 20 million times on social media. People want a pencil to visit the backyard ̵

1; not just ordinary show business people, but also political consultants, talk show hosts and people trying to overthrow Governor Gavin Newsum. Sign up for the Morning Newsletter from the New York Times Up Mandeville Canyon, they come through the wrought iron gates to talk Newsom with Schwarzenegger. Usually Schwarzenegger talks to Schwarzenegger at the end. “Why was I elected?” Asked Schwarzenegger, 73, who rode a wave of populist anger in 2003 to become California’s 38th governor, winning the recall election that toppled Gray Davis. “Why was Trump elected? Because people were dissatisfied with politicians. They hate politicians. They cannot be trusted. This is the main story. “It’s been 10 years since Schwarzenegger left Sacramento. An action movie star who was elected – and re-elected – with a promise to save California from a democratic surplus, he ended up with a 27% approval rating and a personal scandal that ended his marriage. But California is the country of a second – and third and fourth – chance. Schwarzenegger did not improve his image as much as allowing California to calibrate his views on his contribution. Today, he is a more popular political figure than when he was elected, a feat for Republican, so blue.The reasons are as broad and small as the reasons California chose him in the first place.Some of them are related to the pandemic.Some are related to former President Donald Trump.His embrace of bipartisanship plays a role , as well as fixing the state with seizures – not to mention Whiskey and Lulu, who stole the show in a series of home videos for public services that he posted during the pandemic. But much of it is Arnold – the only person in the state’s 170-year history to become governor on recall – just Arnold. “As a state, we are attracted to individuals who, like him, speak clearly about what they stand for and who they are – and have a sense of humor about it,” said Mark Baldassare, president of the California Non-Partisan Institute for Public Policy. “But seeing him there this year reminds me that Californians also have the ability to forgive and forget.” Schwarzenegger persuades former and current governors to join him in face masks and prepares his pets, children, staff and girlfriend. a physiotherapist from West Los Angeles, to help prepare reports from the public service for social distancing and hand washing. Last year, he raised millions of dollars for protective health facilities, providing 1 million of his own. During the election, he spent $ 2.5 million in eight countries to keep polling stations open. In January, when Trump’s false allegations of voter fraud stunned a congressional mob, Schwarzenegger published a speech comparing their actions to Crystalnacht’s 1938 dismissal of Jewish neighborhoods from European Nazis. The seven-minute video has garnered nearly 78 million views on his social media alone. There is his Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy at the University of Southern California. And his new animated children’s series. And his upcoming spy show on Netflix. And the environmental summit he hosted this summer in Austria. None of this, he said, is to run for public office again. “Adult Statesman” is how he describes his role now. “When you leave the office, you realize – well, I understand – that I just can’t cut it like that,” he said. “Just because I’m done with this job, which is just a temporary job, does that mean I’m only interested in a temporary job?” No! It’s like a sport, with follow-up. “He jumped out of his chair and demonstrated a golf swing and tennis volleyball. Cherry jumped to his little paws. In a three-hour interview at his home days before Newsom’s seizure efforts officially qualified, Schwarzenegger was serious and funny, brutally honest and cunning. His black zip-up jacket had a rubber stamp, it was morning, but he had already trained and visited his daughters, who had come to play tennis, and a fire crackled in an open fireplace the size of a real Austrian tank, while the recall campaign led from California, advancing to a likely vote in November, about half a dozen potential Newsom contenders, including some Democrats, have come to Schwarzenegger for advice, according to his advisers, and he sees them in person on either FaceTime or Zoom; people, “he said, waving his iPad. He offered advice on political dynamics, but did not approve of Newsom or any other rival, nor did he take a pros or cons of calling. “I got everyone who was interested in this to contact me about it and talk to me about it and get advice about it,” Schwarzenegger said. “I tell people what the landscape is like and what my experience is. I do not encourage anyone – or I discourage anyone. In hyper-party times, such neutrality is an exception. Although somewhat alienated from the Republican Party and calling Trump “the worst president ever,” he maintains moderation and looks beyond the party. The Democrat who won to become governor, Davis, is now “He’s talking about a certain kind of California Republican,” said DJ Waldie, a Southern California author and cultural historian. “It may be a rare and dying breed, and it certainly doesn’t reflect party leaders, but it does reflect the character of ordinary Republicans.” Sometimes I wonder if this harsh Austrian accent could be the voice of a Republican without Trump. “A global star with a Kennedy wife, Schwarzenegger came to Sacramento at the expense of Davis, a liberal Democrat who was unlucky enough to be held accountable. during bust-bust, September 11 and breaks. He had no plans to run, though Republican leaders were praying, and Davis had put him up for a meeting he hoped to lobby for his cause, the after-school programs. He said his current ex-wife, Maria Shriver – whose public accounts echo his memory – did not want to lure their family into the spotlight. He was unresolved until Jay Leno introduced him to his couch on the Tonight Show and a cheerful mood erupted. “I let my mouth speak for itself,” he said, still laughing at his joy when it was said he was running for governor. When he got home, he said Shriver was crying. A majority of 55.4% of voters chose to call Davis, and a majority of 48.6 chose Schwarzenegger as his deputy. As governor, he promised to change the basic way of deciding on the state budget. His financial proposals failed, but he won the state election reforms, which over time made it difficult for extremists in both parties to get stuck. The impartial commission replaced the guerrilla geridmander in defining the boundaries of legislative areas, making it difficult for countries to play in them. And California’s original “first two” system put the ballot more moderate on both sides. But the passage of these reforms absorbed almost all of Schwarzenegger’s political capital at the time he left office. Looking back, he believes that the recall was mainly an expression of much larger social forces. “In 2003, we were just emerging from a global recession – it was a global phenomenon – and that’s exactly what the state problems were at the time,” he said. He felt the sympathy of two parties in November when Newsom was caught in a Michelin-starred restaurant after telling pandemic-weary Californians not to get together. “Oh, hey,” he said, laughing. “It’s – you know, you can see how it can happen. But you are lubricating and saying that this is not the time to ask the question. With the seizure, it just burned so much fuel. “The scandal eroded the image of Schwarzenegger himself when news emerged months after his departure that he had given birth to a child by a household employee in the mid-1990s. after several women said he touched them. “The end of the marriage was my fuck,” Schwarzenegger said. “The older they get, the harder they fall. I couldn’t complain about it; I did. I was governor and , of course, I fell a long time. “His children are now adults, and he is a grandfather. The backyard backrest helped him recover from heart surgery in 2018. This year’s YouGov.com poll found that he is the most popular Republican in the country, with a 51% approval rating. “My father always said, ‘Be useful,'” Schwarzenegger said. “That’s all I’m trying to do.” This article originally appeared in The New York Times. © 2021 The New York Times Company

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