<img itemprop = "url" src = " .JPG? Width = 540 & height = & fit = bounds & auto = webp "alt =" Pamela Lopez, left, is surrounded as she joins protesters at the Hunt County Sheriff's Office in downtown Greenville, Texas, calling for the release of her son Brandon Ray Gonzalez, November 23, 2019 [19659003] Pamela Lopez, left, is surrounded as she joins protesters at the Hunt County Sheriff's Department in downtown Greenville, Texas, calling for the release of her son, Brandon Ray G. nzales, November 23, 2019 (Photo: Ryan Michalesko, AP)

A man arrested in connection with a deadly shooting at an off-campus college in Halloween and a coupon in East Texas has been released,

Brandon Gonzalez, a father of three, was arrested one day after the violence erupted on October 27 at a party outside Greenville. The shooting of a crowded party near the Texas A&M-Commerce campus killed two people, left 12 others injured and ignited "complete chaos" as hundreds of panic-stricken guerrillas erupted for safety.

At the first appearance of Gonzales on October 30, Sheriff Sgt. Jeff Haines said investigators were "100% doubtless" certain Gonzalez was the shooter.

Hunt County Sheriff Randy Miex defended his initial arrest warrant in a statement Tuesday, saying it was based on credible information and statements given to investigators.

"Law enforcement is investigating the case diligently and additional information has emerged in the days following the arrest," Meeks said Tuesday. Due to the new evidence he did not disclose, along with the lack of co-operation by witnesses, he said he had asked the district attorney to "not take action on Mr. Gonzalez's case at this time" and release Gonzalez from custody.

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Meeks said the investigation was continuing and he asked anyone who was at the party or might otherwise have information to reach the law enforcement agencies.

"Although people may have reasons for not wanting to come forward, we ask them to do so and to tell the law enforcement agencies what you saw and heard that night, no matter how small the information is," Meeks said. "They may not know the importance of any information."

Gonzalez was jailed on Oct. 28 on a $ 1 million bond charged with murder after the arrest warrant, said a confidential informant told the sheriff's office that Gonzalez is the shooter Killed in the shooting is Kevin Berry Jr. of Dallas and Byron Crewe

When announced for his arrest, Meeks said authorities believe Gonzalez acted alone and targeted a specific person.

Gonzalez told WFAA-TV that he was was present at the party, dressed as a security guard, but was not inside when the shooting took place. The arrest application quoted a confidential informant as saying that Gonzalez had been seen in a queue to enter the hall and participate in a dice game with a large crowd in the toilet. The witness said that seconds after Gonzalez left the toilet, he opened fire in the hall.

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Gonzalez said he was arrested the next day at a dealership where he works. He was released Tuesday night.

"I was going to sleep and then a guard came in and told me to take all my stuff," Gonzalez told the television station. "I was like, 'Am I home? "

Activist Jeff Hood, who organized a weekend protest against the arrest, said Gonzalez should never be imprisoned.

"Ultimately, this case illustrates the incompetence of law enforcement in Hunt County," Hood said Tuesday night. "The spirit of justice has arrived and Brandon Gonzalez is now free."

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