The man accused of shooting, in which 50 people died in two mosques in New Zealand, fired his lawyer and wants to present himself at a court hearing, said the lawyer appointed by the court. at the Tarant court hearing on Saturday. Tarant fired Peters and may want to use the process to make his views more public, Peters said in New Zealand

Peters said the judge should decide how racist rhetoric would be allowed. Tarrant has published a manifesto several minutes before the attack on Friday.

Peters said Tarant did not express condolences or regret. the messenger said. "I did not seem to face any challenges or mental disabilities, except to hold quite extreme views." in Christchurch, New Zealand.

A police officer handed a candle to a pupil during a student vigil at the Al Nur mosque on March 18, 2019 Tarrant, an Australian, has been charged with one murder crime, but he has more accusations, and he has not sought a warranty and is facing a hearing on April 5th, 19459015, excited by the helmet on Facebook and Twitter The video shows the shooter saying "Let's start this party" before going to the front door of the Al Nur mosque and opening and after three minutes he returned to his car for more ammunition and returned to the mosque and continued firing.

More than 40 people died in the place of Al Noor, then Tarrant went to Linnuad where

Facebook announced on Sunday that it has removed or blocked from the social media site 1.5 million videos of shooter rebellions. Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites also tried to download the video of the carnage.

Christchurch's Arms Shop announced on Monday that he sold Tarrant weapons online. New Zealand Prime Minister Jackie Ardenne pledged to start a cabinet meeting Monday with her cabinet to strengthen the laws of her nation's weapons.



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