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A video of Ed Orgeron's locker room was a "no-no"

On Saturday night, a video of Coach O expressing his thoughts on a little colored tongue in a LSU locker room made the rounds on social media.

In a video posted to Instagram, Orgeron uses some explicit language to verbalize how he feels about Alabama after his team's huge road victory over the Crimson Tide. Of course, it spread like a wildfire and there was a lot of take on what he said. In the latest episode of the Christmas Football Podcast with Herbie and Pollock, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreet responded to Orgeron's statement.

Herbstreet does not necessarily have to ask the question of what Orjeron said, but even more so that it is allowed to get in the public eye. Herbstreet said such moments should be left alone and stay in the locker room instead of being blown up on social media. While Alabama may remember that the next time he plays LSU, Herbstreet doesn't see Orgeron's comments as a reason to get rid of what his team did on Saturday.

"You would think that most people would know in the middle of a post holiday and not write anything down," Herbstreet said. "Do you have music on. Capture each other's smiles while having fun and dancing. It's all right, but you can't record the coach and what he says. I remember Mike Tomlin, when he made some comments, Antonio Brown had a video about it. It's a constant no-no … When a coach talks, when he's emotional, and when he's fired, he'll say some things you don't want the world to know. It's just a given. Hopefully there won't be much grip. I'm sure Alabama will use this the next time they play LSU, but I'm not letting that take away from a just magical weekend and a great time for LSU. "

The College GameDay star also noted that Orgeron's attitude is a big cause for the changing culture in Baton Rouge. This type of mentality has helped the Tigers become a legitimate national championship contender with Orgeron at the helm.

"We talk a lot with Brady and Burrow, but Coach O is the captain, man," Herbstreit said. "He drives this thing. That courage, that attitude, that mentality of breaking comes from him. We need to make sure that we give him all the credit for what we see from LSU right now. "

On Monday, Orjeron turned to the video and said it should never happen. The LSU coach talks to the player who made the video and knows it wasn't done with bad intent. Orgeron does not believe this will be a problem.

"I wanted this not to happen," Orgeron said. "That shouldn't have happened. I turned to the player who did it and he felt bad about it. They used to have these phones all the time. I mean we have food before the game and I tell them about turn off the phones just for a little while so we can say the prayer. We say the prayer and they are back on their phones.

"I think it's just the product of today. Everyone brings their phone with them all the time I don't think it was done with (bad) intent. I turned to the player and I don't think that will happen from ovo. "

After this game between Alabama and LSU, in the dressing room must have emotional moments, but maybe there should remain.

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