The Wichita Falls Times Record News reported that a woman was forbidden by Walmart after she was seen drinking Pringles wine.
Monica Lopez, Corpus Christie

First Princes, now cake.

More than six months after a woman from Texas was banned by the Wichita Falls for drinking canned wine from the Princeville, the second woman was reported

According to Wichita Falls spokeswoman Jeff Hughes, employees who received a June 25 report for a woman who entered Walmart, eaten half the cake and refused to pay for the other half.

Hus said the woman was forbidden by the police shop for the theft.

Already in January, Pringles's story of a Pringles wine vicious is viral. Taco travesty: Taco Bell runs out of the taxi, what do you call? One person says the police

Not happening: We are sorry, pop-tattoos with ranch flavor will not become something, says Kellogg

Walmart employees have asked employees to ban the woman who got in the parking lot for hours, starting around 6:30 am

When officers arrived, they found the woman at a nearby restaurant and informed her that she

] The story attracted national attention, with Steven Colbert, who later mentioned the incident while drinking a can of chips and the "Late Show" account on Twitter

"Wine in the Pringle Can Lady, Here for You! ", said twitter .

Even Pringles entered the game and published a photo of two Pringles Banks with wine flowing on their Facebook page with a comment: "Drops have never been so delicious." Southern Living has made a guide to pairing with what Pringles scents were doing best with the species. 19659005] Contribution: Christopher Walker, Wichita Falls Times Recorded News

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