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A woman has repeatedly given her son insulin to ensure a “peaceful death”

According to court documents, the woman injected her son with insulin at least 13 times in seven months in 2019 and took him to hospital several times.  (PHOTO: Getty Images)

According to court documents, the woman injected her son with insulin at least 1
3 times in seven months in 2019 and took him to hospital several times. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE – A woman who repeatedly injected her six-year-old son with insulin in an attempt to give him a peaceful death was jailed for five years on Wednesday (May 5th).

The 29-year-old Singaporean woman, who was diagnosed with Munchausen’s syndrome through a proxy, had given her son the injections, even though she didn’t really need them. Munchausen’s syndrome through a proxy is a mental disorder that occurs in caregivers who invent illnesses or cause injury to the person caring for them.

According to court documents, the woman injected her son with insulin at least 13 times in seven months in 2019 and took him to hospital several times. She had done this in an attempt to draw attention to herself and would change the results of her son’s medical tests to make him appear ill.

A woman who also has two daughters would also physically harm her son to cause symptoms of illness in order to gain sympathy, love, and recognition for the perceived devotion to him. While she considered her son a “beloved” child, she also despised him for his resemblance to her older brother, who raped her as a child.

In state courts on Wednesday, the woman – who was described as a pathological liar and also suffered from major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – pleaded guilty to one count of causing injury by administering poison to her son, who he is now nine years old. None of the parties to the case can be named due to a court order.

Traumatic childhood

The court heard that the woman has a checkered past involving her family, which includes her three brothers. One of the brothers harassed and raped her when she was between nine and 12 years old.

These crimes only came to light when she was 13, leading to her brother’s conviction at a boys’ home in Singapore. Disgusted by her brother for the abuse, the woman ran away from home and got married in 2013.

In 2017, the woman’s mother moved in with her after the death of the woman’s father. The following year, the brother who abused the woman also married. When the woman found out that her brother’s wife was pregnant, she became angry with him for continuing her life and felt that he did not deserve happiness.

“She decided to kill herself, her mother, the accused’s brother and her three children in September 2019 when she gave birth to the accused’s wife’s wife. She intended to burn everyone alive with petrol except (her own son),” said the indictment.

For her son, she decided to kill him with insulin injections so that he could die a peaceful death after learning online that a high dose of insulin could lead to a breakdown in a person’s blood sugar, leading to brain damage. , coma or death.

Planned death of the son

She decided to kill her son in September 2019 by injecting two to three insulin pens at a time to administer a high dose of insulin.

She bought insulin from a pharmacy in Johor, where she was not required to provide a prescription. She then watched videos on YouTube to learn how to operate the pens, keeping her plans from her husband all the time.

The woman injected her son with insulin for the first time in January 2019 while she was in a toilet at Causeway Point. She then observed him for the next few days, noting that he was particularly hungry.

She injected him again on June 10 and June 17, as well as on July 1, while he was in a cafe at the zoo. She also lied to doctors that her son had a seizure during his trip to the zoo. The boy’s teacher claims he was fine.

The woman had also told the teacher that the boy was dying of leukemia; that he had an eye tumor; that he needs a liver transplant; and that he suffered from Kawasaki disease. All these allegations were lies.

The woman admitted the boy to the National University Hospital on June 10 of the same year for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) because she suffered from severe headaches, nausea, double vision, tinnitus, photosensitivity and numbness in her fingers. He is also reported to have a chronic history of intermittent fever, among other symptoms.

The woman’s last injection for her son was given on July 15, just before she took the boy back to NUH to monitor his blood sugar levels.

While in the hospital, a pediatrician spoke to the boy and was informed that his wife had injected medication from a pen. Hospital staff then confronted the woman, who confessed to the act.

A woman victim of her past: a lawyer

Deputy State Prosecutor Badjanvir Singh has demanded at least six years in prison for the woman, saying the woman harmed her son, knowing he could die and that the boy’s blood sugar levels had reached dangerously low levels.

The woman’s lawyer, Ng Pei Qi, said the woman’s long-standing trauma had not been treated and was so deeply ingrained that she saw her past abuser in her son.

Her actions were directly influenced by her mental disorders, and the report of the Institute of Mental Health showed that they significantly violated her responsibility for her actions.

“(My client) is a slave to her PTSD, depression and Munchausen’s syndrome. She felt guilty about her actions. For example, she tried to feed him snacks. She said she opposed the actions of insulin and believed that doctors would treat him, “said Ng.

“The court today convicted a cold-blooded woman who could not continue from her past, but a victim whose trauma overtook her.”

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