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A Woman Trying To Cut In A Chicken Driving Line And It Ends Just As You Expect It

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Okay, fine. It's enough.

Ever since " Sawing ," people lose their damn mind over this chicken chicken sandwich. There were insanely long lines, a sharp increase in crime from white to white and all kinds of curses and chaos, as soft-spoken citizens, regressed into Neanderthals for fast food worth $ 4. [19659007] On Tuesday, I reported for a man stabbed to death for cutting a line at Popeys in Maryland, and now comes the news of a woman destroying her own damn car over a similar cascade.

The incident in question, which was captured on video and shared on Instagram, happened at Popeys Place in Los Angeles. This crazy customer refused to wait in the line to drive through a respectable human being and instead tried to put his old Mercedes Benz ass in the car in front of him.

SPOILER WARNING: Not done well.

Here is the madness below:

As you can clearly see, the big ass on the yellow pillar is a fixed object, which means that despite her best efforts to move through it, this shit is not moving. But don't think that stopped her from trying, as it tore her door to shreds.

Viewers can be heard screaming "Damn it!" And "You're fucking stupid!" As they stare in disbelief at the length this woman went to wean her hungry pains.

"All this for a chicken sandwich," someone says. Exactly my feelings.

What makes matters worse is that for all her troubles, a Popeye employee approaches and informs her that her reward for being such a stupid human being is that they won't even take her order. So you destroyed your car and are still hungry? Let's give this idiot a round of applause.

We hope that this obsession dies soon, because these stories are becoming more funny and black lives have to matter, damn it.

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