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AEW All Out Results, Summary, Ratings: First World Champion Crowned, Main Tag Team Debuts

AEW returned to pay for the All Out event at the Sears Center Arena in the suburbs of Chicago on Saturday night, providing a slightly more uneventful show than previous efforts since the promotion began. A pair of solid matches to close the show, however, left a good taste in the fans' mouths as Chris Jerico withdrew from the show as the first AEW World Champion. Jericho headed for the gold, prevailing with fierce efforts on Adam's page in the main event. He will now serve as the main champion of the promotion – and the top star – when they make their TNT debut on October 2.

The show-stealing match of the night came one fight earlier, like Lucha Bros. keep the AAA tag titles in an exciting ladder match with The Young Bucks. After the duel, a popular free agent team made its debut for injecting the AEW section with some much needed fresh faces. Overall, I felt like a show that prepared AEW for weekly television, there were still incredible highlights throughout the night, even if the card did not meet the high standards set by previous AEW pay-per-view events.

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AEW All Out scores, ratings

Nyla Rose Wins The Battle Casino Royale, winner of the # 1

in the women's title race (The Buy In): Rose was the highlight of the early part of the match, playing the role of Andre the Giant of the great threat. Lev Bates was almost the first elimination, but she went to the top of the ring books to keep her feet from touching her. After she returned to the ring, she was immediately eliminated by Rose, who eliminated all four women who started the fight. Rose was once again the only woman standing after eliminating the second batch of fighters. Great Kong and Brandy Rhodes were in a third group working together to bring a new power to compete with Rose. The former WWE Jazz women's champion came out as part of a fourth group. The Joker of the final participant in the match was Mercedes Martinez, who drew great pop from the crowd. As Martinez hit the ring, Kong and Rhodes were eliminated from the match. The final four of the match were Brit Baker, Martinez, Rose and Bea Priestley. Priestle and Baker worked together to eliminate Martinez before Rose eventually threw out Baker, as she eliminated Priestle, earning her victory. Degree: D +

Private Party Def. Jack Evans and Angelico via pinfall (The Buy In): This was the team athletic match you would expect with all four men, demonstrating their skills with wild counters and high flying movements. The private party held their own in every way, showing why they were the team selected for AEW by The Young Bucks. After a big dive from Cassidy on Angelico, Quen hit the shooting star's press for a late near fall. Evans bounced off a German spider and stood 450, assisted by Angelico for their two counts. Moments later, Quen struck an avalanche of Angelico poison before a standing Cassidy poison and a Cassidy Evans cutter for the pin. The teams shook hands after the fight before Evans and Angelico attacked and paid special attention to Quen's knee. Degree: B-

SCU def. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt via pinfall: A decent enough six-person action here with the more established SCU, mostly working with the smaller members of the other team. After diving into Jungle Boy and Stunt, Luchasaurus hit one of his own at an early impressive moment. SCU took over the middle of the game, taking advantage of the much smaller Jungle and Stunt boys. But it was the wildly athletic Luchazaurus who brought things back in hand with great insults after a hot tag, including the big man hitting a massive moonlit sled. Daniels hit Best Meltzer Ever in both Stunt and Jungle Boy at the same time, while Stunt went 1-2-3. The losing trio was referred to as "Boy, Boy and His Dinosaur" and "Jungle Express" during the match. Degree: C +

PAC def. Kenny Omega by Submission: Omega, after losing from his match with John Moxley after the former WWE Champion was kicked out of the card for MRSA, still supplied the showstopper under trademarks. PAC and Omega are putting it close to a big move after a big move. Both men hit large dives in the course of the match and also inserted their own feet into the ring barricade in the process. The lively crowd of AEW aided the match by giving the first-ever match a "sense of a great battle" from the early moments that were difficult for smart games and teasing.

However, the action would not be slow with these two and they went back and forth with high impact movements. There was an unexpected stumbling block later when the PAC attempt on the baby was enchanted, causing Omega to move effectively. The end came when the PAC countered the experience of the One-Winged Omega Angel in the constant variation of Brutalizer submission. Omega faded into the hold, eventually falling to the floor, with the PAC supporting him, forcing the referee to stop the stoppage and award the former Neville a victory. Degree: B +

Jimmy Havoc def. Joey Janela (via pinfall) and Darby Allin: It was less of a fighting game and more of a hardcore, high impact periodic match, which doesn't mean it wasn't fun. If there was any doubt as to what match these three would put into the Cracker Barrel Clash, he was rested in the opening moments while Havok used a staple gun on himself. A moment later, Alin poured a glass full of pants into Hawk's mouth as he was glued to a chair before touching his mouth shut. Allin would also hit Hawk with a flying dive to the floor, where Hawk was still glued to a chair. Later in the match, Havok moved away from the path of the lunar cord from the top rope to the floor, causing Genel to crash hard at the entrance. Alin, after using a skateboard covered with Genel's thumb, tried to hold a literal barrel on her back and hit a drop of ark from the top rope to the chaos of the steps of the ring, only to miss. The final came when Havoc hit Janela with a superplex on another barrel and followed with Acid Rainmaker for the win. Degree: B-

Dark Row Def. Best friends through pinfall: The winners of this match won bye in the first round in the AEW World Title Tournament. This showed a surprisingly long period of dominance in favor of the Dark Order. To be fair, it looks like the crowd was checking in before Chuck Taylor took a hot tag for a brief comeback. A few big fake endings down the Dark Order after they hit it again. The Dark Order won after hitting Fatality on Trent after the Creepers got involved from the outside. After the match, the lights went out and Orange Cassidy made his AEW debut in the middle of the ring, struck a suicide dive at Creepers and received a hug from Best Friends, giving the audience a measure of satisfaction after a match that seemed to be on the verge of losing them. Degree: C-

Riho Def. Hikaru Shida via pinfall: As good as you'd expect considering two very talented women, but they lacked some of the magic of the crowd that made AEW feel so special. This may very well be because many fans were unfamiliar with the Japanese stars involved. Still, it was a good match that saw Riho win by contract in a shrink for three. Riho broke his ticket to a match with Nyla Rose for the AEW Women's Championship with a win. Riho hooked Rose in a three-way Fyter Fest meeting, so there's some story that drives the first ever women's championship. Degree: C +

Codes def. Sean Spears by Defeat: Tully Blanchard stood at Spears' corner and Cody brought MJF to be his second at the start of the match. After his head was opened from a Spears chair shot at Fyter Fest, Cody was gone. Although it didn't open Spears open, it eventually received a measure of revenge. After hitting Spears' suicide dive before the match actually began, Cody released Tuli with his right hand. Blanchard got into a fight shortly after the wrestlers hit the ring to "officially" start the match, helping Spears turn things around in his favor. Referee Earl Hebner had a great moment during the match, defining Spears' law when he tried to use his belt to attack Cody. After Heber took the belt, Blanchard passed Spears alone, causing Cody to be slapped on the back and chest before being thrown for a major comeback. Cody beat him in the match with holes and blood on his back, but hit Spears with Cross Rhodes. Blanchard distracted himself to prevent the tribe. As Blanchard and MJF collided along the coast, Arn Anderson rushed in and hit Spears with a perfect picture of the spine. When the action returned to the ring, Cody picked up the win with other Cross Rhodes after Flip, Flop and Fly and Diaster Kick to Spears while holding a steel chair. Degree: B-

The AAA Bookmark Team Championship – Lucha Bros. (c) def. Young Bucks for the Title Preservation (Escalera de la Muerte): This has been a conspicuous coincidence on the map so far. There was some concern going into the mat that Phoenix had gotten a knee injury that would affect this match. It seems to be in shape, but throws big air moves out of the jump. The match had all the expected elements with wild dives, spots on the table, violence on the ladder and just about every other high place you could imagine. These two teams even started to combine these things, mixing in dives through stairs and innovative stairs and tables.

This would be a wasted reason to try to highlight the highlights of the game, but the Pentagon-locking Bucks lock with sharp arrows / crossings through the ladder is an innovative enough place to give a sense of wild crime on display. After a violent final stretch with the Bucks, released after a brief unmasking of the Pentagon, Lucha Bros. went up the ladder together to retrieve the titles for the victory. A pair of masked men hit the ring after the match, removing both men before disguising themselves as Santana and Ortiz, formerly known as LAX. Degree: A-

AEW World Cup – Chris Jericho, def. "The Executioner" Adam Page to become the first champion: Jericho remains a master of his craft, setting up an impressive performance against another younger star. The match felt like more than just a world title match, it felt like a moment marking how AEW wanted to transition into their television era and who would serve as the "face" of the promotion. After a hard-fought back and forth, Jericho moves away as "the man" for AEW's immediate future. Jericho slowed the game down at a methodical pace, taking it early, working on Paige's arm and legs as he demonstrated and looked at every little sly veteran he had been in the last few years. When Paige was able to get in his hands, he used his more explosive athletic ability to overtake Jericho and hit bigger moves.

Jericho was opened after Paige's forearm, a callback to Jericho, who had previously opened a page open above his own left side eye. Page continued to work with the cut, leaving Jericho with the proverbial purple mask. Page escaped from numerous attempts at Jericho walls while Jerico managed to escape from Deadeye by Page. Just when Paige hit another Deariye and Buckshot Lariat and made no cover, Jericho had an opening. Jericho hits the Judas Effect after Paige tried a third Deadeye, which led to a triple and he was crowned the world's first AEW World Champion. Rating: B

AEW All Out highlights

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