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AEW Full Gear Results, Resume, Ratings: John Moxley-Kenny Omega Violence, Fifth Rotate Highlighted Solid Show

The return of AEW with a Full Gear Review Payment to the Baltimore State Farm Agency felt in many ways to be "another AEW effort". That is, the last two games of the night have brought a unique approach that only AEW can really achieve without the constraints imposed by WWE efforts and elite level talent on the All Elite Wrestling roster.

Cody Became Short at War with AEW Champion Chris Jericho, MJF humiliated, not only throwing in the towel since Jericho is locked in the lion's tamar, but also seeing his best friend spin it with a low blow after the match is over. In the "lighting" match between Kenny Omega and John Moxley, seemingly every variety of weapons were brought into play before Moxley finally won over Omega in a fierce, blood-soaked battle to settle his monthly troubles. In other action champions, SCU managed to retain the championship until Riho appeared to retain the AEW Women's Championship.

CBS Sports has been with you all Saturday, updating this story with live scores and highlights, along with a detailed resume and grades.

AEW Full Gear Summary, Degrees

Britt Baker def. Bea Priestly by Submission: It was, though still shaky at times, Baker's best performance at AEW largely due to Priestley's efforts. Baker went to Lockhaw early, but could not lock him. Sacredly hit a few large, flickering spots before Baker finally managed to get Lockzhou to turn on. After the match, Brandy Rhodes and Awesome Kong came out and attacked Priestley. The duo cut off Priestley's hair after a brief attack and left. Degree: C

Santana & Ortiz def. The Young Bucks via pinfall: Chaos reigns from the opening bell with all four men entering it and outside the ring before settling into a standard match again. At the earliest moment, Santana and Ortiz also locked up the Jacksonians in combination with Boston Crab, Gory Special and Camel Clutch. The Bucks spent much of the match attacking the undocumented man to keep things moving in their direction, which eventually turned back when Nick missed a kick and hit the ring. He would sell the leg injury by kicking the stand for the rest of the match, including a crash in the canvas as he tried to hit the springboard for the Meltzer driver down the final stretch. Santana blew her nose at Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll Express, who were seated along the shoreline and called the proud -n- Powerful bombing of Ricky Morton through the Dynamite scene. Santana & Ortiz hit Nick's street sweater to get the win. A more traditional label match than some might have expected between the two, but still good technical action. After the match, Sami Guevara came to the ring to celebrate and join the Jackson Rhythm. As they were about to use a sock full of baseballs, the Express rushed in to save when Morton hit a Fighter and killed himself. Degree: B

Adam "The Executioner" Page Def. PAC via pinfall : There were some nasty, physical actions in this one. Page hit a big suicide dive early, but the tables turned when the PAC hit him in the face with the help of rope rings. Paige hit a huge moon dive outside, but Paige returned with a stroke on the chair outside. The match turned into a series of heavy blows by both men, including Fade's top rope kick in a reverse German PAC suplex straight into Page's electric bomb. While Page was trying to lock himself in Deadeye, PAC got involved with Brutalizer. Page escaped detention, the PAC missed the Black Arrow and Paige punched him with an arm and a clothesline before hitting the PAC with Deadeye for the win. Degree: B

Shawn Spears def. Joey Janela via pinfall: Janela came out strong, attacking Spears before even removing her jacket. Spears caught Genella as he tried to cross the body from the outside, turning it into a cartridge. Spears tied Genal's hair with a rope at the corner, forcing Janela to rip a piece of hair to escape after finally winning. Genel took a few big spills in the match, even when he received his insult, which included throwing a throwing sedan from the top rope. Spears hit the driver of the C-4 Death Valley after using an open bend and a spiked piler driver with the help of Tuli Blanchard to win. A slight step down from the previous two games, but still quality stuff. Rating: B-

AEW Bookmark Team Championship ̵

1; SCU (c) def. Private Party & Lucha Bros. via pinfall to retain the titles: The early part of the match was surprisingly cumbersome, with the spots not going smoothly. After the action calms down, the action is leveled at the kind of action fans would expect from these six men. This action includes the type of dive site required in a match involving an impressive collection of high flyers. The private party had a rather recent fall after Mark Quen hit 450 splashes. Moments after Casarian is kicked, they hit Isiah Cassidy with the SJC later for the victory. Luca Bros continued the attack after the game, and as the Pentagon was about to hit a packer on the chair, the lights went out. When they returned, Christopher Daniels attacked Lucha Bros. and fled them while dressing like the Pentagon. Degree: B

AEW Women's Championship – Riho Def. Emi Sakura via pinfall to retain the title: Teacher vs. Student. Speed ​​vs Power. All the things you would expect from a match between the two, as Riho looked to overtake the older, bigger Sakura. At this point in the show, the dead crowd begins to influence the way the two meet in the broadcast. Sakura slammed Riho's evil cross body into the corner. Sakura also bet on his heel as the match went on, running back and making fun of referee Bryce Ramsburg for interference. Riho returned after a storm of big moves and a quick attempt to cross from Sakura to hit the slope with a pin in the pin to retain his lead. Good things from both women in a very solid showcase for the champion. Degree: B +

AEW World Cup – Chris Jericho (c) Def. Codes by corner stopping to retain the title: Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko and Big Muta were the referees for the match, who had to determine the winner if the match reached the 60-minute deadline. MJF was in Cody's corner while Jerico was seconded by Jake Hager. The match started at a slow pace, annoying the men to go the distance. Rhodes was slammed open early after dropping a dive and hitting his face on the entry ramp. Cody also sold a dive injury from the dive, while Jerico alternated focus between the cut over Cody's eye and attacked the ribs. Cody's mother messed with the ringide and shouted "yes-you" in Jericho's face as he laughed at her. The distraction was enough for Cody to take the offense and attack with number four. Hager turned on, landing on Cody's two right hands before being thrown out of the ring. As revenge he attacked MJF, threw him into the railing. Using distraction, Jericho exposed Cody with the championship belt. Cody managed to kick. Cody counteracts the effect of Judas in Cross Rhodes, but the champion fired at the recent fall. Eventually, Jericho took off his weight belt and hit Cody several times. Cody escaped from the Liontamer once, but when locked up for the second time, including several blows to the head, MJF threw the towel to rescue Cody, giving Jerico the victory after a tremendous effort by both men. After the match, an emotional MJF apologized to Cody before hitting him with a weak punch before leaving. Degree: A-

Unauthorized, ignition of lights – John Moxley, def. Kenny Omega via pinfall: It wasn't a fighting game, it was a quarrel with the spots you would expect from a death match card. Moxley opened quickly and blasted Omega with blows. Omega shoots from behind with his own shots. They quickly brought the feud to the crowd, and Omega landed a flying handle to Moxley's abdomen. When the action returned to the ring, Moxley grabbed a prickly wire bat under the ring, using it on Omega's back and drawing blood. Moxley also roars Omega's arm with the bat to escape from the click of a dragon. Omega came back with a pylon on the bin before taking – and then throwing – a bat. He then left the ring to retrieve the barbed wire table and broom, hitting Moxley in the head with it and drawing considerable blood from Moxley's neck and back.

After the assault with barbed wire, Moxley blew on the side of his face, an Omega grabber board covered with mouse traps. The plan reversed when Omega was hit on the board. Moxley pulled the chains and hit Omega repeatedly before putting him in Moxley's mouth and turning back with a feed. After Moxley put ice in the ring, Omega backed away, eventually hanging Moxley from the side of the ring by the chain. Then Omega pulled a bag of broken glass from the table that Moxley had carried it weeks ago. Omega hit an electric bomb in the cup, but still couldn't get a pin. At the time, Moxley had to crawl through broken glass to escape the shooter. After using the ice pick on Moxley's forehead, Omega called out to The Young Bucks and Adam Page, asking them to remove the net from the barbed wire, and Moxley dried the Omega in the barbed wire as the two men landed on the net. After being assisted, Omega hit the V-Trigger with the Full Gear kit. They found themselves in the ring again, as Moxley slapped the paradigm shift in the glass, but again found himself unable to pick up the pin. Then Moxley cut off the lining of the apron on the ring. Omega missed Phoenix Sliding on the open wood. Moxley followed with a paradigm shift to reach the top. Point fest, pure and simple, but one that pays a lengthy program between Moxley and Omega. Class: A-

AEW Full Gear Highlights

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