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AEW Winter Comes Results: Winners, Classes, Reaction and Highlights | Bleaching report

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Don Callis joined Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone ahead of the much-anticipated main event of the night, pitting AEW world champion John Moxley against Kenny Omega. The big battle covered the festivities, along with the revelation that if the match passed after 22:00, TNT would stick to the show until a winner was determined.

The fight with chains gave way early to blows from Omega and Hurricane, which sent the champion to the floor. It was on the floor that Moxley gained his first real advantage in the match, fighting the top contender during a commercial break.

Coming out of the timeout, Omega passed a whip with dragon legs into the ropes, then dropped the champion with a knee first in the guardrail. The janitor treated his opponent̵

7;s ankle and knee, despite Moxley’s attempts to break his grip.

Omega cerebrally separated his opponent for a few minutes before a German suplex delayed his throw. Moxley gained momentum through another trade break, laying Omega with cutlets with blades that reddened the challenger’s chest and blew air out of him.

Omega avoided a blind charge and erased the champion with the planch. Back in the ring, however, Moxley caught his opponent with Paradigm Shift out of nowhere. Instead of hiding, he headed outside the ring and grabbed a pair of steel chairs.

Mox set up the chairs, inviting Omega to sit down. They stood face to face, the champion dared to hit him. They exchanged slaps, jabs, until the champion shook Omega. The challenger responded with a V-Trigger and then a Snapdragon superplex. A second Snapdragon followed. Moxley escaped from the V-Trigger and presented a liberating German suplex.

King Kong’s lariat and a second paradigm shift won the champion near the fall. Moxley seemed to follow suit, but Omega caught him with a V-Trigger in mid-flight.

Back in the ring, Omega delivered the Tiger Driver ’98 for its two readings.

The combatants annoyed the finishers, each running away from the other’s reserved belongings. Omega delivered a ripcord V-Trigger, but Moxley kicked.

On the floor, Moxley delivered a paradigm shift to the heaters near the ring, prompting the judge to call the doctor. The referees and Kalis made their way to the ring, but Moxley threw Omega into the ring and fired a wave from his right hand.

Callis hoped for her apron and grabbed Mox’s big right hand. The microphone he had found fell into Omega’s hands. The challenger fired Moxley with him and opened it. Omega destroyed Moxley with a series of V-Triggers, while Schiavone asked what happened to the gentleman’s agreement in which Omega was so adamant in building the match.

Omega delivered the One-Winged Angel to win the victory, then hid with the title. As Alexa Marves caught up with Omega and Kalis in the parking lot, the latter revealed that the world would hear from them on Tuesday on Impact Wrestling.

The result

Omega defeated Moxley to win the title


B +


The match was fantastic until the overly reserved final, which could have taken place without the fake injury site. This slowed down the momentum the performers had gained so far, and while it gave Kalis a reason to be in the ring, it could have been achieved in a variety of ways, the smallest of which was when Moxley introduced the chairs to the combination in violation of The “gentlemen’s agreement”.

Speaking of which, it was a brilliant way to establish Omega as the fifth, making him spit in the face of his own arrangement. The man who was so anxious to overcome his opponent was the one who vilely resorted to using a weapon and deceiving his way to victory.

This makes him completely uncomfortable and will only help him, as he seems to become the most hated person in AEW.

Which brings us to the biggest development of this show: an obvious working relationship between AEW and Impact Wrestling.

Callis, revealing that Omega will appear on Tuesday at Impact, is a player, a type of development that can generate cross-advertising stories. This is not particularly surprising, because Impact has shown a willingness to work with other promotions before, and the stellar power of Omega only serves to increase their viewership and awareness.

It remains to be seen how this benefits AEW, but there is no denying that the noise of the finish will help attract viewers to the show in the coming weeks, as they look forward to the latest developments in these massive stories.

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