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Air transport security "worsens from day" against the background of closure, warns union leaders

The leaders of the alliance, who represent flight managers, pilots and air hostesses, seriously worry about the aviation security of the nation, as the partial closure of the government enters Day 33.

A joint statement released Wednesday by National Assembly presidents (NATCA), Airline Pilot Association (ALPA) and Aircraft Association – CWA, have warned of the immeasurable risk to the safety and security of airlines and passengers.

"This is the longest closure of the government in the history of the United States and is not seen in the end," union leaders said. "In our industry that does not care about risk, we can not even calculate the level of risk currently being played, nor can we predict the point where the entire system will break. This is unprecedented. "

By calling on Congress and the White House to take all necessary steps to end this closure immediately, union leaders said it was" unreasonable that aviation specialists were asked to work without pay and the environment of air security, which is getting worse than the day. "

Speaking to Chris Coomo of CNN on Wednesday night, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi said he did not intend to" put fear in anyone "when the statement was, but his concerns are deep and real.

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He warned that air traffic controllers "in many of our busy facilities across the country" are currently working six hours a week due to a "staff crisis" that was exacerbated by the closure.

"The government must open now," he said. "Our national airspace system is an economic engine for this country. $ 1.5 trillion gross domestic product per year, 11 million well paid jobs, and it is moving packages and people from all over the world. We can not allow this to be reduced by 50 percent. This will affect anyone from Wall Street to Main Street. "

Earlier this month, air traffic controllers became the third group of federal officials to sue Trump's exclusion administration. NATCA filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against the federal government, claiming that he had broken the Fifth Amendment by depriving the controllers of the "hard-earned indemnity without proper due process".

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