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All the broken people of the president

But now, the arrogance has humiliated Roger Stone, Michael Cohen and Paul Mannorth.

All three men are charged or convicted or admitted as guilty of crimes and alleged crimes that in most cases are not directly related to their work for

But if they had not gone into the Trump's shark tank and if it were not a presidential candidate, they would not have drawn the attention of Special Adviser Robert Mueller and possibly other prosecutors to the cases that led to their collapse.

The White House line when some of the President's people are coming down is that none of this has anything to do with Trump. Technically, this is often true: so far none of the trio has been accused of plotting to talk with Russia, for example.

But all three are under suspicion of having communicated with Russian intelligence, contacts, or alleged front-end organizations such as WikiLeaks. Washington is alert to see if any of these episodes will be mentioned in Müller's final report, which could be handed over to Chief Prosecutor Bill Barre next week. to have it next to him. While their partnerships worked and before the prosecution broke, he never seemed to be worried about their dubious reputation and tactics with bare pockets. In fact, he may have recommended them to him.

Stone, the protector of Trump's mentor and Roy Horse's lawyer, has been in the president's world for decades. He is his longest political adviser after a career of self-styled dirty trick created by his character Richard Nixon.
Cohen, who is expected to lift the lid of part of the president's life and business secrets into what might be the sensational hearing of the Capitol Hill next week, has become indispensable as a man who cleansed Trump's mess. as a candidate who could run for the presidency as a campaign chairman.

If their history has a common moral, it is the following: sooner or later, even the stubborn political and legal police officers who seem to fly unrestrained by normal rules can eventually fall into the law and see the crash of the famous life.

Only time, Muller, various other lawsuits and a wave of congressional inquiries will find out if Trump's If they learn the same hard truth or were smart enough to avoid the fate of their tainted agents.

His "rules" to Jeffrey Tobon, who is also CNN's chief legal analyst. "Attack, attack, attack ̵
1; never protects," he said. "Do not acknowledge anything, deny everything, start the counterattack." his hands over the head of the steps in the courtroom.

But on Thursday there was no assault, assault, assault. This Roger Stone could not be seen in a courtroom in Washington. He was disparaging and apologetic after being attracted to explain his post from Instagram.

  Roger Stone can not speak publicly about the case, the rules of the judge [19459005

when the life of political fraud finally demanded its price.

"I do not propose any rationalization or excuse or justification, just a stupid lack of judgment," he told the furious judge, referring to his case, saying he had problems eating food at the table and paying rent

Stone walked along the line and crossed it for decades, actually being questioned by Judge Amy Berman Jackson of being Roger Stone, and now, thanks to the full order that would prevent him from talking about the case in the media, this person must be silent on the matter, who is most interested in him – his political tricks

all his career, and today I think he faced the wall, "said David Urban, who ruled Trump's victory in Pennsylvania in the 2016 campaign and is now a commentator on CNN.

"He has always traversed the line, and I think he has gone through this line today and was hit hard by the judge," Urban told CNN's "Leader."

Jackson told Stone that his apology is hollow and not impressed by his explanations. "This is not baseball. There will not be a third chance, "she said.

The depth of his position may have begun to rise to Stone, as the closure order was formally imposed, the head in his hands, he leaned back, and it seemed that his eyes were closed, leaving the reality of it

Cohen pledged not to be a "villain" to Trump

Cohen attached himself to Trump more than a decade ago as the legal strongman

"They say I'm a pit bull of Mr Trump that I am his right hand," said Co he was not beyond the threats of reporters in the language of a gangster

When his famous client became a presidential candidate, Cohen became a political substitute for the man he always called "Mr Trump." take care of what was to be taken, I do not know what to do, but all I know was Michael, who was taking care of him, "said Sam Nürnberg of Trump's campaign last year.

Once Cohen said he would "take a bullet" for Trump.

No more. The current fixer thinks his relationship with Trump has led him to personal destruction. In December, a federal judge sentenced him to three years in prison for crimes involving settling payments during the 2016 election to two women who claimed to have a relationship with Trump.
"Man is not telling the truth … It is sad that he has to take responsibility for his dirty affairs," Cohen told George Stephanopoulos of ABC, saying he had lied about Trump for 10 years of "loyalty to him." [19659012] "I will not be a villain in his story

  Michael Cohen came to Capitol Hill before his testimony next week


After several false launches, Cohen must testify to the Supervisory Committee ma public next Wednesday, in what may become one of the most compelling congress circuses in recent memory. While Cohen is likely to paint a grim picture of Trump, the Republicans will try to challenge his credibility as he is already a liar. Cohen provoked excitement on Thursday as he showed up on Capitol Hill and spent several hours in the Senate Intelligence Room's Secure Covenant rooms in front of the closed doors' testimony to this panel are also scheduled for next week. It is probable that Senators will test him on many issues – including his efforts to organize the Trump tower project in Moscow, even during the presidential campaign.

Broken Man

Another contributor to Trump The Earth in the most humiliating fashion was Manavort.

Before being pressed by Muller, Mannorth was a lobbyist and personification of Washington's culminating cultures by exporting the dark arts he had learned as a government party to several obscene political heroes abroad.

He worked for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, only in one of the contacts that attracted Müller's interest.

The work was lucrative. His riches bought a showcase that included ostrich and python ostrich. He purchases at the Bjajan House, known as the most expensive men's shop in the world, according to court documents.
  Court of Justice: Why People Are Attached to the Manafort Case

When he left the courtroom, Mannorth launched a kiss to his wife, Kathleen.

Murray contributed to this report.

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