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All you need to know about Firefox Review Android

Mozilla took another hit in mobile surfing with a new version of Firefox on Android. We are playing recently with the newly released public access product for this new Firefox, which is now known as Firefox Preview, and we are here to fill you with everything you need to know about it – how fast it is, how much the best new features we've found are also safe.

Why is Mozilla creating a new Android app for Android?

Firefox has a significant niche carved out of the desktop browsers market, but it remains too poorly represented in the mobile space. Part of this is due to the lack of almost full use of Chrome on Android, but even Mozilla admits that Firefox mobile devices can be much better.

Instead of trying to dramatically change the course of the mobile app, Mozilla chose to start a new Firefox app at the top. This new Firefox is built on the GeckoView open source mobile browser software that Mozilla says Firefox Preview is twice as fast as the previous version of Firefox and has many of the same privacy protection features desktop version to mobile.

We spent some time with the new Firefox review to see if Mozilla's claims include water and let us know how very different this new Firefox really is.

Firefox preview

The basic functionality of Firefox Preview is identical to any other mobile browser ̵

1; you can open and juggle between multiple tabs, have private mode, and you can make quick searches in the address bar of your favorite by your search engine (which can be set during setup and changed in the setup menu). Firefox veterans can log in and sync their bookmarks, browsing history, and other settings (depending on your sync settings, of course), but the differences between Firefox Mobile and Firefox Preview quickly become obvious.

One thing everyone will notice is the more elegant interface. Firefox Preview has a much more trimmed and focused user interface than Firefox Mobile. It's much easier to skip instantly on a page and the home page is free of recommended articles and other elements that make Firefox Mobile feel tight. The new, trimmed navigation bar is moved to the bottom of the app screen and remains interrupted while scrolling and reading a page. This is more like using a read-only browser in this regard.

Faster Browsing

Users can customize the privacy and anti- -Track when they first run the browser and can adjust them at any time from the settings menu, but we recommend that you stick to the default Firefox Preview settings for two reasons: First, the browser does not allow websites and ads to track your activity of surfing By default, blocking trackers and similar content helps keep the website's low load time


Photo: Brendan Hesse 19659011] Another great feature worth stating is the dark mode. Many apps have dark mode but are missing in the current Firefox Mobile browser, so it's a welcome upgrade. Firefox Preview can be locked either in bright or dark mode, or set it to dynamically change the theme based on the phone display settings. I personally prefer to keep the dark mode all the time when possible and the light violet shade of Firefox Preview in its dark mode is a nice visual difference from the dark modes of other applications.

Anyone with a compatible Android device can download the latest version of Firefox Preview from one of the following locations:

While we are impressed by Firefox Preview so far, the usual beta and installation software: are likely to encounter bugs and features, settings and optimization can be changed in newer versions. Our experience is seamless, but there is always potential for bugs in beta testing applications. If you encounter problems, report them to Mozilla on the board of your Github error head or email an error description to firefox-preview-feedback@mozilla.com.

In addition, Mozilla says it will continue to optimize and update Firefox Preview for the rest of the year and that the final release to be released in the fall will have even more new features and improvements compared to this early Review version.

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