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Alli: Battle Angel rises over his ugly advertisements, flies to the cloud city on awesome

  You're not just dealing with the eyes, are you, Fox of the 20th Century? So be it.
Click to enlarge / Just there is no eye circumference, right, Fox of the 20th Century? So be it.

Alita: The Battle Angel landed in the theaters on Thursday, February 14, with ̵

1; if my own pessimistic assumptions are a sign – a lot of baggage is attached.

I know I'm not the only person to sigh after seeing the huge, Avatar -size eyes in Alita s trailers. Worse yet, these eyes are attached to James Cameron's script, which adapts the Japanese manga from the early 1990s to the multi-million-dollar film that casts zero Asian actors as lead. Nothing about this trio, which reminded me of ScarJo's smog for 2017 Ghost In The Shell excited me to the press of Alita .

But the name "Robert Rodriguez" was interested in me. Can any of my favorite directors in the past 20 years hit gold again, even though it is burdened with so many visible luggage?

The answer is a powerful yes, as if delivered by a Panzer Kunst stroke through the skull. Ever since I got out of an action movie, desperate to experience the heroes, his fight and his heart, but Rodriguez and so on. somehow took the wide-spirited miracle of Spy Kids and married him with the exciting feeling of the universe the first time I saw The Matrix . Eyes in the Room

The worst part of this Alita is when her cameras first hold onto the title hero. This apparent cyborga is in the first stage and it is only the head and torso (meaning that all primary cardiovascular and nervous systems are intact – so do the future robots in the world). It was then restored by the famous cyborg surgeon named Dyson Ido (Oscar winner Christophe Waltz). The movie wants viewers to be brought into its post-operative wake, so the narrower camera increase is over her face when she opens her eyes. Her stupid, ugly eyes.

But not only these strange, too damp globes seem disturbing. The materials used to make Alith's human skin are the worst of all worlds: neither colored nor porous, nor plastic and hard. On their surface there is strange perfection, which is complicated by the usually unnatural light that is reflected by them. Sometimes hard or unnatural animations appear often enough throughout the movie to tear the viewers out of the feeling that Alith can actually exist in this fantastic world.

Trailers do a bad job of ally melting in the movie world. the VFX film team favors something that looks more like a doll or dummy in real life, and Alyta can feel so much more grounded, especially if her skin enjoys more light sources (including when it is closer to real live stars).

I point out all this because it took me about 15 minutes to believe this irritation is worth it. Never during the movie did I feel like Alita looked like a natural part of a scene, but in no way did it make an upward trajectory like an overwhelming, vulnerable bad suffers from it.

And no matter how weird Aliot looks, she never crosses that far in the mysterious valley as in 1999 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within .

In short: Trailers, with their hurriedly edited assemblies on Alica's digital doll, make very poor service to the end result. Once the movie is gaining momentum, our title hero melts into his fantastically fictional and rewarding world. from the original manga. If you have not read the manga yet, I encourage you to stop and wait until you see Alita to compare the source material with the movie. This is, in part, because the script makes a pretty phenomenal job of choosing the plot of the original books and its reforming. The film seems to have found the original plot in the pile of dropped cyborgs, then reuniting it to make it stronger and more human. (Come on, come on, I have this metaphor.)

Without spoiling too much, here's an example of a wonderful change of plot Alita . In the original manga, Ido says he has discovered a very special upgrade to Alitha in a mysterious place, then used it to save her after a dramatic event. Bingo: Alita needed help and she had a lifeguard for the savior.

But in the movie, Alitta is the one who discovers this upgrade – and its ability to do it unfolds in several cool ways. First, finding an upgrade happens while it connects with a new group of allies, which means that these people reflect aloud on her strange moment – this gives viewers a wider context for the story of the 26th century film Alita universe. Secondly, disclosure allows writers to speed up revealing one of Alitha's possible secrets. And he does these two things without feeling clumsy or clumsy. We get some sentences to choose from and some versions for show-no-telling about "a-ha!" We are up to speed and we get an excuse to understand and like these signs even more without even noticing it. Some of the most intense sequences in Alita also raise certain poses and freeze frames from the manga from the early 1990s, albeit with its own clever sequential editing of Rodriguez and storyline development by tweaking. A particularly powerful battle, in which Alita is opposed to all but somehow survives, in a sense raises almost identical to the source manga, as if the directors use original art as a script. But Rodriguez inserts this visually stunning moment into a different plot rhythm, and he masterfully stitches some phenomenal character development into his new fiction.

Stop me if you saw this cloud city before

Nothing of this would have meaning without the actors carrying these characters forward and separating one of them The AI: The Battle Angel The actor misses the meaning of how phenomenal this ensemble is. Rosa Salazar has the tone The nicknamed, digitally twisted character of Alyta and if she had an Oscar for "CGI's best action under coercion," she would have done well. Alitta arrives in this movie with a mix of amnesia, wide open eyes and pre-installed wisdom, and Salazar can include a penny to take on any update of personality firmness in a scene.

She has a pretty ally in Christophe Waltz as Ido who appears in another "looks like a nice guy but has a dark secret" role. Luckily, the manga source had already exposed the intriguing arc of his hero, and Rodriguez leaned on his simplicity. This allows Valt to have many non-verbal opportunities to stop, smile and complain with gestures and blows, and here in a film that looks like James Cameron's bearer for stupidity and stupidity, the roller appears as an actor at the top of your emotional film.

The rest of the ensemble includes a delightful head hunter opponent (Ed Skrein, Deadpool ), an expensive love interest (Keean Johnson, TV Nashville playing Princess Mario's Peach to Alli and former love interest of Ido (Jennifer Connolly) who is competing to pull Alita for her own selfish purposes. These three supporting characters get only a few seconds to find their own humanity and shades of gray, but somehow Rodriguez gives them the exact dialogue and breathing they need to make them three-dimensional (instead of thinking that 3D glasses are sufficient for [Alitha keeps its range too tight, focusing directly on these few leading characters and how each one seeks to reach a mysterious city in the sky, but the titular star is most compelling because its sensitivity, seriousness and loyalty puts it in a league that is much higher than the original Neo, where this character is fun to roam, despite its blank sheet, Alita gets a balance between feelings and friction in a way that makes her feel man, but not weak

The ultimate result – of sympathetic heroes and villains connected in a serious terrestrial screen – is a movie that feels far more human than its ad appears. Alitha: Battle Angel is about getting out of confusion and the fear of youth to believe in a greater cause – and then dealing with the consequences when the goals we put on a pedestal are not so majestic . It creates a tidy world for two post-apocalyptic metropolitan areas – a golden goose in the sky full of rubbish on the ground – and puts into action hopes and tragedies that look specially made for continuation.

These are pants for older children, but I left Alita a preview with my heart full of equal tragedy and hope much in the same way empire leave as a child. And this achieves this feeling as a surprisingly different path. Rodriguez drew the breathing trousers of his film by arranging a pile of moving parts and placing them in ideal places. Well done. With this I have to insist: do not miss your chance to see Aliat in theater

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