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Andrew Anglin has to pay $ 14 million to the Jewish victim of the Daily Stormer "troll-storm"

Tanya Gersh, a real estate agent in Montana, accepts her father Lloyd Rosenstein after hearing the Russell Smith Court of Justice on July 11 in Missouri. Gersh is a suitor in a harassment case filed against Andrew Anglin's publisher. Gersh, a Jew, said she and her family had received hundreds of threatening messages, many of them anti-Semitic. (Ben Allen / AP)

The call to arms appeared in the Daily Stormer, a well-known neo-Nazi site, in December 2016.

Are you ready for the old-fashioned troll? "Writes publisher Andrew Anglin. – Because AIO – it's time, family. "With that, Tanya Gersh, a real estate agent in the picturesque resort village of Whitefish, Mont, saw her life overturned. Gersh, her husband and their 12-year-old son were flooded with abusive phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media publications, many of which contained death threats and anti-Semitic insults. Gersh, a Jew, is said to have died in the Holocaust and received chilling voices with gunfire sound over and over again. She began to experience panic attacks that allowed her to vomit and gasp. "I was scared to such an extent that we could not think right," Gersh told reporters after a court hearing last week. "We talked about waking our children in the middle of the night – fleeing the Nazis."

On Monday, a federal judge advised Anglin to be ordered to pay Gersh for more than $ 14 million in damages by finding that the non-Nazi "acted with real malice" when he published his online contact information and encouraged his followers to they are harassing her. ("Tell them you are disgusted with the Jews' agenda," Anglin writes.) Although it is unclear whether he will ever see such money, Gersh said on Monday that the judge's findings had sent a clear message to Anglin and other extremists . [19659007] "This process has always been to stop others from enforcing the terror that I continue to experience in the hands of a neo-Nazi and its followers," she said in a statement.

The barrage of online attacks and threats that Gersh and her family have been subsequently accused of attempting to blackmail the prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer's mother. By the end of 2016, Sheri Spencer, who owned a commercial building in Whitehash, began to face racist views of her son, and some residents discussed a protest in front of the property.

Having learned about potential protests, Gersh contacted some of her friends who took a seat in the building to give them heads-up, according to the lawsuit that the Southern Poverty Law Center had filed on her behalf. She subsequently received a phone call from Sherry Spencer asking for her advice.

Gersh offered Spencer to sell the building, donate and publicly deny her son's views, the case says. At first Spencer seemed receptive, but soon changed his mind. In a deleted post at Medium, she accused Gersh of trying to threaten her by selling.

The following day, December 16, 2016, a blog post titled "Jews directed at Richard Spencer's mother for harassment and extortion – take action! "Appeared in the Daily Stormer. This is the first of at least 30 articles the site will publish for Gersh, according to the lawsuit.

Anglin claims to include phone numbers, email addresses, and links to social media profiles for Gersh's close relatives, friends and colleagues, encouraging their followers to "make your posts known." If they were in the white fish, he could even "turn around and tell her personally." By April 2017, when SPLC filed an action against Anglin, Gersh and her family received more than 700 hateful messages. (Sheri Spencer ordered trolling in a public statement on Medium, according to the NPR.)

Having unsuccessfully tried to dismiss the case on the grounds of the First Amendment, Anglin failed to appear at any of the court hearings, according to Missoulian, is unclear and he lost his chance to defend himself against the lawsuit when he refused to travel to the United States in April claiming he was no longer a US citizen and would face violence and harassment if he returned His decision might be motivated by the fact that he faces a series other cases of people aimed at "Daily Stormar." In June, a federal judge ordered him to pay $ 4.1 million to Muslim comedian and radio Dean Obeydala, who sued for libel, after Anglin had falsely accused him of a terrorist attack in May 2017. After Anglin lost the opportunity to challenge the case in Montana, his lawyers withdrew from the case, leaving him without legal representation. He did not respond immediately to comment.

In court last week, Gersh describes how she spent years in a career and life at Whitefish just to think about running away after Anglin has edited the images of the Holocaust in pictures of her and her. "The old son, Missulian said. Her therapist testifies that she has developed post-traumatic stress disorder from relentless harassment and has failed to heal completely because threatening messages continue to come. The trolls' attack has also led to its revenue from its real estate business to plunge into its nose, according to testimony.

Appointing Anglin's behavior "particularly cruel and reprehensible," Judge Jeremiah S. paid Gersh for more than $ 4 million in compensatory damages, as well as a state $ 10 million in damages. Last week in court he categorized what the real estate agent experienced as "atrocity," according to Missulian.

The recommendation is subject to approval by the Chief Justice of the US District Court in Montana, and given that Anglin seems to have gone underground, it is unclear whether he will ever pay. Daily Stormer was banned by Google and the GoDaddy hosting company in 2017, but continues to maintain an active online presence, often by posting articles written by Anglin. Gersh's legal team has told Missulian on Monday he intends to impose an order blocking him to run the site via any local company. Lawyers also categorize the judge's findings as a symbolic victory.

"We will make every effort to try to bring together the real and personal and intellectual property of Andrew Anglin, which is subject to collection in the United States, but the real story here is that Tanya Gersh, a small real estate agent in Montana, has faced the most famous Nazi on the web and won, "said David Dennell, deputy legal director of SPLC, in an e-mail at the Washington Post.

"Andrew Anglin did not have the courage to even give a private deposit to an undisclosed location," he added. "Tanya Gersh, on the contrary, testified publicly in a federal court and finally proved that Anglin's efforts to terrorize her and dehumanize her because she is a Jewish woman is not and will not succeed."

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