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Andy Ruiz Jr. gathers from knockdown to make unanimous decision for Chris Areola

Ruiz gets a unanimous decision

The judges have 117-110, 118-109 and 118-109, all in favor of Ruiz, who definitely had to work for him.

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 12

Arreola’s angle begs him to be “smart but aggressive” this last round. Ruiz comes out, shooting, catching Arreola with his right hook. A combination of three strokes from Ruiz stung Arreola. A right-handed split to Arreola̵

7;s guard, and Ruiz follows him with a left hook to his head. Right to the head and from Ruiz. One minute left. Uppercuts inside connect to Arreola. Ruiz’s left hook connects. They clinch. Last 10 seconds. Ruiz with a quick combination. They hug and head to their corners. (10-9 Ruiz, 116-110 Ruiz)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 11

A sharp right hook lands for Ruiz. Left uppercut now and from Ruiz. Ruiz catches Arreola with a lightning fast combo, causing Arreola to shake his shoulder. His shoulder bothers him. A right-left hook combination lands for Ruiz. Swap to complete round (10-9 Ruiz, 106-101 Ruiz)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 10

Ruiz overtook Arreola with 111-73 shots in nine rounds. Ruiz increases the volume now, whether it’s the right hook or that beat, which is excellent. Ruiz goes to the body with a blow, then goes up with a blow to the face. Ruiz catches Arreola entering and connects to the right. Arreola tries to get to the top with a right and misses. The left hook grazes Ruiz and another. After Ruiz allowed Arreola to come to him, he created the necessary distance for his shot to flourish. (10-9 Ruiz, 96-92 Ruiz)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 9

Ruiz catches Arreola with a right-left hook combination. Another combo follows. Arreola was stabbed in the shoulder for hitting Ruiz there last round. I can’t help but wonder how much this shot worries 40-year-old Arreola at the moment? Left hook from Ruiz’s lands. Left hook brushes Arreola back. (10-9 Ruiz, 86-83 Ruiz)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 8

Eddie Reynoso tells Ruiz that what he is doing now is “perfect”, encouraging him to box how they trained during training camp. The hook lands on Arreola. Moments later, Arreola passes from the top and hits a right flush. The areola seemingly adjusts its shoulder. Ruiz moves forward and pushes. They both hold hands. Ruiz does a great job of controlling the distance and taking the shot at will. (10-9 Ruiz, 76-74 Ruiz)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 7

Ruiz finds comfort and rhythm in his stroke, skilfully advancing with him now. He overtook Arreola 68-51 shots to sixth. A combination of three strokes from Ruiz, who boxed well. Ruiz returns to the body with this blow. Arreola moves forward and catches pasture shots. (10-9 Ruiz, 66-65 Ruiz)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 6

A lightning fast combo pops its head back at Arreola. Sharp things from Ruiz, whose heavy hand speed is special. Arreola with right hook. Now, right-left cruise from Ruiz, who is in a better rhythm. Ruiz’s left hook connects. Blood on Arreola’s nose. (10-9 Ruiz, 56-56)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 5

Ruiz pumps the blow to both Arreola’s body and face. A right hook from Arreola hit Ruiz’s temple. Ruiz pulls off a vicious left hook. Next from the left, another blow to Ruiz’s body. A combination of three Ruiz strikes is connected before the bell. (10-9 Ruiz, 47-46 Arreola)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 4

Ruiz does a good job of digging this circle into her body while hunting for something more serious upstairs. Turn sharply to the right of Ruiz’s lands. (10-9 Ruiz, 38-36 Arreola)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 3

The knockdown came with a firm right hand to the head in this second round. Arreola with a counter left hook that drives Ruiz back. Ruiz is hurt. They exchange fire toe to toe! Ruiz clinched. Ruiz digs a right hook for Areola’s body. Sharp hook from Ruiz. Now Ruiz drives Arreola back with a right hook. The uppercut tripped Arreola for a second during the decreasing seconds, though he nodded as if he hadn’t stunned him. (10-9 Arreola, 29-26 Arreola)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 2

Arreola tries to trap the ball. A combo from the lands of Ruiz. Wow! Arreola grabs Ruiz and lets him go.

Ruiz didn’t expect that at all. Ruiz seems to be kicked out of this lightning knockdown. Arreola grabs Ruiz again, and Ruiz’s legs briefly clasp there. (10-8 Arreola, 19-17 Arreola)

Ruiz-Arreola; Round 1

Ruiz punches Areola in the body to begin with. Moments later, Ruiz’s right body hit. Arreola misses, but lands next to the body seconds later. Ruiz moves forward with her blow. He misses the right and left hooks, but returns to the body, trying to soften the core of Arreola. Hard, fast right lands for Ruiz. Another blow to Ruiz’s body, which continues to show its fast hands. (10-9 Ruiz)

Main event

We will see the difference Andy Ruiz Jr. makes by contacting coach Eddie Reynoso. Ruiz is now about 50 kilograms lighter. He looks and feels like a new man. Let’s see what Chris Areola, tested in battle, will show us next.

An excellent victory for Abel Ramos

It took several rounds for Ramos to understand Omar Figueroa Jr.’s awkward movement and style. But when he did in this third round, Ramos began to measure time and land his right hands at will. As the right hands through the jaw and head popping heads connected in the following rounds, a steady body attack crushed Figueroa at the end. A well-won victory for Ramos in the WBA welterweight title.

Ramos directs Figueroa to the sixth round of TKO

Figueroa lands a whip left hook, which attracts Ramos’ attention. Ramos with a shot from a solid body. He bends under a hook and lands on the right. A firm right hand, followed by the uppercut from Ramos now. Another uppercut. He surrounds Figueroa surgically.

Ramos with three crunchy body shots that make Figueroa grimace in pain as the round ends. Figueroa spits blood in his corner and that’s it. Its angle cancels it out. Evil, piercing blows to the body, which highlight the great victory of Ramos.

Figueroa-Ramos; Round 5

The power of Ramos is manifested for a long time with a scar under the left eye of Figueroa. Figueroa is eating right through his jaw now. Apparently Ramos lands his right hand now at will. Figueroa is not moving forward so recklessly now. (10-9 Ramos, 48-47 Ramos)

Caleb Plant says his hand is healing

The IBF super middleweight champion says he hopes to fight the winner of the May 8 fight between Canello Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders this fall, promising to become the first undisputed 168kg fighter in boxing history.

Figueroa-Ramos; Round 4

Figueroa seems to react to a piercing shot from Ramos’ body, which increases his strength. Ramos on the right. Ramos measures Figueroa’s awkward rhythm well and makes him pay now. The firm right hand of Ramos and Figueroa certainly feels the power behind her. Now the uppercut from Ramos finds his sign. A combination of five strokes that Ramos puts together. They trade to end the round, but Ramos takes another shot. (10-9 Ramos, 38-38)

Figueroa-Ramos; Round 3

Ramos hits his blows against Figueroa, who remains a moving target, and lands. If Ramos manages to strike hard, rely on Figueroa’s movement to slow down a bit. Ramos digs into the body and adds footage above. Ramos smiles at Figueroa’s movement before jumping out with his right hand. Ramos lands a hard right hand. Figueroa continues to throw forward, but does not come out with very offensive results. Another right hand connects to Ramos just before the bell. (10-9 Ramos, 29-28 Figueroa)

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