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Answering questions about Eagles' decision to return Darren Sproles

Darren Sproles is an official member of the Philadelphia Eagles once more. Now let's try to answer some of the questions raised by his return.

Why Дарън Sproles wants to go on playing?

Sproles should hardly continue playing football. He is 36 years old. He has a family living on the West Bank. He has a Super Bowl ring. He has reached $ 43,321,100 over the course of his career. He made the NFL story by becoming the first player ever to register 30+, receiving touchdowns, 20+ touchdowns, 1+ return and 1

+ return.

Still, Sproles feels there is unfinished work. He himself said in an interview earlier this season: "I want a whole year. Actually, I want to like four or five in universal yards … like ever. "

The" all-year "comment refers to the fact that Sproles has missed 23 regular seasons in the last two seasons. Sproles suffered an ACL rupture in addition to a broken arm in 2017. It was then a trauma of mutilation that brought him in 2018.

Sproles hopes he can stay healthy in 2019. Earlier in the middle period from 15 in 2007 he played 15.3 games. 2016, so you can see where the faith comes from.

Sproles is also aware of the fact that only 163 shipyards tend to move fifth in the list of all time.

Oh, and I suppose Sproles does not mind returning to a team ready to be a legitimate contender for Super Bowl.

DR. David Jay Chao: Now, part of your return … see, you have a ring for Super Bowl –

SPROLES: Yes, but. Look, like me … I want to play in Super Bowl. You know what I'm saying? I was in the team, yes, but I want to play in Super Bowl.

Why do the eagles want Darren Sproles back?

The eagles already had Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders and Cory Clement as the first three planned backs. They also had the Boston Scott, Josh Adams, Wendell Mallowood, and Donnelly Pumpri who competed for the fourth (and perhaps even the fifth) place.

So, how do Sproles fit?

I do not think the return of Sproles changes the tone for Howard and Sanders; they will continue to be the first two backs of the Eagles when it comes to total touch. Howard must be particularly intact because he does not think he's a big factor in the game. Remember that he has averaged only 1.5 career gaming.

I wonder how much inexperience Sanders may have taken into account in the decision of Sproples. Sanders is expected to be a passing game player at the NFL level, but it may not be immediate for him. The 22-year-old has only recorded 32 in three years in Penn State (1,125 per game). Sanders also missed all Eagles OTAs / minicamp with a traumatic injury, so it's not like dealing with NFL repetitions that work on his skills to get. The return of Sproles is under pressure from Sanders when he is developing.

It is interesting to think about what Sproles means for returning to Cory Clement. The former free agent's signature of a rookie showed potential as a third back in 2017. The eagles were internally high at Clement in 2018, by sources, but he struggled with injury problems and eventually ended the season with a contingency reserve. Towards spring practices Clement has not yet been restored to 100%. So, maybe his status is another reason for Sproles's return.

As far as the rest of the eagles are concerned, it is their realistic best case to make the team a fifth victory. And that does not seem likely.

The return of Sproles is particularly bad news for Scott, whom Doug Pederson mentions as a potential Sproles substitute . Scott takes repetitions as the first team to return to early spring, but it is clear that he has already lost that job to Sproles. Sproles has a weak advantage in any race to return points, given that there are 300 quarries for seven touchdowns and 9.6 on average. Scott, meanwhile, has recorded exactly zero returns in his entire college and regular NFL career together.

Scott has generated some noise from OTAs / minicamp, but the truth is, it's not too impressive. Signing Sproles confirms so much.

Scott could still compete for the training squad. The same goes for Adams, who really has no way to make the list of 53 people (prohibition of injury). The return of Sproles may eventually mean that Smallwood is late. I do not even have to tell you that the pump will not be 53. Ask yourself: are you really upset that Sproles will make the team over one of these guys?

So to recur, Eagles will probably keep the following four backs on their list of 53 people: Howard, Sanders, Clement and Sproles. Howard and Sanders are chief boys. Clement and Sproles are offensive players who can contribute to the passing game along with special teams. Sproles will be the main player of the team.

But is not Sproulus prepared at this stage?

Well, you can not say the injuries are not relevant. Again, he played only nine games in the last two seasons.

Sproles was also quite ineffective in the playoffs earlier this year: 16 shifts for 25 yards (1.6 average) and five for 35 yards (7.0 on average). He also does not become younger.

But I do not think the Sproles tank is still empty. Think about the Texas game since week 16 last year. He had 119 universal yards during the Eugles' victory. (19659029) 3 Takes 76 yards, 1 TD

1 pulse for 11 yards

has shown he can still make the defenders to miss – to help the Eagles hang the Cowboys at Week 14 [click here to watch]

Although it was a small sample size, Sproles' 2018 regular season stats were really not bad. His 29 carriers went for 120 yards and one hurry touchdown. This is a respectable 4.1 average value. Sproles had 15 intakes for 160 yards and two receiving touchdowns. Its 10.7 yards of reception exceeded its 8.8 average ratings. As a returning striker, Sproles has an average of 8.3 yards of experience. This would have ranked 13th among the qualifying returns last year, so it did not look as if it was useless in this area.

And when we go back to the injuries, it can be argued that Sproles is in a better place now when it's more than a year removed from tears by the ACL in September 2017.

I think there is enough evidence to believe that Sproles is not completely washed. He can still help the Eagles to win matches in 2019. The coaching team just needs to be clever to limit their offensive role. Eagles can not force him to feed him at the expense of someone who could be more productive with them.

At the very least, Sproles should be able to help return the pulse. He will also not have to take all the pictures, as DeSynne Jackson could look into certain situations.

Who fills the remaining place of the Eagles?

Two consecutive places opened earlier this week after Tyrick Burwell withdrew and Devin Ross dropped out of the definition of injury from football. Eagles, who sign Sproles, means they already have one vacancy before the training camp.

Or maybe Sproles will not be the only person to sign with Philly this summer?

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