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Antonio Brown Case: Silly if the Patriots were Blinded

FOXBOROUGH – Antonio Brown was officially a patriot for only three days and before he even hit the ground for his first practice, he caused distraction.

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On Tuesday, just over 24 hours after he officially became a member of the Patriots Organization, the Florida civil trial surfaced of Brown accused of sexually assaulting and raping a woman he met in Central Michigan, and he was hired as his personal trainer years later.

Obviously this is a pretty big deal that has to come out just days after signing a contract with a new team, including $ 1

0 million in guarantees.

The biggest question seems to be whether the patriots are aware of the potential of a lawsuit when they agree to agree with him on Saturday afternoon, just hours after his release from the attackers?

"I would like to think that if they knew this was coming – sexual assault, the word accusation of rape, that sort of thing – they would not have signed Antonio Brown," said former Patriots leader and current ESPN analyst Teddy Bruschi in Ordway , Merloni & Fauria Wednesday. [19659002] According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media and the Patriots, both the NFL did not know about the potential of the case before it was released Tuesday. It's getting confusing here and it's really not great for the Patriots.

Based on everything we know now, they probably should know – or at least not be completely caught off guard, as they claim.

For starters, Brown's agent Drew Rosenhouse went to ESPN Wednesday afternoon and the first thing he said was that he and Brown had some potential for a lawsuit. It is worth wondering if, as his agent, Rosenhaus's responsibility is to disclose this to the team, as its No. 1 goal is to sign his client for the most money.

But what about the story that Rosenhouse and the Patriots have a good working relationship? If that was the case, wouldn't this be something he would give them heads for? Even claiming that his client did not make a mistake and that is "money grabbing," as Brown and Rosenhouse's legal representation put it.

Another thing to note is that the Patriots didn't even meet with Brown before agreeing to a deal Saturday. He was released shortly before Eastern Lunch and agreed to become a patriot four hours later. There was no face-to-face meeting between Brown and none of the Patriots, which is a bit puzzling given everything that went on in Auckland.

Wouldn't any of the team physically see Brown and ask a few questions about what happened in Auckland to get his point across and make sure he wasn't completely off the rails? Brown is unlikely to reveal the potential of a lawsuit, but signing him after everything that has happened in the past few weeks without a face-to-face meeting does not seem like a good business.

Perhaps this was a case where Bill Belikik and the organization were as involved with a player as Brown, who was interested in dating the Steelers when it became available that they simply wanted to get him on board as soon as possible. quickly.

Again not a great business practice.

Finally, the potential of this lawsuit was actually made public by Saturday morning, a Twitter user, @IncarceratedBob, posted a video showing Brown direct messages on Instagram to someone warning the broadcaster of what the accuser was

We all know that Belikik is not on social media, but he does not need to find it. The Patriots organization has a security team and their job is to do player checks, checks, etc. This could be found with a basic Twitter search.

While it doesn't seem necessary when you give away $ 10 million in guaranteed money, shouldn't every one of me be emptied and cross every T? One would think, but it certainly doesn't look like he was with Brown.

The allegations against Brown are very serious in nature, which Captains Matthew Slater and Devin McCurty mention when they speak in the locker room on Wednesday afternoon. Belichik also noted this at his press conference Wednesday morning, including everyone in the building.

"We take this very seriously throughout the organization," he said.

This shows that the property is already included and

At this point anything can happen when it comes to Brown.

Nothing else could come out and he could play in all 15 other games. He could play Sunday in Miami, and then other things could come up that would cause him to be suspended or released. He could even be on the commissioner's vacant list now while the NFL is investigating, which means he is not allowed to play games or train. Everything seems to be on the table.

While the Patriots certainly did not expect allegations of rape when they signed Brown, they should have had some idea of ​​the potential for dissipation at all times, given his recent demeanor.

It remains to be seen how this will continue in the end, but it seems that more could have been done at the end of the Patriots before being offered $ 10 million in guarantees.

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