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AOC lies; Reagan was not a racist

R EP. Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Lied south of the Southwest Conference and festivals this weekend when it suggested that former President Reagan was a racist. Her assertion that Reagan "eliminates" white labor classes against minorities to "screw up all working-class Americans," especially African-Americans and Latin Americans, is both fake and malicious. As a manager of California, Reagan appointed more African-Americans in government positions than any former CEO of the state. Civil Rights Leaders Ralph Abernathy, Charles Evers and Ossia Williams.

Reagan is the one who signs the bill that makes the birth of the reverend Dr. Martin Luther King a junior national holiday. Ceremony: In America in the 1

950s and 1960s, one of the major crises we faced was racial discrimination, the man whose words and actions in this crisis provoked our nation in the depths of his soul, Dr. Martin. Luther King Jr. … Now our nation has decided to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., spending one day each year to remember him and the reason he stood. We made historic strides as Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus. As a democratic nation, we can be proud of the knowledge that we, the Americans, have recognized a great injustice and have taken action to correct it. And we have to remember that in too many countries people like Dr. King will never be able to talk at all. … But traces of fanaticism still break America. So, every year on Martin Luther King's Day, let us not only remind Dr. King, but also to commit ourselves to the commands he believed in and he wanted to live every day.

President Reagan appointed the first African American, Colin Powell, a national security adviser, and the first Latin American Lauro Kavazos, who took the office of the Minister of Education. In 1980, then, Reagan, received over 43% of Latin American votes.

Reagan supported statehood for Puerto Rico.

Regarding one of the most common stories used as a racist for Reagan's pitch, Linda Taylor's corruption – the Chicago "queen of well-being" that Reagan mentioned in the speeches – is also documented in the Washington Post, and in the New York Times. He had not figured it out.

Reagan's administration created more than 18 million jobs and started a 26-year economic growth. Far from being a disengaging force, Reagan left the office with the support of 70% of the American people as a whole and 41% of the African-Americans in particular. He was the most unifying president after John Kennedy.

Reagan supported corporate areas as a means of achieving greater prosperity in the center of the city, but for eight years it was blocked by Speaker Tip O'Neill, D-Mass. And Jim Wright, D-Texas. Reagan is accused of many things, but no one who knew him or did not study him, did not think he was a racist. He never judged anyone based on the color of the skin because he was raised for everyone. His father, Jack, refused to allow his son to see "Birth of a Nation" because of his racist content, although it was one of Woodrow Wilson's favorite films. Reagan brings this sense of equality into his heart for all his life.

It is well known that while he was in college during a 1931 football trip, Reagan's team stayed at a hotel that did not allow African Americans. So Reagan took two of his teammates, who turned out to be African-Americans, at his nearby home where they spent the night with his family.

Occasio-Cortez has the right to advocate for any position he desires, no matter how antique American values ​​and way of life can be. This is the beauty of our system. But she has no right to lie; no one in the civil service is. It owes Ronald Reagan and the public an excuse.

Craig Shirley is the author of four bestselling books by former President Reagan and is Reagan's student at Evrika College. Mark Weinberg, a longtime assistant to President Reagan during and after his presidency, is the author of Movie Nights with Reagans .

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