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Apple friends continue to queue to launch the iPhone. Good for them

  Apple launches new iPhone 11 in Berlin

A number of people waiting for the iPhone 11 to be sold in Berlin, Germany.

Carsten koall / Getty Images

It's actually a little awkward. In my late teens and early 20s, I was a warrior of the anti-apple Guy. You know the type. Calls on Mac sheep users, making fun of people when they say they own an iPhone. I'm not proud of it, but I was that man .

"Your new iPhone 5 only has a 4-inch screen," I smiled at my friend Taylor one Friday in 2012. "My HTC screen is almost an inch larger and is six And androids give you so much more choice for personalization. "

Taylor was an enthusiastic Guy from Apple. Owned a MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone, never used a Windows or Android computer. You know the type. He and I will export it every Friday. We would go to a friend's pub and eventually a controversial Apple-related comment would be made. Our friends would groan, talk to each other, and let us go.

"Why would you want to choose between bad apps when you can just use good Apple apps by default?" he would answer. "And you have to admit that iPhone cameras are the best."

"Taylor," I would say, looking deep into his eyes, "I confess nothing ."

And on and on.


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iPhone 11: 3 phones, viewed. Which one do you choose?


I was reminded of these arguments on Friday when I covered the launch of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro in Sydney. When I arrived around 8:00 am, there were about 100 people in line. In New York, about 600 people queued up near Apple's flagship Apple Fifth Avenue store . Yes, people still queue for hours, sometimes days, to get a phone they can just as easily order online. I have the opportunity to speak to several such people.

One waited in line for five hours, from 3 in the morning, during which he was received by drunken people who were humidified in a fever Thursday night. Another person I talked to had fun with my 11-day camp to get my iPhone 1945 back in 2017. In New York, not only was the first person on the line there from 6:00 pm. the night before he arrived from Las Vegas for the honor.

For Apple's hardcore fans, queues of hours (or days) have been a staple of any iPhone launch since 2007. Hundreds of people flock to New York, London and several other big cities for the first iPhone. It has long since become a worldwide phenomenon. September means a new iPhone, and a new iPhone means crowds outside the Apple Store.

"This is an environment you don't see in any other phone startup," one person told me on Friday. If you are committed to Apple, you see this statement as proof of the company's brilliance. If you are against Apple, you see this as evidence of the company's marketing brainwashing. But in both cases it is true.

Many do not accept this fact. I tweeted a video of Apple Store employees, applauding as the first owner of an iPhone 11 in Sydney went out of store. This has led to a somewhat unpleasant experience of going viral. I received about 2500 responses to that tweet, a tidal wave of digital indignation. Many responded to the cult applause from Apple Store staff. Some have made banal criticisms of capitalism, and the irony of tweeting something like that from a smartphone is slipping away. However, many tweets made fun of the very new owner of the iPhone.

Which seems unfair.

The key to understanding the aberrant behavior of these queues is the understanding that they know that they do not need to be there. As their enthusiasts, we can safely assume that they are aware of the existence of online shopping. Most people line up for tradition, doing it from the early years of the iPhone, for ritual, or just for trying.


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Few, but whatever. People do unnecessary and strange things when they are expressionless enough. I don't care about cars, so spending $ 100,000 on one seems unnecessary and weird. I like video games, but I hate dressing up, so cosplay seems like a grueling way to spend time. But people love all these things. Good for them.

I similarly envy the people who line up at wicked hours for a new iPhone. People make fun of them taking care of the phone so much, but I don't think I'm interested in anything enough to wake me up at 3 in the morning.

Which reminded me of Taylor. I miss arguing about phones. Screen sizes are similar nowadays, camera technology is advanced, and third-party applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are dominating our time, so you make fewer compromises than ever when comparing the iPhone 1945 Pro with, for example, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. This is especially true when comparing an iPhone with a Pixel device that runs on pure Android . Unwrapped by third-party UIs like Samsung's OneUI or (God forbid) Huawei's EMUI, pure Android is the only OS that can compete with the smoothness of iOS.

One phone may have a slightly better camera and the other a slightly longer battery One way or another you end up with a great device so there is nothing to argue about. To me, the issue now is not Android vs. Apple, it's a $ 499 phone versus a $ 999 phone. But this is a whole different box of worms.

I mostly miss the phone debate, because of how useful it was. Taylor and I would drink and yell at each other, but it's hard to hurt because of the iPhone vs. Android dispute. Nowadays, I do not argue much, but when I do, it is probably something of its nature. Politics, racism, sexism or something that can cause harm. Even writing these words is enough to alarm me. Can't we just love each other?

Which is my message to the people raging on the Apple Cult. Let them sort. Let's get excited about the new iPhone – even if new phones, regardless of brand, are now more iterations than major overhauls. They are interested in something that does not actively hurt anyone else, which feels like a rare handle in 2019.

As for Taylor and me, we both won the dispute. The last phone I bought was an iPhone. It was a good decision. Earlier this year he crashed his iPhone X and I recommended you try the cheap Pixel 3A. He says it was a good decision. Ah, how the wheel spins.

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