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Assessment of NFL overreactions from week 1

It probably takes too long to say that the Patriots have managed to recover their entire offense around Cam Newton in two months.

It is probably too early to say that Newton looks exactly like his old MVP and that the rest of the league made a terrible mistake by leaving him unsigned for three months before Bill Belichik stormed in and took him for granted. almost nothing.

Yes, it’s probably a little over the top to say, based on the 21-11 win over the Dolphins in the first game of the season, that the addition of Newton makes the Patriots a shout for their 12th consecutive division title.


But this is a column on overreactions – again for another fun season of making quick court decisions on Sunday and seeing if they need to be injected with little meaning. Newton̵

7;s first victory as a Patriot is absolutely perfect for this column, so we welcome the 2020 overreactions with Cam in the first place:

Kam Newton, who looks just like his old man, will lead the Patriots, who managed to recover their offense around him in two months, to their 12th consecutive title.

Newton passed the ball 15 times in Sunday’s game. Of course, you sit there and say, “So? He’s a running quarterback. Everyone knows that.” But did you know that in Newton’s career there was only one game in which he had more than 15 runs? He had 17 for the Panthers in a 37-37 draw against the Bengals in 2014. His 15 Sunday passes were the most he had in an NFL game without overtime. He rushed for two touchdowns and threw the ball well – 15 for 19 for 155 yards and without interceptions. It was an extremely controlled game plan and it worked. The Patriots, who apparently want to be a team addicted to running, called the design of 65% of their plays – their highest percentage since the 17th week of the 2008 season.

Newton said after the game that the extent to which he and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are subject to results is “understanding who they have and what I have” and if you have a healthy Cam Newton and want to be a working team, you’re crazy to you didn’t do much of that. Asked about the number of shipments, Newton said, “I just wanted to win,” and talked about the ways he and McDoniels discussed trying to separate this particular defense from the Dolphins.

The Patriots under Belichick are known, like any team, to change their game plans week after week depending on the opponent. As such, it may turn out that 15 is the most shipment that Newton has in any game this season, and this may be the best way if the Pats want to spend it this season. But it was obvious that he was having fun there, and with the secondary collection of three interceptions by Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, he was not alone. The game was ugly at times, but it was a good win for the New England team to start the season 1-0.

Sentence: NO TERMINATION. I understand that Bills looked great in a 27-17 win over the Jets. I leave it to you to find out who had the more challenging opponent on that particular day. Now the Bills may be the better team in 16 games, but it is by no means an overreaction to predict that the team led by Newton, the Patriots will come out on top in the AFC East.

Newton made the playoffs four times during his seven healthy seasons in Carolina. His host corps, when he won the MVP in 2015, was not loaded with superstars more than the current one. He has achieved some victories in his time, and the fact that he is not Tom Brady does not mean that the Patriots cannot keep alive the strip that Brady and Belichik are building together. There is a long way to go here, but I still don’t bet against Belichik and McDaniels, who understood that – especially if they manage to maintain the good vibes.

“Kam is a very, very selfless player,” Belichik said after the match. “He’s a great teammate. He really won everyone’s respect, every day. He just keeps doing everything he can to help our team, and that’s really all you can ask of anyone. He keeps doing that – he puts he put his team last. He did a great job here. “

Here are some more of the overreaction candidates this week:

Eagles season is already doomed to too many injuries.

The Eagles built a 17-0 lead in the second quarter in Washington and lost 24-17. After losing two initial offensive commanders from injuries in the past few months, they fell three times after Lane Johnson was declared inactive. They wouldn’t start running back Miles Sanders, broad receiver Alshone Jeffrey or passing Derek Barnett. During the game, they lost the right replacement of Jack Driscoll. We can go on, but you understand the idea.

Washington’s defensive front is full of first-class elections and legitimately difficult, and there is no doubt that Washington’s defense has worn out what is left of the Eagles as the game continues. It was an ugly start to the season for a defending champion in the division with high hopes.

Sentence: OVERREACTION. There was no repeat NFC East champion since 2003-04, so history tells us that the Eagles will have a hard time winning the division in 2020. But after seeing what coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz managed to do, last year’s an Eagles team in the playoffs and after I saw Pederson make the playoffs with a fierce comeback in the late season a year before and win the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback a year before … I can’t count it.

Although Wentz was horrified on Sunday – his 14.1 overall QBR was the worst of the day – it could be due to the fact that he was surrounded by strangers from the second and third rows. Johnson will return at some point, which will alleviate the linear problems, as well as the return of Sanders, which is probably not too far away. That was rude, but the Eagles are experts at getting out of the fire. Pederson and Wentz seem to be the type who can take advantage of the case when everything is asked of them, which will almost be now.

Brady, Schmadi – pirates are not yet at the level of saints.

You should have seen this one coming. Tampa Bay’s off-season hip train made its first stop in New Orleans, where right now I knew Sean Peyton and Drew Bryce would be ready to remind everyone who has won NFC South in the last three years. Neither Breeze nor Tom Brady were particularly fantastic in Sunday’s game, but Alvin Camara found the final zone several times and Janoris Jenkins returned one of Brady’s two touchdown interceptions, so the home team won 34-23 in the first of two games this season between the living legends of the league – quarterback.

Sentence: NO TERMINATION. Look, the Bucs have a good team and a good kick for the playoffs. But new things don’t come together quickly in the NFL, and that will be especially true after this minimized offseason. Brady’s defense didn’t last well, which won’t make him happy, Mike Evans played injured and there were times when it seemed that the Bucs were still in sync – which is to be expected.

Meanwhile, the saints should not bother to put things together, because they are already together. In essence, this is the same group that has won the division for three consecutive years and has been among the favorites in the pre-season Super Bowl in the last three off-season. The Saints don’t even have a big coaching turnover. In a year when continuity can have the highest bonus, New Orleans is better off than most teams – and especially better than a team with a new quarterback, no matter how many Super Bowls that quarterback has won. It still takes the Saints to win this division, and Sunday didn’t change that.

Aaron Rodgers will win the MVP award despite his malice.

You already know the story: Packers drafted quarterback Jordan Love in the first round in April, bypassing potential short-term help at the wide receiver and signaling longtime quarterback superstar Rodgers that his time in Green Bay has a clock. Rodgers does a good job of saying the right things, while being honest that he doesn’t like love when it’s done, and contributing to practice and meetings to help develop Love.

But on Sunday he seemed to bring out the disappointment of defending the Vikings. Rodgers was 32-for-44, passing for 364 yards and four touchdowns in the Packers’ 43-34 victory in Minnesota. Fourteen of these omissions were caught by Davante Adams, who had 156 yards and two touchdowns, as if he and Rodgers were trying to say, “You don’t want to help us. We’ll show you we don’t need it. !! “Rodgers still managed to find Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Alan Lazard for a touchdown piece.



Eric Carabel explains why fantasy managers shouldn’t expect many more four-touch performances from Aaron Rodgers this season.

Sentence: OVERREACTION. First of all, did you see Russell Wilson play on Sunday? Or the reign of MVP Lamar Jackson? Or, hell, Patrick Mohames and the bosses on Thursday? It’s too early to start any legitimate MVP watch. As good as the Packers looked in their opening program, their list is not without its essential questions, and they still have hard-looking road stops in New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Houston, San Francisco and Indianapolis.

Green Bay is one of the best candidates for regression this season, after finishing 13-3 last year with a difficult-to-repeat record of 8-1 in single-match matches. NFC is very difficult. Imagine how the Packers win enough games to bring Rodgers forward as an MVP candidate, it still takes a little work. Leave nothing to Rodgers, who is great for all time and a two-time winner. But let’s see this a few more times before we make it a favorite.

The DeAndre Hopkins trade was as bad as we thought.

David Johnson had a good debut for the Texans on Thursday, but Houston seemed sleepy as a violation in general. Hopkins on Sunday had 14 catches for 151 yards in Arizona’s 24-20 victory over the 49. This is another catch from all the receivers in Houston combined on Thursday.

To summarize: Hopkins began the week signing an extension of the contract with huge money with the cardinals. He watched the team decide to trade him instead of giving him this extension to look disgusting at a loss to the Super Bowl champions. He limited his week by pushing his new team to a comeback victory over the NFC champions. Pretty, pretty good.

The sentence: NOT A WONDERFUL REACTION. The Texans have won AFC South four of the last five years, so there’s a lot of evidence that Bill O’Brien knows what he’s doing as a coach. What we’re still gathering evidence for is what type of crib O’Brien is.

The Hopkins trade is not useful evidence of his case. Whatever Houston comes out of Johnson, but their new wide body of receivers works for Deschawn Watson and yet they recover (as they certainly will) from a heavy opening instrument, there is no substitute for what a player like Hopkins brings into the passing game. If your difference maker wants to be paid as a difference maker, you should at least consider doing so. The bet here is that the move will benefit Arizona much more than Houston, and Week 1 certainly points that way.

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