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Asteroid News: An Extremely Close Approach to a Colossal Orb Cliff Ball Crossing Earth | Science News

The newly discovered asteroid will slip very close to the planet's surface, NASA reported. The celestial element is currently clocking in at 26,843 mph, and its near approach will be only 107,828 miles. For comparison, the average distance between Earth and the moon is about 238,900 miles.

As such, this asteroid is expected to travel just under half the distance from Earth and the moon when it takes care of our planet today, the closest approach in

The name of the asteroid is 2019 VD and this is the last in the series from near asteroid approaches that have brought cosmic rocks of different sizes in close proximity to our planet over the last few months.

Asteroid 201

9 VD is an Earth-based asteroid that has an orbit that crosses Earth's orbit similar to that of Apollo since 1862.

The cosmic rock was first taken by NASA asteroid trackers on October 25.

  Asteroid 2019 VD at close-up approach

Asteroid 2019 VD at close-up approach (Image: GETTY)

The scale was classified as a near-Earth object (NEO), in particular as an Apollo-type asteroid .

As an Apollo asteroid, the rock has the potential to be "crossing the Earth," meaning that its orbital path around the Sun not only brings it closer to Earth, but also allows it to cross the orbit of the planet.

The asteroid called VD 2019 is not expected to affect Earth.

But if this were done it would cause extensive damage.

  Asteroid 2019 VD for near approach "title =" Asteroid 2019 VD for near approach

Asteroid 2019 VD for near approach (Image: GETTY)

Scale is estimated to measure up to 65 feet in diameter according to the CNEOS website.

This makes the asteroid about the same size as the famous Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded in the sky over Russia in 2013.

This asteroid impact caused an air blast that caused 1491 indirect injuries and property damage to over 7,200 buildings.

Result of collapsed factory roofs and broken windows.

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<p><span class= Meteor Crater (Image: GETTY)

  Asteroid" title e = " Asteroid

Asteroid (Image: GETTY)

The physical composition of asteroids is diverse and in most cases poorly understood.

Some appear to be composed of a rocky core covered with an ice mantle, while others is believed to have a nickel-iron core, olive mantle and basalt bark.

Asteroid 10 Hygiene, however, which appears to have an equally primitive composition of carbon chondrite, with considered the largest undifferentiated asteroid.

It is believed that most of the smaller asteroids are heaps of rubble held together by gravity, although the largest are probably solid.

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<p><span class= Asteroids File (Image: Express)

In August 2011, a report was published based on NASA meteorite studies, discovered on Earth suggesting that DNA and RNA components (adenine, guanine and related organic molecules) may have formed on asteroids and comets outside osmosis.

According to the NASA Near Earth Objects Research Center (CNEOS), several recently discovered asteroids have been rotating from Earth in recent weeks.

  Asteroid "title =" Asteroid

Asteroid (Image: GETTY)

Some asteroids have moons or co-orbit binaries.

Ruins of heaps, moons, binaries and scattered asteroid families are considered to be the result of collisions that disrupted the parent asteroid or, probably, the planet.

Asteroids contain traces of amino acids and other organic compounds, and some speculate that the effects of asteroids may have seized early Earth with chemicals needed to start life, or may even have caused life on Earth itself, this is known theory like panspermia.

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