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"Bachelor's" sample: Date of the hometown of the Time Traveler

Last week's episode was the best of The Bachelor season that was forced to make some limousines filled with ambitious women live in the immediate vicinity for months while systematically removing the weakest . The sparks flew when four of the seven remaining athletes stood up in battle to convince Colton that the others were not real. When their battles became bold, Colton became more humble, defeated by the ever-growing accusations against women of which he sincerely cares. It was exciting TV, and I really could not figure out which side I was supposed to be. I could not wait for the next episode ̵

1; how would these women arrange?

Unfortunately, the preliminary formula of The Bachelor ensures that we will not receive this episode. On Monday evening the episode of the native cities happened, in which Colton visited the families of the other four women. Teixia did not come to his further claims that Keline was the sweet looking girl, and Caylin did not agree, quoting: "Call this stupid bitch," because they were 3,000 miles away, and Taycia in Orange County and Kelin in Fredericksburg , Virginia. (In the meantime, Tyshiya had not even had the usual decency to meet Colton in his hometown, striking him in the face and shouting "WELCOME TO THE BATTLE, BUREAU" as usual.)

The dates of the hometown were not particularly interesting. Typically, the most fun parts of these dates are local tastes, but we have not even been able to do that – a date was parachute jumping, which can be done anywhere; another is a label class that can be done anywhere; one third is surfing, which can be done anywhere with beaches; and the fourth was a horse riding cart I learned through The Bachelor can be done basically anywhere in America. Another fun part about home towns is to learn about the history of the contestants, but honestly, we also did not get much of it. Most of the episode revolves around Colton's quest to make the dads of the four remaining women bless his potential commitments to his daughters, which seemed incredibly compelling, and remains a strange, conventional, step-by-step approach to conveying 30 women on television. And that did not even cause a lot of drama – three dads were like, "Hmm, weird, but ok," and the fourth, Cassie's dad, was like, "You look good, but that's a bit!" Does not look too upset by the denial failed the whole paternal permit. Not that Cassie's father's opinion should be important, but why would any of these questions if he just kept going with Cassie no matter what her father said?

The good news is that this is probably just a week lull in a season that is steadily rising. Because next week Colton jumps over this damn fence. They also said it in a promotion. "Chris Harrison promised. I can not wait.

The Biggest Surprise: The Taishia Time Trip

Their earlier one-on-one encounter, Taysia and Colton, went with bungee jumping, a brave move, given that Colton had already claimed that, his great fear is the height. (Although, as noted earlier, he has some major fears.) After the success of that date, Tayshia apparently decided to reproduce it with another height-based date, and they both went parachute jumping. (I can not wait for the next week when Colton and Taysia try to release solo "El Capitan's Dawn".)

Afraid that her big, beautiful, terrifying cat will dash if she learns they're going to jump with a parachute, Tyshiha clutched Colton with her eyes fixed before they entered her car. Frankly, that seemed deeply unnecessary – that Colton is well aware of the Orange County parachute facilities and the roads to get to the point where he would have escaped where they had gone before they got there? I feel as if she could surprise Colton only by … driving there and not telling him where they are going.

Anyway. When Taishia slipped into Colton's eyes, she jokingly said, "It's not a challenge from Bird Box which was a joke. Remember the challenge Bird Box ? It was something a few months ago, lol!

But here is what: this date took place more than a few months ago. The dates of the hometown are shot at the end of October or the beginning of November (19459022] Colton's photos and the date of Caylin in Virginia, published October 29 . And Bird Box Prime Minister on November 12 and released on Netflix 21 December. I did not hear of #BirdBoxChallenge until the beginning of January, when Netflix told fans not to take part in it, which, like any other unwanted heshteh activity, actually inspired more people to make a ] Bird Box challenge. But when enough people knew about this meme to mention it in the public conversation, the Bachelor was near the broadcast of his premiere.

Here are two explanations. One is that "The Bachelor" has wrapped up shooting, sent everyone back to their lives, and then later – perhaps after a certain site made Bird Box Born Born was stolen by the bachelor himself – decided to score Bird Box joke in this scene. So they called Tyshiya to record an audio recording of her statement: "This is not a challenge to Bird Box !" But let's be honest, there's no way for that to happen. Think of all these efforts just to force a racer to read a B-minus joke scenario!

The other explanation is that Taishia has broken down in time and can see all past and present things. This confirms – last week, it was reported that Tyshia met seriously with another person and broke up with him the night before going to film Bachelor which is sociopathic behavior unless you believe the time is just construct and all the things that will already be.

The Biggest Loser: North Carolina

Caylin's native town was in Fredericksburg, Virginia, because it's her home town! They went to their favorite ice cream store to which she had emotional ties because she was there and grew up there. This may seem surprising to you because Caelynn has been named Miss North Carolina throughout the season. And Bachelor listed his hometown as Charlotte.

But Caylin is absolutely from Virginia. We also know she went to college in Virginia, and since she is only 23, we can conclude that she has lived in Virginia for almost all her life. But if we look at its real bio, we can see a more detailed picture of when and why it moved. Caelynn won Miss Virginia Teen USA in 2013 and later competed in the Miss Virginia USA competitions in 2016 and 2017, where she finished in fourth and second place. It was not until 2018 that she passed to North Carolina and won.

The eligibility requirements for the competition are rather weak – Miss North Carolina's US competition requires only potential competitors to live in the country for three months or completed. one semester at school in the state. It seems common for competitors to switch countries to improve their chances of competitions. Last year, I wrote about how a really rich couple claims to be from Dominica to be able to drive at the Winter Olympics, and as far as I can tell, these people are responsible for all beauty contests. (We genuinely have to give Hanna B. credit for being actually from Alabama.)

I like to imagine that the Miss North Carolina competition in 2018 had another participant who publicly accused Keline for being unfair for her supposed love for North Carolina. that all he cared about was the next Miss USA, and that he would throw North Carolina as soon as he had a chance, causing the judges to seriously rethink Keenin while discussing her true intentions. (Let's call this imaginary contestant … Schmeixia.)

Anyway, this whole thing is terrible for North Carolina. Not only did they not get a date for their hometown, but now the whole world knows that the state is a destination for experienced competitors from beauty-rich states seeking domestic jurisdiction in which they can dominate.

The worst of the Hannah

The worst of the four dates is a Coltton label lesson, because, as Hannah G. (still active Alabama Hannah) explained, her family would like Colton to be a true Southern gentleman . The date was stupid – Colton did not know how to eat bread, scandalous! but I was hoping that Hannah would go to Colton in a stagnant mansion where her aunt would fall because Colton did not know which fork

But, Hannah's family was completely normal. Well, maybe not "normal" – they do such things:

Coltton may have been taught how to walk with an extraordinary stance and how to deliver bread, but he was left terribly unprepared as to the label of how to get dealing with the MC cutout drops weak bars in the middle of dinner. Hanna's family seems to have a concept of hip-hop that stems from 1988, mainly by including the word "word!" Each other.

Throughout the season, Hanna's work was included as a "content creator," which really frightened me. I am a blogger – am I a "content creator"? Is anyone with Instagram a creator of content? When I photograph my dog ​​and hear it, this makes my dog ​​a creator of content? How about this when my dog ​​takes care of the contents of pupae? Are not we all, every time we talk or breathe or dream, creating some form of content? I did not understand Hannah's profession until I saw her dad. This is content.

Winner: Caelynn

Monday evening was the end of Virginia's Miss North Carolina path while Colton decided to move forward with Cassie, Hannah and Tayshia as he escaped from Caelynn. I always think this is the most brutal dumping – after every woman returns to her hometown, they return to Los Angeles explicitly for a rose ceremony, which means that Caylin flew five hours just to get thrown out. I hope she at least got In-N-Out while she was here.

But in the long run, this is good news for Caelynn. As noted earlier, last week's episode was aroused by Tashiya's accusation that Caylin spoke openly about wanting to be the next girl. At that time, I was on the side of Keline, but after thinking about it for a week, I think I'm on the side of Taysia. In particular, Caylin's history in moving states in a concerted effort to win the Miss USA competition makes me think that this may be a woman who enters into different races with larger minds .

What is more likely: that Taishiya has made a very specific lie to Caylin with nothing to support her, or that Caylin actually had a conversation about wanting to be the next maiden girl but edited by the show , to make it Caelynn seems more favorable?

Caelynn will be the exclusive choice for the next season of The Bachelorette . She is smart, fun and beautiful. Her backdrop of the beauty contest gives her the air of the importance and desire the show misses when it has leading positions with titles such as "account manager".

However, if there was a videotape that Caylin was openly discussing her desire to be the next girl, she would have been a pretty unpopular girl. It is supposed that the girl is a woman who just broke her heart and no one will buy this for Kelin if she suspects that she just wants to be the girl all the time. That's why I suspect that they held Tishiya's accusations of excellent drama, but refrained from showing Taishia's first evidence so that Caylin might appear in favor. (I must also note that Hanna B. / Kellin's beef is constantly short of the details and has always led Caylin to look like the more reasonable participant.)

So, I have to congratulate Kaylin. I think she really came to this show in hopes of winning another beauty contest, and as we all know, you do not win The Bachelor by marrying The Bachelor . You win by becoming the next star of The Bachelorette .

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