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BBC – Future – Can detoxification help your bowel health?

If you are too old, then the idea of ​​detoxification may be appealing – clearing the Christmas and New Year's excesses and negotiating the beginning of the year again. There are many products that offer help from detox massages and shakes to herbal teas and hungry diets. You can find promises for luminous skin, weight loss and a healthier way that can help you shake off the slowness of the middle of winter. Rinsing your system of impurities sounds like a good way to start the year, but is there any evidence that it works? The word detox is used in two different ways. The first concerns medical detoxification programs that help people with severe alcohol or drug problems to cleanse.

The other is the kind of home detoxifier that comes out on the market with promises to get rid of our bodies of "toxins". Of course, modern life brings us into contact with many synthetic chemicals and natural substances, some of which can be toxic, but how much evidence does that detoxication remove from our bodies?

It's true that on the day you cut the alcohol and embark on a healthy diet, the toxins will leave your body. But this happens every day, not only when drinking raw vegetable juice. The body already has its own intelligent system to get rid of toxins. If this does not happen, we will be in trouble. All over the body, work is done to prevent or remove toxins from our skin, which acts as a barrier to the fine hair in our respiratory system, catching particles in the mucus so that we can carpet them.

A part of the intestine contains special lymphatic cells, called pelvic patches, which form bundles in the lining of the lining. Found in the lower part of the small intestine, the shape of these patches allows them to identify and remove harmful particles so that they are not absorbed into the bloodstream along with the beneficial nutrients from our food. Although we have the feeling that our intestines are somewhat dirty and need cleaning, they just do their job.

Meanwhile, kidneys filter half a glass of blood per minute, releasing toxins like urea from the body. like urine

When it comes to alcohol, the liver has the task of detoxifying you. This is a two-step process. The first alcohol is converted from enzymes into acetaldehyde, which is toxic but is quickly converted to acetic acid, then carbon dioxide and water. If you drink faster than your liver can metabolize alcohol, then it can not be maintained and the level of alcohol in the blood will rise. If you constantly drink to excess, acetaldehyde may damage the liver. But the liver can successfully detoxify the body from more moderate amounts of alcohol. This is another of the mobile detoxification systems that we are constantly carrying with us.

Good evidence in favor of detox diet is missing

So do special diets work for detoxification? They range from those in which you just cut alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar into much stricter diets where you only drink fluids for a few days before gradually introducing small amounts of food. In 201

2, Edward Ernst, an honorary professor of additional medicine at Exeter University, attempted a systematic review of the literature, but found that it was impossible to isolate enough research into this type of home detoxification, as literature search also led to detoxification studies

In 2008, two researchers based in Sydney were able to publish a review of detox diet studies. They failed to find randomized controlled trials of detoxification diets, although they found a small number of trials without control groups.

Life in All of Us

Microbes and Me is a new joint series between BBC Future and BBC Good Food.

In the series we will look at the latest microbial research of the bacteria that live in us all.

We will examine how it affects our health, what it might have

For example, in studies of a seven-day detox diet conducted with only 25 people in 2000, people felt healthier then and tended to improving the liver.

They also found small studies that looked at the elimination of certain toxins from the body, but again most of them were small, did not involve control or had other deficiencies, which made the authors agree. that there is a lack of good evidence in favor of a detox diet.

This leaves us relying on an anecdote. People who are subject to catastrophic diets or lean juices usually lose weight in the short term, but it is hard to find evidence that weight remains in the long run. Do you have to deal with detoxification? When it comes to alcohol, it's healthier to avoid it a few days each week of the year than a few weeks in a detox. Spending time, focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables, of course, are also beneficial to your health. The quick decision will not work as well as the promise to eat a Mediterranean diet and exercise for the rest of your life.

Maybe we should think of detoxification as a metaphor for chasing away our old habits

But the idea of ​​detoxification is something that many find attractive. If you feel good about punishing yourself to compensate for your excessive indulgence, it may be your sins, not your toxins, which you are strong to wash. But if you can hack it, it is possible psychological detoxification to give a new beginning – a break between your old habits and the new ones you would like to acquire. However, you must have a plan for what will happen next, or your old habits will return. your organs. Your body is continuously detoxified without special teas, juices or diets.

But you can help him do his job by eating a healthy diet, drinking water, regular exercise and sleep that you need. Disclaimer
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