Duane "Dog" Chapman confirmed his wife, Beth Chapman "climb the ladder to the sky" in a Twitter post.

Bonnie Chapman talks about her mother's death, Beth Chapman. Duane Chapman confirmed on Twitter. She was 51.

"I love you forever mother, you have a halo now," Bonnie, 20, was writing adding to Instagram: "So grateful to call you my mother. I love you so much. "

Bonnie, one of the twelve children that Beth and Dwayne built together, according to their official site, promised to" never forget you, Mom. " "A strong woman, and you've always taught me to be strong," she said. "You are strong to all and teach me that it is good to let go." "The Star Hunter's Dog" Beth Chapman dies at 51, husband Duane announces

Bonnie shared a photo of her parents, Writing ] "So grateful I got your beautiful smile.

"I never thought I would lose my mother at age 20. I told her she had left her for years, but she did not agree in her eyes." the youngest daughter of the couple writes in another

Chapman was put in a coma during the week after being taken to the intensive care unit at the Hawaiian Queen's Medical Center. Family lawyer Andrew Brettler told US Today on Monday that family members were with her at the hospital where she was in a "very serious" condition.

Bonnie wrote a picture of himself holding Chapman's hand a day before he died. "I love you," she said, emotionally, on Tuesday. Dwayne confirmed her husband's death: "This is 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she wakes up to go to Coco Head." Only today, she climb the ladder to We all love you, Bet, we'll see you on the other side. "

Bonnie takes a minute to shame the trolls who talk negatively about her late mother. tweed . "My mother was a man and did not deserve to be degraded because of someone from my father's past." My mother was fighting for women's rights and was the most kind woman. "

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