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Beto O'Rourke for Early Turns: Owning mistakes is "a part of what I am"

Voting for a bill that would make it more likely for those who kill cops to face the death penalty? – Bad decision on my part. Tools for testing programs for powers such as social security? "I became much smarter. Plan for a Medicare for All Payer? It is no longer the "fastest and surest way" for universal coverage, says the former Texas congressman.

In the early days of his presidential campaign, the Democratic Democrat candidate in 2020 quickly dropped out of some of his previous political positions. And in some cases O'Rourke suggests why he changed his mind. "Listening to people, looking at things from another perspective, owning when you have made a mistake" is "a part of what I am," O'Neill Roarke told CNN recently when asked about the reversal his.

what he wants from other candidates and elected officials.

"I just want to know who they are, what they really think ̵

1; including when they say they made a mistake," said O'Rourke.

O'Rourke betters that voters will interpret his conversations as refreshing honesty. But the risk he faces is that Democrats see him as a political cipher in a field of candidates like Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, who offers a detailed economic policy platform, and Senator Vermont Bernie Sanders, who held many of the same progressive positions for decades.

Recent presidential campaigns have shown the political shortcomings of both mistakes and changes in positions and positions, for fear of appearing weak. In 2004, Democratic Party candidate John Kerry was thrown as a "flip-flip" for the Iraq war. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was attacked to vote for a war in Iraq, and although she said she would vote in a different way, "knowing what we know now," she will not call it a mistake – and later lose the nomination, Barack Obama, then the Illinois Senate, who from the outset opposed the war (although Obama never had to vote on the issue). During her second presidential term, Clinton took care to point out her apology.

"I said clearly that I made a mistake, simple and simple," she said in 2015

For O'Rourke, the desire to confess a mistake – and explain why he changed his mind – was part of his brand . Last year in Texas, he organized his campaign for a national image without hiring polls that could tell him how specific issues or positions would be accepted by voters. Even though he has racing on his approach, Owdurk's events are packed because he has reserved only small places, for example – the former bass guy in a punk rock band says he wants voters to see him as a politician, cut short, ready to go everywhere and talk about everything.

"All I can tell you is that I am what I am," he said. "I'm trying to be very honest and transparent about that, I'm making every effort to listen to the people I want to serve – otherwise, in my opinion, there's no reason to run a campaign, to come in because there's nothing to learn." "I want to learn a tone and I also want to be clear when I make a mistake or when I can do something better," said O'Rourke. "Again, I think this is the only way to improve and not be able to prevail in a campaign, but to build a consensus or movement or coalition around doing something."

But his approach still has its criticism .

"This is a choice of great ideas and so far everything that he has done is an apology," said Jason Morales Rocketto, a democratic strategist who is vocal critic of O'Can. Rourke's approach to the presidential campaign.

"If I was working on his campaign, I would be very worried that so early, everything he talks about is the position to be addressed, unlike his ideas about America," she said.

"I'm sorry for the vote"

O'Rourke spent the first few days of his presidential campaign, traveling through each of the first four countries to vote in the nomination process of the President, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, as well as the Upper Middle West, although it has set out clear priorities – providing citizens to Medicare, to expand Medicare and to legalize marijuana while throwing out marijuana-related convictions – he did not go into the race with detailed policy plans, some Democrats brought with him in the 2020 competition [19659002] Instead, at every event he asked questions from the audience telling the crowd that he wanted to learn from them and turn his experience into his platform.

An empty list approach has led opponents, activists and journalists to explore Owen Roarke's previous comments and voices. And on several occasions, he quickly said these positions were wrong.

In May 2017, he supported the Law of the Thin Blue Line, which made it more likely that those convicted of killing policemen would be subjected to the death penalty. The legislation passed in Parliament but was never adopted by the Senate.

Last week, O'Rourke was asked by a reporter in Orange County, South Carolina, if he regretted his voice. "I am sorry for the vote," he said. "It was a bad decision on my part, I never supported the death penalty, I think the attack, the killing of a policeman should be an aggravating factor, but I do not think it should contribute to accepting someone else's life. it was a mistake on my part, and if I could vote again, I would not vote for him. "

Days earlier, in Conway, New Hampshire, O'Rourke was pressed by his support during your candidacy for the 2012 Congress for Fundamental Testing Programs – ie, the Gods for example, will receive less.

"Did you ask the question, did my mind change on this? Absolutely, "he said," I think I have become much smarter than listening to the people I have represented in Congress and others who understand this problem better than I do. "

He said that now supports the abolition of the taxable social security income ceiling.At present, individuals pay only social security fees from the first $ 132,900 they earn.Our Rourke said that instead of testing funds he would be taxing money earned over that limit

He pointed out that he had co-sponsored a bill to do just that, while in the room, and said that "it will ensure the viability of this program in the next century" without any way of compromising the duty we have on our fellow Americans who have paid in this program every day of their lives . "(This bill has never gone anywhere while O'Rourke has been in the House and has since been reintroduced into this Congress.)

In his nomination for Republican Senator Ted Kruse's victory last year, 39. Rourke supported "Medicare for All" "health insurance program with a Mr. payer. " Now, when he ran for president, he told the crowd that he was no longer sure that maintaining such a program was the fastest way to achieve his goal of universal coverage. Instead, he said, he now supports Medicare for America, a measure offered by the reputation of Illinois Jan Shakovski and the Republic of Connecticut Rose Delaurou. She will maintain private health insurance for those whose employers provide it but will displace all other Americans in Medicare.

He also replaced his position on the removal of President Donald Trump. During his senate, O'Rourke said he would vote for Trump's impeachment. "There is enough to proceed to a lawsuit," he said at the CNN City Hall in October.

Now, O'Rourke diverts the issue by saying that the Congress, where he is no longer a member, and that the best way to act for Democrats is to defeat Trump in 2020

" I have to look long and hard on my actions. "

Together with the reversal of previous political positions, they apologized for his personal behavior.

On the second night of his campaign, O'Rourke apologized twice in minutes while recording a podcast in Sidar Rapids, Iowa.

He said he was wrong by joking at several events during his first two days in Iowa that his wife had grown up their three children "sometimes with my help." He said the joke was "embraced" and had to admit his privilege. Later O'Rourke told reporters he had called his wife Amy, who told him his joke was a "flip" and that he had to look seriously. "Not only will not I say that again, but I will be more careful to go forward in the way I talk about our marriage," he said.

He also apologized for his writings as a teenager when he was a member of a group of hacking activists. These writings, which appeared under the pseudonym "Psychedelic Warlord" and included fiction from the point of view of the killer, were revealed in a Reuters report. Whatever my intention was like a teenager, it does not matter. "

" I have to look long and hard on my actions, in the language I have used, and I must continually try to do better, "he said.

O'Rourke also changed his approach to the smaller issues, including his language, during his Senate campaign he was a prolific F-Bomb throttler as politicians came in. But this language is largely missing as he launches his presidential campaign In Madison, Wisconsin, a voter asked him to stop using the F-word during the campaign – and O'Rourke agreed

"Not in I intend to use this word forward, "he said.

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