It’s never a good time for the charger or cable to fail, be missing, or looted, but if you’re looking for some replacements right now, today is the day to get them from Anker – the peripheral maker has a number of deals for Amazon today.

If you want to get a wireless charger, you can get a PowerWave Sense Pad, which can charge supported devices up to 11W and comes with an optional Quick Charge 3.0 compliant wall module for $ 28 ($ 7 from MSRP). You also get a different Qi charging pad with metal coating and up to 1

5W performance for $ 26 ($ 14 discount).

We also have a wall charger that doubles as a portable with a capacity of 5000 mAh, two USB-A ports and (unfortunately) a micro-USB port for $ 22 ($ 7 discount). There’s also a power strip item – it’s square in shape and provides two AC outlets and two full USB ports – on sale for $ 14 ($ 6 off).

We also have a few more ordinary wall chargers and some cables:

  • Charger with one USB-C port, 60W USB power supply: $ 23 ($ 16 discount)
  • Charger with four USB-A ports, Quick Charge 3.0, max. 43.5 W: $ 17 ($ 11 discount)
  • 3-Pack USB-A to USB-C Nylon Cables (3/6/10 ft.): $ 14 ($ 5 discount)

These deals are available until midnight PDT tonight.