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Bigg Boss 14 Live Updates: October 23 Latest News and Updates: Pavitra BLASTS Rahul for a personal remark

From Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia digging old graves while moderating a task, to bonds at risk to become the first captain of Bigg Boss 14; here’s everything that happened in the episode of Bigg Boss 14’s Day 19 (October 22, 2020). Read on to know the spoons of BB 14.

Bigg Boss 14 took an unexpected “U-turn” yesterday when adults Hina Khan, Siddhart Shukla and Gauahar Khan left the house. As Siddhart’s team lost, Ageja Khan and Pavitra Punia were also asked to pack up and leave. But later, in another shocking twist, Eijaz and Pavitra returned as Red Zone riders. Situations certainly changed when Bigg Boss introduced the first captaincy, leaving the players to face each other. Eijaz and Pavitra are the captains of the captaincy.

October 23

9:50 a.m .: Sargun Mehta provides support to the recently eliminated Bigg Boss 14 competitor Shehzad Deol; He calls it unfair and biased.

Shehzad Deol became the second competitor to be eliminated after Sarah Gurpal. After Shehzad’s sudden eviction, many viewers of Big Boss 14 and his fans were discouraged. Adults Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan and Siddhart Shukla had the power to eliminate one nominee after the newer ones did not reach a consensus. The adults voted against him, which led to his elimination.

Now, after his fans, TV actress Sargun Mehta, who shares a great relationship with Shehzad, has come out in support of him. Sargun called the decision to eliminate Shehzad unfair and biased. She turned to her story on Instagram and wrote: “Shehzad, your journey to Bigg Boss started with a lot of bang, as it turned out that you are one of the strong contenders, but unfortunately ended with a very biased and unfair note, which upset for all of us, including your fans who voted endlessly! Although you have been a good sport and you are very strong in all of this, and with the way you have taken things well in your foot, it will take you places in life.

10:30 a.m .: Anita Hasanandani OPENS in Bigg Boss season 14

Anita Hasanandani, who was last seen in Naagin 4, doesn’t seem impressed with Bigg Boss 14. The actress recently took to Twitter to comment on the current season of Salman Khan’s show and said she didn’t find it interesting. . Anita wrote: “Big Boss 14 maine voh baat nahi. Hoping to get better. The expected mother, former Naagin 4 star Jasmin Bhasin, is a competitor in BB 14 and is considered a strong player.

11:30 a.m .: Pavirta and Rahul lock horns, the former has an emotional breakdown

Pavitra and Rahul will enter an ugly war of words, as the former will question the singer about his personal remarks to her. Pavitra will ask Rahul on what grounds he claimed that she was in love with Abhinav, to which he gives a vague answer. The characters will fly as Pavitra calls Rahul “nech insan” and threatens to smash him to humiliate her. She will feel emotional when Rahul indirectly kills her, while the latter feels that now everyone is gathering against him.

12:30: Shehzad Deol REVEALS GROUPS SET UP AGAINST Rubina DeLike and Jasmine Bhasin at BB 14 House

Shehzad Deol, the second eliminated contestant from Bigg Boss 14 house, recently spoke to Pinkvilla about his trip. During the chat, he revealed that groups had been set up in the house against Rubina and Jasmine, and that other prisoners would be targeting them in the coming days. “If the roommates continue to vote, Rubina DeLike and Jasmine Bhasin will be expelled in the next two weeks because there are groups inside the house against them,” Shehzad said.

15:00: The Bigg Boss House to witness the great celebrations of Navratri tonight; Roommates to play dandy

While the nation celebrated the Navratri festival, even the producers of Bigg Boss were not absent to show the festive jealousy. In the upcoming episode, roommates will be surprised as singers Accepted Pinky will enter the house. In the promotion, the roommates were quite excited to see new guests in the house. According to the promotion, Bigg Boss 14 will witness a dandy night at the dandy with the hosts dancing to Preeti Pinky’s songs and enjoying the festive mood.

October 22

22:30: The episode begins with Pavitra and Ageja, who continue their verbal arguments. The two dig old graves as they talk about their past differences. The situation heats up when they raise their voices, they become insulting. While Ageja claims that Rubina was the last to leave the house, Pavitra is adamant that Abhinav is the last. Agez and Pavitra fight, Nishant and Jean conspire to go against Nikki because they think she doesn’t deserve to take the captain’s place. Later, Nishant, Abhinav and Rubina plan to prevent Rahul and Niki from winning the task under any circumstances.

10:45 PM: Nikki tells Pavitra that if she doesn’t come to a conclusion with Ageja, then the task will be “canceled” by Big Boss. As Nikki tries to express her position, Ageja and Pavitra ignore it. On the other hand, Jean and Nishant continue to conspire against others for their advantages. Later in the kitchen, Abhinav and Rubina are seen talking about the unjust sanchalan of Eijaz and Pavitra. Rahul then tells Nishant that it is “good” to see him as captain if he is not the one to take the place. Later, Yasmin approaches Pavitra to make a decision with Agejaz, if not, it may happen that they will have to face the consequences.

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10:50 PM: Big Boss then intervened to mock Ageja and Pavitra for reaching a conclusion and then excluded both Jasmine and Abhinav from the captain’s race. Jasmine seems unhappy with Big Boss’s decision to imprison Abhinav. Abhinav and Rubina also accuse Ajaz of excluding them from the captaincy. Ageja and Pavitra put Jasmine and Abhinav’s dolls in the fire station and the second round of the task begins. Although Rubina comes out last, she doesn’t have a doll with her, so Rahul becomes the target of Agejaz and Pavitra. While the Sanchala say that Rahul came out last, he opposes their decision. Nikki also calls on Ageja and Pavitra not to help her, as Rahul had his doll.

23:00: Pavitra changed her mind after Rahul’s explanation and said that Rubina, whose doll was still in the dollhouse, should be disqualified. Against this background, Nikki talks to Jean and Rahul that she “wants” to become a captain and if they are not ready to help her, she is ready to give up only in this round. Ageja and Pavitra discuss and continue to tell Rubina that she should be disqualified and her doll will have to be put in the fire department. Rubina, Abhinav and Jasmine oppose the call of Agejaz and Pavitra. Nikki tells Pavitra and Ageja that even if they save her now, her team is not with her and their efforts will be in vain. The South Indian actress also says that because she saw their “true colors”, but Pavitra explains situations to her.

11:10 PM: Nikki tells Rubina that she is giving up the game because her “friends are fake.” Nishant, Jean and Rahul lose their composure because Nikki calls them “fake”. Jean is “hurt” by Nikki’s behavior and expresses her anger. Agejaz and Pavitra give the last call and tell Rubina that she is in the game, but Abhinav and Rubina are angry at their “confusions”. When the third round begins, Jean says he doesn’t want to win the captaincy because he is discouraged by Nicky, who calls them “false friends.” As Nikki bursts into tears, Pavitra comforts her. Jean thinks out loud that he no longer wants to clear up his differences with Nikki. Round 3 begins, Rahul and Rubina stay with their dolls, but refuse to leave the house. Nishant and Rahul enter into a verbal war, as the latter feels betrayed. As Jasmine tells Jean to keep her cool, Nikki continues to shed tears. Against this background, Rubina and Rahul stay in the doll’s house because they do not want to lose their golden chance.

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11:20 PM: Rubina and Rahul are still in the doll’s house, other participants talk about the changing dynamics. Nikki opens her heart to Pavitra and how bad she feels about the betrayal of Jean and Nishant. After a long time, Rahul comes out of the dollhouse and Pavirta hugs him. However, Nikki seems unhappy with Rahul’s decision to give up. In the fourth round, Rubina’s doll is out and she is disqualified. The last round is between Jean and Nishant, and the first deliberately allows Nishant to become the first captain of the task. Bigg Boss announces Nishant as the first captain of Bigg Boss 14. Later, Nikki goes to Jaan to fix their differences.

23.30: The first Captain Nishant received a new luxury from Bigg Boss, including a bedroom, a VIP bathroom. In addition, he must control the house and the red zone. Only Nishant will be able to use BB Mall and Spa. Later, Jaan is seen missing his father Kumar Sanu and talks about Nikki’s turn to Nishant. Then Nikki and Rahul talk again about their relationships and team. Nikki becomes emotional again as Rahul tries to comfort her, but she continues to cry. Later, while shedding tears, Nikki goes to meet Pavitra in the red zone. Jean enters the red zone for Nikki and hugs her as he tries to convince her. Nikki says she is “hurt” by Nishant, Jean and Rahul and does not want to listen to them. On the other hand, Nishant doesn’t like Jaan being manipulated by Nikki again.

23:40: Jasmine and Rubina offer Nishant to keep a decent equation with Nikki, as if she is not working (performing), this will affect his captaincy. Nikki keeps crying and begs Jean to leave the red zone, but he doesn’t listen. Later, Captain Nishant tries to get both Jean and Nikki out of the red zone, as this is against the rules. Big Boss intervenes, ordering Nishant to release Jean and Nikki from the red zone. However, Nikki shows her childish side and does not listen to Nishant. Rubina, on the other hand, tells Jasmine that Nikki plays a smart game and uses her emotional card to influence others.

23:45: The episode ends with a discussion of the task by Nishant and Nikki. Nikki says she was wrong to live up to their expectations, but he defends himself that this is a “team decision.”

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