Saturday Night Live also included a special tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen by the show̵

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Bill Burr’s opening monologue received mixed reactions from Saturday Night Live viewers last weekend, but many fans of the comedian were not surprised when he discussed which viewers considered controversial topics.

Burr hosted the NBC show for the first time on Saturday, rocking jokes about actor Rick Moranis, who received a “hit”, canceled the culture, white women’s performance activism, and gay pride month.

His comments sparked both positive and negative feedback on Twitter, with some SNL fans interpreting his jokes as “insensitive” and “offensive”, while others praised Burr for what he was known for: dumb humor and social criticism.

The 52-year-old stand-up comedian began his monologue by addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, evaluating those who wore face coatings, and joking with those who refused.

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“I like people who wear masks. It’s good,” he said. “And then, if you don’t wear a mask, it doesn’t bother me. Take out your grandparents, you know? Take out your weak cousin with asthma, I don’t care! There are too many people, it’s a dream come true.”

But in 2014, he made a similar joke with a position on “swine flu” in his special Netflix “Bill Burr: I’m sorry you feel that way,” adding that “we need the plague.”

“It’s only going to kill the weak, you know? Seriously, put on a sweater. Get some vitamins. You’ll be fine. You have to let Mother Nature do her job, man.”

Immediately after this joke, he even admitted that his provocative comedic style may not be for everyone.

“People don’t even want to ask questions. They just look at you weird. Just like, ‘So you’re just going to tell jokes?’ Talk about diseases and wish them to people? “

Another topic in SNL’s monologue that sparked a conversation was his criticism of the “complaint” of white women who “somehow hijacked the awakened movement.”

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“My life is so hard. My SUV and my heated seats. You have no idea what it’s like to be me, “Burr joked, quoting an imaginary woman.

Some viewers were shocked, while others appreciated his position. But that was typical of Burr’s social commentary. In his special show for Netflix for 2019, “Paper Tiger”, he sarcastically stated that “he had no idea how difficult it is to be a white woman in the United States. Obviously it’s really hard. cart does not go down to the mall? “

In another special post from 2010, he mocked Oprah Winfrey for “being a mother is the hardest job on the planet” and instead claimed that playing hide and seek as an adult sounded like “living the dream.”

“Oh, yes, all those mothers who die every year form a liver from inhaling all this coal dust … What would you prefer to do by drilling to the center of the earth, shaking hands with the devil every time in the earth? spread the rumble … or could you rather climb in the sun with a few children that you can send to bed at any time? “

Burr is also not afraid to become political. Although he did not address the upcoming presidential election, he compared the 2016 race to “American Idol’s first week” in “Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out.”

“You know it’s like, ‘Really, here’s what I got?’ He asked the audience, calling Donald Trump a “racist drug” and Hillary Clinton a “devil.”

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