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Bill Maher hands out the Oscars again; Calls Elon Musk for bitcoin – deadline

Bill Maher hated this year’s Oscars, from the films – especially the best film – to the low-grade TV show last Sunday, which he said “dared to entertain you.”
“He used to get the Super Bowl number,” the host said In real time with Bill Maher Friday. It’s like a winner who thanks everyone, says “Go to bed, kids” – and the babysitter sends back the message “They’ve already done it.”

“No jokes, no songs, even videos when we had fun,” he said.

Without saying a word, his New Rules segment appeared Nomadland – the series. “Move That girl, Mary Tyler Moore and Alice. There is a new girl in town and she is stuck in a bucket, he said. “We love that she drives a van, but can she be 1

9 and hot?” Maybe you will give her a different supporting role. Handsome man, funny guy, lesbian best friend and dog? They can solve mysteries. Call me,”

However, his full anger was directed elsewhere. “Nothing with crypto in the title ever worked out well.” Nowadays, mania is rising in the nation. He mocked cryptocurrencies as pointless, arbitrary, incomprehensible, Ponzi scheme, gameplay and massive draining of the planet’s energy. Bitcoins are created through a process called “digging” that uses enormous supercomputer power, and he said supporters like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who care about the climate need to know better.

“I fully understand that our financial system is not perfect, but at least it is real. Apple shares cost money because Apple makes phones with thousands of dollars that everyone buys and flushes down the toilet. “

Capitalism allows you to “make money in the existing field of money. But we knew that money had to come from and be generated from something real, somewhere. To which the cryptocurrency says “No, no.”

“In fact, nothing is ever achieved and no real products or services are produced. It’s like Tinker Bell’s light. Its source of energy is based only on enough children who believe in it, “he said. “Our problem is not economic, but psychological. People who have been raised in a virtual world are beginning to believe that they can really live in it. “

Otherwise, the comedian was quite pleased with the state of affairs, mainly Joe Biden, his speech to Congress on Wednesday and the solid polls that drive Fox News crazy. To keep its base burned, he said, the network should resort to headlines claiming that Biden plans to cut 90% of red meat from Americans’ diets – one burger a month – and cancel July 4th.

That was last week. He offered Fox several new titles for next week: “Trump’s Boundary Wall Will Be Melted for a Giant Statue of Colin Copernicus”; “Fauci: Babies in the Womb Must Wear Masks” and “In all images of Jesus, the Crown of Thorns should be replaced by a P-ssy Hat.”

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